job vacancies at gold reef city casino

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Job vacancies at gold reef city casino free mini casino games

Job vacancies at gold reef city casino

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Gold Reef city is a safe place to work in even outside the premises. They take good care of their staff, to ensure safety at the work place they also offer trainings and it also helps to know more about the industry. Transport availability, Safe environment, Friendly management. Late night shifts. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Report Share Tweet. Copy link. I like to learn more about casino industries.

Free lunch. No communication. Exciting and challenging. Working at Gold Reef City Casino was fun and exciting. I have learned a lot from the work that I was doing. Time management, punctullity, the ability to multi-task, the ability to work under pressure, good customer service and good communication are some of the things I have learned from my previous position. Living salary with the benefits. It's a good company and looking after their employees unfortunately because of the economy constraint in our country, they had to cut other departments.

Not a good place to work. Management is selfish and not sympathetic at all. You are just a number and made to feel that way. Racism is rife. No unions or representation allowed. Rate your recent company. I was forced to deal roulette while pregnant and there are many people who miscarry because of that the salary is not satisfying aswell promotions are unfair. Free theme park tickets. Bad employee treatment. Yes 1 No. It's a company that's full of opportunities.

Bartender Former Employee - Johannesburg ormonde - 5 February Gold reef casino is a great place to grow as an individual full of growth platform and other opportunities in the company,it's not just a challenging work environment but it's also a fun work place to be in. I've learnt a lot and I've given a lot for the past few years I worked there. People get to have fresh food, high in quality check.

Must be able to work different shifts etc. Yes 8 No. Fun working place, you get to meet people and interact. Tips were shared equally amongst all the dealers. Dealers are always protected from angry or customers who are loosing and loosing their tempers. During holidays i used to work night shifts because you could make decent money.

Free Theme park tickets for our families. Short breaks. Yes 2 No. Great Colleagues. You only know start time of the shift but no exact time for knockoff. I learned to be strong to stand on my own and be able to make it through a difficult predicament. The hardest part of the job were difficult customers the ones that swears at you and you have to stand there to grin and take it in.

Night shift, Long hours. Yes 66 No 4. Fun place. Always be friendly to the customers,report to work on time,call in when you not going to make it to work and don't forget doctors note when you return to work. Free vouchers on december. Short hours. Yes 9 No 1. Yes 5 No 2. Fun place to work and excellent management.

Communication and focus plus accuracy in counting numbers. The management excellent with staff. Hardest part was the working shifts. Enjoyable moments was the tips ratings. Good management that took care of all our needs. Yes 8 No 1. Gold Reef city casino is one best company to work for it. Everyday you are facing new challenges. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 2 reviews matching the search. It's a fun place to work. Gold reef city is a good place to work, if you are young looking to work with young like minded people.

It's a good place if you like working and interacting with people from different walks of life. It can also be fulfilling. Meeting people. Working odd hours. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Report Share Tweet. Copy link. In all aspects of gold mining are good wages for me is a little low. Different guests double trouble everyone to help each other, we are very happy to work. I often receive calls for help after hours to do the translation or company to help customers arrange things, of course, have to help my colleagues to arrange.


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