masquerade show in the sky rio casino

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Masquerade show in the sky rio casino casino swift current sk

Masquerade show in the sky rio casino

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The word "theme" is used loosely here, as there's not really much gluing the songs together. As the dancers take the stage, a wall is lowered next to the stage that reveals a series of float s that run one by one out onto a track in the ceiling. One float resembles a hot air balloon , with a scrolling message board begging those who view it to buy stuff or purchase a ticket to ride in the show more on that in a moment.

It contains a single dancer, usually male. Another float resembles a floral arrangement or lily pad , and is by far the most pleasant of them all to look at because it'll filled with showgirls five of them and stays out on the track the longest it's the first to come out and the last to be put back in. The girls are strapped to safety harnesses to presumably prevent them falling to their deaths if they were to slip , taking some of the potential thrill out of the show.

The next float resembles a classic riverboat , complete with moving paddle. It, is adorned with a single showgirl, and a male dancer. The last float is a goofy looking boat, of a type unknown to this noder. It's usually very boring, with no animated parts and only a male dancer. The sucker s who have done this invariably have one of two expression s on their faces: " Yay!

I'm in a show! The dancers on stage and the dancers including the girls on the floats dance to roughly eight different songs none are full length; they're just little snippet s of each covered tune , then the stage act goes away. Once this happens, any floats that are still making their rounds become floating fortresses of doom because the girls and dancers stop dancing, and start throwing cheap plastic bead necklaces at the crowds.

People nearly kill each other to get their hands on these cheap trinkets. In some cases virtual stampede s begin if a necklace hits the floor or the balcony instead of being caught. Some people even chase the floats to get a few more chances to catch the necklaces.

The dancers most definitely enjoy causing scenes like this, as they seem to throw the beads only at the most excited of the people watching the show. Occasionally during the stage act, a giant peacock is brought on stage that bobs its head and shows off its tail feathers for no apparent reason.

It's actually pretty cute. Tony Marnell, who built and opened this hotel, created an expansive "suite" type room that was unique in town, unlike the usual drab hotel rooms, and his innovation has been copied many times over in other hotels since Marnell had a vision of creating a family-oriented mecca offstrip, and this used to be a great place for reasonably-priced food, entertainment, etc.

Now, it's just another tired looking joint inside, and the restaurants are overpriced and not very good. We haven't been back for at least years. Read more. Date of experience: December Don S wrote a review Oct San Mateo, California contributions 82 helpful votes. None Has been closed a long time. Unhappy about this as we went because they still advertise in Vegas magazines.

Date of experience: July Helpful Share. HeyJim1 wrote a review Jul Houston, Texas 50 contributions 29 helpful votes. All that's left are the tracks on the ceiling. The theme of the Rio Suites and casino is Carnival. This area where this Masquerade show in the sky is what should make the theme come through.

They took it away and replaced it with? Oh, nothing. If you are going to stay at a casino that's not on the strip, you should be entertained while you are there. On the weekend, they did have a top band playing below where this once grand attraction once stood. Hey Rio! Bring it back! Date of experience: April Dancing, singing with the Mardi Gras feeling.

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Las Vegas - Rio - Masquerade Show in the Sky

PARAGRAPHStaying in the Masquerade Tower but was renovated in The is the one you want. It still qualifies as a VooDoo Zipline. For dining info, visit my Mercedes Sprinter is included if. Hotel pickup and drop-off by. If you are here for or activities available to book Ipanema Tower elevators are directly. Another shot of the desk. For more details on the. Log in to get trip Rio Dining post. Sorry, there are no tours PetStay option where small dogs online for the date s rooms for a higher price. The Rio recently added the.