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Hardcover, 6. We remained in that city from Sun. Morning until Tues. Afternoon, going at a hectic pace. Then we went to Brussels, The Hague and Copenhagen on one night stands. We shall leave here weather permitting right after lunch, landing at Oslo, Norway about p. The next day to London, from where I hope to talk to you on the phone.

There are letters to write, thank you cards to send, arrangements for a dozen visits each day, trips to and from airports, etc. By mid, Eisenhower had made a strong case before Congress and extensively toured Europe to advise participating nations, quickly turning NATO into a genuine military force. His work in this role helped foster important relationships with the leaders of postwar Europe and gain strong international understanding and respect that would come into play time and again during his presidency.

Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. Kennedy, three from Dwight D. Casey, Jr. I hope to be back to work in the not too distant future and look forward to seeing you some time soon. I am glad to know that you are going to try to keep the organization in being as we must constantly look ahead to the unfinished tasks that are so evident, such as a Republican Congress in Archive consisting of a.

Letter to Mr. William O. Causin, of Tacoma, Washington. Since there are a number of other affairs to be held during the Inaugural period, a letter from Mr. Thomas E. Stephens is also attached, describing all of them in some detail.

Stephens will be glad to be helpful to you in the matter of accommodations, also, if you should so desire. With warm personal regard. Stephens, a member of the White House staff, two pages, 8 x White House street dress. In overall fine condition. TLS as president, one page, 7 x Letter to Frank Jorgensen of MetLife. Jacqueline Kennedy.

Signed book: One Special Summer. Limited signed first edition of copies. NY: Delacorte Press, Hardcover with slipcase, 11 x Short-sleeve cream-colored dress has an embroidered design of the Acropolis near the bottom, a zip-up back, and a sash belt made from the same material. The material for this dress was given to me by Mrs. Provenance: The Robert L. TLS, one page, 6. Letter to Howard Sears, town clerk of Barnstable, Massachusetts, regarding her eligibility to vote.

I am sorry if I failed to write you earlier but I was only recently informed that I should draw this fact to your attention. In this way, I understand that I shall be able to vote in Hyannis Port. Accompanied by the original mailing envelope bearing a pre-printed franking signature. Collection of 10 unsigned handwritten notes and three file folders bearing handwritten notations from Kennedy, on various size sheets of White House stationery, almost all to her personal secretary Mary Gallagher.

Mary G. Can I keep slides? Accompanied by a copy of a certificate of authenticity from Gallagher. Hardcover with dust jacket, 5. John F. Invitation measures 5. United States Senate letterhead, February 19, Letter to Robert B. William C. I am very sorry his reply is not more favorable at this time. Accompanied by the original mailing envelope, which bears a pre-printed free frank, as well as the enclosure referenced in the letter.

The knee-length shorts feature a wide back pocket and a two-button side opening with zipper. A casual, yet still elegant, personal item from the iconic first lady. Provenance: Robert L. A pair of attractive creamware cluster-column candlesticks used by the Kennedys in their Georgetown home. Each has a scroll-molded flaring nozzle restored supported on four clustered columns with fleur-de-lis ornaments around the top and bottom, and is perched on a stepped square base.

There are also wax remnants at the bottom of each holder. In fine condition, with aforementioned restoration and some small chips and areas of discoloration. Stunning gold brooch and necklace worn by the beloved fashion iconand kept until her death in Gold gilt metal cross brooch measures 3 x 3. Though Jackie Kennedy owned some of the finest jewelry in the world, she also had a great fondness for relatively inexpensive costume jewelry.

While some were designer costume pieces, such as this stunning brooch from renowned French designer Christian LaCroix, some were simply beautiful pieces that caught her eye. In fine condition, with aforementioned repair. Brief letter to Louis B. Thanks very much. I hope we may meet again. In fine condition, with red pencil notation to top right. TLS as pres-. You know how much I think of you, need you, and admire you.

Few men so young as you have done more for this country. Letter originates from the estate of Robert S. Letter to Rebekah Harkness. The Center holds tremendous promise for all the country, and it will be stronger because of your leadership. Lyndon B. I am anxious to do everything in my power to minimize Federal spending this year and next. In turn, I know how hard you are working to pare Service requests, both for the supplemental and the budget.

I wrote the attached letter so that you could use it with your Service Secretaries and Joint Chiefs to get their fullest cooperation in reaching your objective. Resolution of the problems of aging and mental health is one of our noblest objectives and commands the aid and support of capable and dedicated men like you.

I am pleased to commend you for these efforts. Invitation measures 7 x 9. Johnson, 8. Some staining to edges and light creases, otherwise overall fine condition. Vintage matte-finish 5. Bowie was a popular lawyer who was on the prosecution team for the state of Texas in the case against Jack Ruby; he went on to be appointed as a judge, the youngest to ever hold a seat in Texas. A supremely interesting association. A stunning, crisply signed baseball from the celebrated Randy L. Kaplan collection Ronald Reagan.

An outstanding piece from a truly remarkable collection. Richard Nixon. TLS as Letter to Congressman C. It is my intention to remain on the job and perform my duties in the best fashion possible. As I endeavor to fulfill my responsibilities, it is reassuring to know that I have your support. Appointed KGB chief in , he became a full member of the Politburo in Greeting card from , 4. Anne de Montmorency. Manuscript vellum DS in French, one page, Rare untranslated document of one of the most important historical figures of France.

In very good condition, with a few vertical storage folds and scattered creases, and moderate soiling and paper loss to right side affecting a small portion of the text. Susan B. ALS, one page, 8. Anthony writes to an unidentified woman. Anthony, is considered one of the official records of the suffrage movement. It, along with the book The History of Woman Suffrage, were both intended to convey an incredible amount of information.

An interesting bit of history with Anthony essentially identifying her own life story as one synonymous with the suffragist movement. Despite his unsuccessful attempt to invade Quebec, a wounded Arnold continues to lay siege to the city at the start of Benedict Arnold. Arnold Col. Arnold Pass to Capt. Mott 19th Jany After shattering his leg in the unsuccessful December 31st attack on Quebec City, Arnold refused to retreat, despite being outnumbered three to one and suffering from a smallpox outbreak, harsh winter conditions, and a mass departure of soldiers.

The siege, during which he issued this pass, had little effect on the city, which had stockpiled enough supplies to last several months. Arnold finally departed in April of , followed three months later by the remainder of the depleted forces there. Letters from Arnold during the invasion of Canada are highly sought after and exceedingly rare, this being only the second we have ever offered.

Letter to a gentleman. Intersecting folds with partial horizontal separations one vertical fold passing through a single letter of the signature , adhesive remnants to lower left, and trimmed edges, otherwise fine condition. Untranslated letter to a lady. Menachem Begin. Minister letterhead, April 19, Letter to Albert Kaplan. In this lies our strength. In fine condition, with a horizontal mailing fold through signature and a small area of dampstaining along bottom edge.

Aristide Briand. Vintage pearl-finish 6. Fowler, won the Nobel Prize for Physics for key discoveries that led to the currently accepted theory on the later evolutionary stages of massive stars. Exhaustive archive documenting the founding of Lincoln and Cadillac The Founding of Cadillac and Lincoln. A comprehensive and important archive relative to the life and work of Henry M. The archive consists of over pages of manuscripts, documents, letters, telegrams, blueprints, and stock certificates signed by Leland together with fellow automotive pioneer William T.

Nash, Wilfred C. Leland his son , William C. Murphy, George H. Laying, W. Rex Johnston, and John H. We have made up and tested a new clutch, following the design of the clutch in the Renault car It is efficient, reliable, and positive Durant V. Also present is the first stock certificate book, containing eleven certificates signed by Henry Leland as well as many others signed by Wilfred Leland and William Nash. The first ten certificates have been removed.

After the close of the First World War, Leland retooled his factory for the production of luxury automobiles, but within a few years, the transition began to take its toll on the company financially. In November of , the board began discussing placing the company in receivership with Edsel Ford. He is your only boss.

You have one thing only to do. Find out what Henry Ford wants and do it. Pay no attention to instructions from anyone else. If you do this, Mr. Ford will make you rich and happy. This is all he will expect of you. The Lelands filed suit against Ford in over the issue. The archive also includes copious business records including extensive contact sheets of suppliers, two stock ledgers for the company, working blueprints of factories and engine components, early advertising ephemera for Lincoln, and much more.

Not surprisingly, Leland retained a good deal of press reports critical of Ford. Overall the archive rates in very good to fine condition with the minor wear and tear expected from business papers. The entire collection has been housed in custom archival blue-cloth slipcases to ensure preservation. John Brown: Edwin Coppock. He was captured with seven others and sentenced to death and hanged on December 16, Letter to his parents just three days after he was sentenced to be hanged.

I believe I have nothing more to say, this may be the last you will ever get from me, if it is think on me as one who thought he was doing right. My love to all the family. Gill, who was active with John Brown and a friend of Edwin Coppock. Gill is mentioned by Coppock in this letter. Through a strange concurrence of circumstances his remains have come into my possession within the past few days, now nearly 23 years since his death.

If I had not long since been a firm believer in Spiritualism, I should have no key to that which in this case I might say is stranger than fiction. Fidel Castro. Very important DS in Spanish, six pages, 9 x Official document sent to Manuel Urrutia y Lleo, the president of Cuba. The Provisional Revolutionary Government is obligated not only to ensure the quick reintegration of said illegally obtained goods and assets to the National Patrimony, but also to impose the corresponding legislative sanctions on those who directly or through corporate entities did profit and gain so scandalously through the protection of the Tyranny that governed through terror and crime It is declared that all Public Works contracts are hereby rescinded.

Each page is also initialed by Castro. In fine condition, with punch and marginal binding holes to left edge. The blue seal and ribbon are both crisp and intact. By the end of the first decade, all domestic wholesale and foreign trade and banking, most transportation, industry, construction, and retail trade, and more than a third of agriculture was under state ownership and control. Castro and his band of revolutionaries Vintage autograph book, 6 x 4.

Accompanied by two heavily creased original unsigned photos of Cuban revolutionaries, one with Castro in the image. Catherine the Great defends the legitimacy of monarchy against the threat of French revolution Catherine the Great. Letter to one of the most active military leaders of the French Nobility in exile, Marshal-Duke of Castries. I have read with much pleasure the expression of your feelings, united to those of all the French nobility, that has remained faithful to its King and its legitimate Constitution, and has declared to me solemnly this sacred allegiance.

The cause you have embraced is worthy of you and of the distinguished career that you have served in such an honorable manner. It justifies the high esteem in which you were universally held due to your qualities, your talents and the principles of honour that have always been the mark of your conduct.

Letters with such important European political content from Catherine II are very rare. Letter to Captain O. I had been looking forward to it. Letter to Kathleen Duncanson. I am delighted with it, and thank you very much for your kind thought. It will be most useful and ornamental on my writing table. Winston Churchill. Downing Street letterhead, July 17, Letter to Sir Walter Layton. The mere putting of such a question through this machinery was almost certain to achieve a result like this from the uninformed circle to which it was addressed.

This is one of the worst things that has happened in the newspaper world since the War began. I cannot understand how you can be associated with such a thing. With a weak response from the European democracies to fascist aggression and American isolationism holding strong, Britain stood alone in its opposition to Hitler at the start of World War II, quickly giving the Axis powers the upper hand.

A cutting letter from the irate prime minister, highlighting the crucial Anglo-American relationship. Previously unknown and unrecorded speech as confirmed by a representative at the Churchill Archives , presumably delivered on the campaign trail to rally his fellow conservatives ahead of the UK general election. Before it is through we shall fight another General Election, an Election whose importance it is impossible to exaggerate.

Never in our electoral history have the people of this country been presented with such a choice. We Conservatives can well enter upon the struggles and exertions of the coming months with high hearts. All the evidence of recent months Let us go forward together and let us crown our efforts with victory. In fine condition, with a punch hole to upper left corner.

In the election, Churchill would finally reclaim his seat as Prime Minister. Signed book: The World Crisis. First abridged edition. Hardcover, 7 x 9. Churchill, Jan. Banks, Melvin M. Boothman, Marriott Brosius, Solomon G. Comstock, William C. Featherstone, Charles H. Grosvenor, Bishop W.

Hoskins, Leonidas C. Morse, Philip S. Post, John A. Quackenbush, Henry J. Stockbridge, Jr. Some of the signers were serving as pages at the time. In fine condition, with scattered wear and surface loss to covers and a loose spine.

The interior pages are nicely preserved. A more comprehensive list is available online at rrauction. Nicely triple-suede-matted and framed with an image and nameplate to an overall size of Bhagwan Das. Indian Theosophist and public. ALS, five pages, 6.

Letter to Gregg M. Porter, Nashville. Declaration of Independence: Stephen Hopkins. Signer of the Declaration of Independence from. Declaration of Independence: Josiah Bartlett. ADS, one page, 7. In fine condition, with two vertical folds to left side. Small separations to intersecting folds, a few light pencil notations and remnants, and scattered light toning, otherwise fine condition.

Accompanied by its original Walter Benjamin Autographs receipt. Letter to attorney Richard Law. Livingston is a great rough rapid mortal. There is no holding any conversation with him etc. Adams Wash. Aforementioned silking, scattered spots of light toning, and repaired paper loss to second page from wax seal, otherwise fine condition. The Georgia signer offers his services to a warehouse and its coopers Declaration of Independence: George Walton. Letter to an unidentified recipient. A writ in a lawsuit over a debt of William Russell, which also involves the theft of a pig.

Intersecting folds, one through a single letter of signature, and scattered light toning, otherwise fine condition. Declaration of Independence: Caesar Rodney. ADS one page, 9. Signed at the conclusion by Rodney, adding his title next to the signature. Document has been inlaid into a slightly larger sheet. In fine condition, with scattered light toning. Porfirio Diaz. President of Mexico from to and to TLS in Spanish, one page, 8.

The President thanks Rafael de Zayas Enriquez for the article he sent, and says he will take his suggestions into consideration. In very good condition, with central vertical and horizontal folds vertical fold passing through the center of the signature , and overall foxing and toning.

ALS, one page both sides, 4. Kensington Palace letterhead, December 2, Letter to fashion designer Bruce Oldfield. Dempster was a celebrity gossip columnist for the Daily Mail. Arthur Eddington. Letter to renowned German philosopher and physicist Moritz Schlick, founding member of the Vienna Circle. I may, however, say that it would be a great pleasure to me if the translation were brought out under your auspices, as, of course, I know you well as an authority.

Stock certificate issued to Carl H. Wilson for one share of common capital stock in Edison Primary Batteries, Incorporated. Signed at the conclusion by Edison as president of the company. Two revenue stamps are affixed to the document. Expected cancellation holes affecting the signature, otherwise fine condition.

Matted together with two images to an overall size of 16 x Albert Einstein. In fine condition, with a central horizontal fold. Attractively double-matted and framed with a portrait to an overall size of 12 x In fine condition, with a vertical fold and small crease to right edge not affecting the signature. Einstein writes to Blanch H. Schlick, widow of Moritz Schlick. I repeatedly and carefully studied this lecture shortly after a severe operation, and had much pleasure in the clarity and sharpness of the arguments and no less in the masterful style.

I would think that engaging with his literary estate is a beautiful life-work for you, which compensates you somewhat for the bitter and tragic loss, which you share with philosophically interested contemporaries. Securing the prestigious position as chair of Naturphilosophie at the University of Vienna in with a recommendation from Einstein , Schlick surrounded himself with luminaries in philosophy, physics, and mathematics, heading the legendary Vienna Circle of thinkers, lecturing internationally, and publishing numerous influential essays.

When he was assassinated by a former student on the steps of the University in , the shaken intellectual world mourned the loss of one of the greatest minds of their time. Einstein meets the Palestinian soccer team Albert Einstein: Helen Dukas. Christmas card from , measuring 7. William Fargo. A certificate for 50 shares of stock in the American Express Company, signed at the bottom by Fargo as the company president. In fine condition, with a cancellation hole to left side and a central vertical fold.

Letter to Berlin publisher and book dealer Georg Reimer, seeking financial assistance on behalf of a friend. Potential buyer whom he has offered it to would prefer to wait for notice first, which the owner cannot expect. I must help and cannot without at least possibly embarrassing myself financially Perhaps you can help more easily.

Letter to a Boston antique dealer. This scene is one of special interest to me, and I am please to add it to my collection. Signed in the left border by Franklin as president of the Supreme Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Intersecting folds, one through a single letter of signature, scattered moderate toning and soiling, expected wrinkling, and a few small pin-size holes, otherwise very good condition.

The eight-point star seal is worn and creased, with two missing points, and one other missing point tip. One of the most strategic and beneficial decisions made by the government during the Revolutionary War was to offer land bounties as a reward for military service, simultaneously encouraging enlistment and paving the way for westward expansion.

By populating the frontier with military veterans able to defend against Indian incursions, they enticed new settlers to follow and buy land, helping to reduce Revolutionary War debts. Untranslated letter to the Kurmarkische Kammer requesting information about a case of abuse of office. In fine condition, with central vertical and horizontal folds. Final page of a longer untranslated letter to his wife Edith, informing her that a ballot for March 29 has just arrived, and that he will return on time.

In fine condition, with intersecting folds. Otto Hahn. Vintage matte-finish 3. Letter to an unidentified gentleman in Parliament. John Hancock. Partly-printed DS one page, 13 x Intersecting folds, a couple passing through single letters of signature, scattered toning and creasing, and several tape repairs to folds on reverse, otherwise very good condition.

Letter to John Brown Esq. It is no surprise that he would forego a trip anywhere on the day in question as the Atlantic hurricane season was extraordinarily destructive. Three different hurricanes, all in October, each caused at least 1, deaths. Three weeks after writing this letter, the weather had cleared, and at the first meeting of the General Court on October 25, , Hancock took his constitutional oath of office as the first governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Attractively and boldly penned, and highly presentable, this is as pristine a one-page, war-dated Hancock ALS as you could hope to find. Emperor of Japan born from to his death in Following the devastating result of the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in World War II, he renounced his divinity in favor of a democratic constitutional monarchy.

Official letter of state, in Japanese, two pages on two adjoining sheets, 9. Nikolas Khalil Bey Consul General of Egypt in Tokyo, with jurisdiction over the entire territory of the empire of Japan, we have recognized this quality and we give him all privileges relating to its functions. We order, in consequence, to the competent authorities to give Mr. Nikolas Khalil Bey Consul General of Egypt to Tokyo, with jurisdiction over the entire territory of the empire of Japan, we recognized in that capacity and we give him all the privileges related to its functions.

We order, in consequence, the Competent Authorities do give to Mr. Nikolas Khalil Bey all the assistance necessary for the exercise of its functions conform to this enforcement. Accompanied by a French translation and its original transmittal envelope. Even while Japan was embroiled in world conflict, Hirohito sent this friendly message to King Farouk of Egypt to welcome his newly appointed diplomat to Tokyo, assuring him of full Japanese support. However, most of the population, embittered from British colonial rule, supported the Axis.

Rommel and his German troops were more successful a year later, but again were defeated by the British under the leadership of Montgomery of Alamein. Once defeat of the Axis was imminent, Egypt went through the formality of declaring war on Germany and Japan on February 26, , so that they could secure a seat in post-war negotiations and representation in the United Nations; relations between the nations, and between Hirohito and Farouk, remained cordial. Signed on page seven in blue ballpoint by Jobs and Friedland.

Document is still stapled into its original legal folder. In fine condition, with expected light document wear. Before they became billionaire business tycoons, Steve Jobs and Robert Friedland were young, acid-dropping Reed College students with an intense shared interest in Eastern spirituality.

While in his first year at Reed, Jobs met the charismatic student body president recently released from a two-year stint in federal prison for LSD possession , and was instantly drawn in. Though it is unclear which business pursuit Jobs partnered with Friedland on, this extremely rare and intriguing document solidifies claims of the strong connection between the two young entrepreneurs. With the success of the Apple II, which hit the market in , and preparation for what would become one of the most successful IPOs in history generating more capital than any other since Ford in , instantly creating more millionaires than any company in history , Jobs had almost completely distanced himself from Friedland by Kennedy Assassination: Clay Shaw.

The charges were brought by District Attorney Jim Garrison, and Shaw was ultimately found not guilty. Letter to a friend. The supreme court has refused to overrule the lower court in denying my motion for change of venue. Or I may make application to have the whole matter removed to Federal court. There are, of course, hours and even days I feel depressed. But these are rare, and I seem to be learning techniques for exorcising the black incubi to which we all are, from time to time, vulnerable.

Jimmie Kirkwood called last night to say that Esquire is interested in his doing a pre-trial piece on me. No comments on the case by me, but simply what it is like to be under arrest for fifteen months, charged with the crime of the century. He takes the jolly green giant apart with surgical precision. Certainly one of the most interesting conspiracy-related items we have encountered.

First edition. NY: Doubleday, Exceptional vintage mattefinish 3. A choice portrait of the future king. A tear to the left edge of the first page and trivial edge separations at storage folds, otherwise fine condition. The only such document we have ever offered. His reign was marked most notably by the loss of British control over the American colonies. Advancing mental illness rendered George unable to fulfill his official duties during the last decade of his life, during which time the Prince Regent, William IV, ruled in his stead.

In very good condition, with three vertical folds, scattered soiling and spotting, including some over signature, and handwritten portions of the document fairly light, but still mostly legible. The white wafer seal is intact and only slightly worn, with a pin through bottom portion.

Original 4. A notation in the lower border in an unknown hand identifies them as King and Queen of England. In fine condition, with unobtrusive edge chips and dings, and slight irregular adhesion to signatures. King Louis XVI. King of. King James II. Autograph letter [not signed], one page both sides, 6. Letter to the Countess of Litchfield.

Bromley being gone into the country, I did not know how to send my letters to you, when I came hither I was in hopes to have found you here, but that not being I would ner faile to write you. Intersecting folds, a few small pencil notations, and some light toning, otherwise fine condition. King Kalakaua.

Kalakaua almost single-handedly restored many of the nearly extinct cultural traditions of the Hawaiian people. In fine condition, with a subtle vertical surface impression. France born from to In the wake of the French revolution, Louis and his queen, Marie Antoinette, were overthrown, imprisoned, and executed in January In fine condition, with central vertical and horizontal folds one vertical fold passing through a single letter of the large, clear signature.

In fine condition, with some light creases and paperclip impressions to top edges of some letters. The King of France declares war on England in King Louis XV. Ineffectual King of France from to Unsigned printed Declaration of War, in French and German, signed twice in type only, four pages on two adjoining sheets, March 15, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Signed book: Strides Toward Freedom. Harvey: Whose genuine goodwill, broad humanitarian concern, and unswerving devotion to the cause of peace and brotherhood will be an inspiration to all who know her.

However, the challenging responsibilities in these areas can only be carried out by having the necessary financial means. A superb, heartfelt inscription from the important Civil Rights leader in , just before his Southern Christian Leadership Conference became involved in the Albany Movement, their first major nonviolent campaign.

King, Jr. Letter to Ken Browne. Robert Koch. ALS in German,. The continued monitoring of mosquitoes that appear in Vernato led into an interesting result. We found out that the same circumstances are existing like in other fever areas that are long way away, like Szilia and in the northern part of Germany in the swamp areas of the Weser.

Maybe we can continue the mosquito collection upon my return again. After decades of work with anthrax, cholera, and tuberculosis, Robert Koch turned his attention to the study of malaria, both in Europe and abroad; upon his return from India and Africa, he published his findings, providing profound observations that remain central to our current understanding of the development and acquisition of immunity to the malaria parasite Plasmodium. Following his groundbreaking publication in , he continued his studies on the subject in Italy and the tropics, where he confirmed the work of Ronald Ross.

Both men would receive a Nobel Prize in the next five years. This remarkable letter, discussing the collection of mosquitoes for use in his malaria studies, is only the fourth we have offered, and the only with significant scientific content. Lev Landau. Untranslated letter to publisher Johann Jacob Weber in Leipzig regarding the delivery of books. In very good condition, with intersecting folds, some tape remnants to left edge, and show-through from docketing to reverse.

Right now, your essay to me seems to be based on solely warm feelings instead of clear concepts. That may also derive from the poetic form of the essay. Having said that, I would be very pleased if you continued to dedicate yourself with the same enthusiasm to our good cause of socialism. Accompanied by three unsigned postcard photos.

One of the leading Marxist political theorists and economic reform advocates during the period of the Russian Revolution, Rosa Luxemburg would become a strong voice of opposition to World War I at a time when many of her comrades backed down. As the excesses of capitalism continue to raise concern and gain international attention, her book Accumulation of Capital published the same year that this letter was written , continues to hold an important place in political philosophy, maintaining its relevance a hundred years after its publication.

Nelson Mandela. Signed book: Long Walk to Freedom. Limited first edition of copies this being No. London: Little, Brown and Company, Hardcover with slipcase, 6. Stunning full green leather binding with gilt title and gilted textblock edges; no discernible flaws. In F green cloth-covered slipcase. By far the most desirable and rarest edition of this title. Untranslated letter to an Italian ambassador in Tokyo. Scattered light creasing and foxing, otherwise fine condition.

National Congress letterhead, January 4, Letter to Rev. Ronald I. Schupp of Chicago. It is unfortunate that I was already on vacation at the time and have only just returned to my office. The vigil you undertake annually in honor of the life and work of Dr. King is to be applauded and encouraged. I salute you! Our thoughts will be with you on 20 January. Fighting for the same cause on separate continents, King and Mandela are historically and intellectually intertwined, both becoming internationally recognized symbols of equality itself.

With the passage of civil rights legislation in the s, King began to see his vision of an equal America take hold before his death in Free at last! Full handwritten page of the draft for The Mountains of California John Muir. Pierpont Morgan and William Wells.

Merchants National Bank check, 8. In fine condition, with expected bank stamps and cancellation cuts not affecting signatures. Letter to W. But the large amount of work I am now trying to get off my hands prevents me from undertaking anything new however desirable. Thanking you for your kind letter. Accompanied by a photocopy of an April 5, , letter from Chapman to Muir.

The burly Junipers about as thick as they are high some of them eight or ten feet in diameter are [sic]. Never have I ever spoken or played to a more interesting audience no human audiences could be more attentive. Letter bears two splendid watermarks of the imperial eagle and crown and of Napoleon crowned in victory laurels. After his defeat in Russia, Napoleon reorganizes the artillery and increases the Imperial Guard We will draw them from the Departments that have Artillery Schools.

The 1, men in the baggage train companies that will receive 8, horses seem necessary to me; as well as the 1, men for the baggage train storehouses. I suppose you have included in it the batallion which is being organized in Verona.

The men destined for the Guard should not be included. The Guard will draw its reserves in the depots. It will be necessary to deploy these men differently. Although Napoleon had pushed the Russians past Moscow, and entered the city under the assumption Alexander would surrender, the Russians instead burned the city. As concerns about his control over France arose, the French left the city after a month of occupation, and their numbers were decimated during the retreat during the harsh Russian winter.

Brief letter to his daughter. Since this letter is very urgent have it sent off speedily so it can reach him as soon as possible, wherever he would be. Florence Nightingale. Nicholas II. I beg you, Constantine Petrovich, to bring this matter to the attention of the censors. After you read the letter of Count S.

Sheremetiev and observe the added materials, I ask that you return everything to me. Accompanied by a related document from the Department of Orthodox Faith, June With the arrival of mechanical lithography, the treasured, hand-painted icons found throughout the country were being replaced with mass-produced paper representations; rather than resist the change, Nicholas and his censors discussed the matter and decided upon the appropriate images, as seen in this letter.

Rare original 4 x 6. In fine condition, with scattered surface dings, some light unobtrusive staining, and slight irregular adhesion to the signature. Joining the army at age 19, Nicholas II spent three years in the service before taking a month tour of Europe and Asia with his brother, Grand Duke George, and their cousin, Prince George of Greece.

Although he was next in line to ascend the throne, he attended few political meetings except for those held by the state council and committee of ministers, assuming that it would be several years before any serious responsibilities would fall to him. An amazing one-of-a-kind assemblage. An eclectic mix of writers, entertainers, and politicians Collection of signatures of various entertainers, authors, poets, politicians, diplomats, and others, mostly on various size cards, slips, and album pages.

Seton, Irvin S. Robert Oppenheimer. Brief response to an admirer. ANS in French at the conclusion of a letter written to him, one page, 5. Unsigned note and calculations below a letter from a carriage driver regarding a fare. He also adds that he would prefer the white horse, as the other does not cope well with flies, and that he would require a covered carriage in the event of rain. In fine condition, with central vertical and horizontal folds, pin holes to upper left corner, and areas of mild toning.

Color satin-finish 5. Bergoglio, Erzbischof von Buenos Aires. Accompanied by a photo taken at time of signing at a Cardinals reunion in Rome in Pope Gregory XVI. Born Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari Pope Benedict XV. Maintaining strict neutrality, he advanced several peace proposals and did much to aid war victims.

Lengthy document listing two different articles near the end, concerning the celebration of a papal blessing, boldly signed at the conclusion by the Holy Father. In fine condition, with intersecting folds, one through a single letter of signature, and a couple of light spots near top. Strongly conservative and traditionalist, he opposed democratic and modernizing reforms in the Papal States and throughout Europe, seeing them as fronts for revolutionary leftism, and sought to strengthen the religious and political authority of the papacy.

Letter to the Bishop of Segni, Pietro Antonio Luciani, declaring to the bishop that his letter was received with courtesy, assuring him of his support, and bestowing the Papal blessing upon him. Second integral page bears an address panel in another hand. Light intersecting folds, small ink spot to signature, some scattered mild toning, and a small tear to bottom edge, otherwise fine condition. Accompanied by the original address panel.

Pecci Ves. Giuseppe Roncalli, who ascended the papal throne in and served until his death. As the guiding force behind the historic Second Vatican Council, John ushered in the most sweeping reforms the Catholic Church had undergone in centuries. Vintage glossy 3. Bapt Card. Montini, Archbishop Mediolanum. Letter to the secretary of state of the papal ministery Camillo Alessandroni Minuti about the forthcoming visit of Czar Nikolaus I in Rome, hoping at the occasion to do something against the persecution of the Catholics in Russia.

In very good condition, with intersecting folds, one lightly affecting a single letter of the signature, scattered mild toning and soiling, reinforcement to hinge and folds of address panel, and light wrinkling. In the year prior to his ascension to the papacy, then-Cardinal MastaiFerretti wrote to the man who was to be his predecessor, Pope Gregory XVI, about Russian leaders limiting or abolishing religious freedoms.

Gregory agreed and meet with the Czar during his cisit to Rome; as a result, the Vatican and Russia entered into an agreement allowing then-Pope Pius IX to appoint Catholic leaders in certain churches in Russia.

Such freedoms were short-lived, however, as Russian leaders ultimately returned to their strong-arm tactics. Untranslated letter to the vice mayor of Rieti, Prof. In fine condition, with central horizontal and vertical folds and a bit of trivial mirroring of letterhead.

Queen Christina. Untranslated document requesting imperial thalers to be given to her valet de chambre, Matthew Palpitsky, for a journey to France. In very good condition, with areas of paper loss to left side, scattered toning and soiling, a few small stains, and re-backed to preserve structural integrity. Karl Popper. In fine condition, with punch holes to left edges of pages.

I think however that he is harming his patients with his hypocrisy. However, I am old I could easily be your grandfather and under a lot of pressure of time: I have many very important and pressing duties. Please understand that after this beginning, I cannot dedicate myself to you as much as I would like and as much as I should just from one human being to another.

We all live in a fast-paced society and the entertainment world is no different. We see this as our opportunity to inspire a cultural shift as troubadours and activists. The Forecastle Festival will host a wide array of separately ticketed late-night shows on Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18, The intimate, after-hours events will take place at the Mercury Ballroom, Headliners Music Hall, and the historic, year-old Belle of Louisville steamboat. Saturday, July 18 brings a co-headline bill of psychedelic, garage rock from White Reaper and King Tuff.

Weekend passes, single day tickets and travel packages, all including VIP and general admission options, are available now at ForecastleFest. Get ready St. At on-sale, night one sold-out in less than 12 minutes, and night two - which was announced and released later the same night - sold-out in eight minutes flat.

Just close your eyes, and hold your breath, and everything will turn real pretty … Watch the video announcement here. This exclusive release is free and offers fans a content-rich multimedia experience. Vinyl fans can look forward to a clear, limited-edition pressing this August. Links to the daily schedule are provided below. General admission weekend passes, single-day tickets, VIP and all-inclusive travel packages options are on sale now.

The event will offer local eats, treats and drinks. Early check-in starts at 5pm ; music starts at 7pm. With the recent release of Sweet Nasty , Earphunk secured their place among chamberlains of the modern-funk movement. For more information on Earphunk, visit: www. Along with the standard options of pre-ordering the album on CD and vinyl, ALO are offering fans exclusive opportunities through Pledge Music to get up-close and personal with the band. Additional pre-order incentives include postcards from the road, signed set lists, official lyric sheets, an afternoon record shopping trip, and even the opportunity tohave a pre-show dinner with the band.

Along with confetti canons, foot beach balls, and elaborate theme nights, the band has a few tricks in store for fans which may or may not involve a ukulele that shoots lasers. For more information on ALO, visit at alomusic. The organization serves young people in Western North Carolina in over nine counties, matching children ages from single-parent families with caring, adult mentors.

Known for their explosive live performances, the album showcases tracks from the heavy instrumental rock-fusion onslaught recorded during their non-stop touring schedule. On September 3rd, , the label will offer an exclusive hour pre-release of the album for streaming and for sale via download through their website, records.

The album will also be physically available at all TAUK concerts. TAUK joins other innovative marquee acts such Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Emancipator, The Glitch Mob in embracing the principles of collaboration, cooperation, and community that has been working to build. Engineer and producer Robert Carranza Jack Johnson, Beastie Boys, Mars Volta recorded the group live with few edits to capture the raw and unfiltered electricity of the tracks.

For his 10th studio full-length, G. Love invited friends new and old to accompany him on creating a spirited groove-centric release. Celebrated singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams joins G. The L. A self-described road dog, G. Love and Special Sauce are currently on tour throughout the fall a full list of performances are below. For more information on G. Love and Special Sauce and Lucinda Williams. The video features behind-the-scenes studio footage of G. Love and Lucinda coming together to collaborate on the Lead Belly blues classic.

The band is currently on the road and will be announcing winter tour dates soon. Current tour dates can be found below. Love tells the Wall Street Journal. Love and Special Sauce's website philadelphonic. Tickets are on sale now. The first show of the new year comes on the heels of their recent full album release, Tangle Of Time , and US album tour.

Additional announcements will be made in the coming weeks. For complete details and regular news updates, please visit www. Each year since has seen the annual event consistently expanding the parameters of what a music festival can offer in the 21st century. The Bonnaroo Comedy Theatre lineup will be revealed this spring. Consistently searching for ways to improve the event each year, organizers have recently announced significant upgrades to the festival site, which will now feature its own water line allowing for more than toilets and hundreds of showers, as well as a large number of additional water filling stations.

As a result, the Bonnaroo Works Fund BWF charity initiative was established, supporting a number of regional and national organizations devoted to improving arts, education, and environmental sustainability in communities across the country. For further information, please visit www. Bonnaroo is a truly global event, with tickets purchased in all 50 U. The additional headlining dates are peppered throughout their currently announced tour supporting Umphrey's McGee which kicked off last week with a sold-out show at New York's Beacon Theatre.

Major special guests — both announced and unannounced — will take the stage, guaranteeing an unforgettable evening of surprises, invention and excitement. Miguel and Win Butler will share the spotlight as co-creative directors, while John Oates will serve as the music director of this virtuoso group.

Producer Peck. For complete details and further updates, please see okeechobeefest. A number of VIP Packages are also on sale. For complete ticketing information, please visit okeechobeefest. The Nth Power, who formed through late-night jam sessions in New Orleans, have also announced an exclusive concert event planned on April 28th in New Orleans for Jazz Fest After Dark attendees this year.

Tickets are on-sale now. Tickets may be purchased through slightlystoopid. Visit the Slightly Stoopid website for up to date information on all shows and on-sale times. The tour continues at an energetic pace with dates from Maine to Florida and onto the mid-West before coming to a close on August 28th in Detroit, MI.

A full list of tour dates are below. Augustine, FL - St. Augustine Amphitheatre! Petersburg, FL - Vinoy Park! Over 55 breweries will offer a diverse assortment of national and regional craft beers against a backdrop of Bluegrass-infused music. A full music lineup will be announced soon.

Music and entertainment will be provided by DJ Kipper. This event is free to attend. Tickets for the event are highly sought after and consistently sell out. Music and entertainment provided by DJ Kipper. The House of Yes, BangOn! With a clear focus on culture, art, talent, creativity and sustainability, the festival takes visitors to inspiring and surprising worlds where literally anything is possible. The first international edition of Mysteryland was held in Chile in In May of , Mysteryland made its USA debut at the site of the legendary Woodstock Festival and now returns for its second edition.

TRI Studios, founded by Weir, is a world-class audio, video, streaming venue and recording facility. Weir himself will also sit in with the band. When the band originally performed at the venue in joined by Weir and friends they were interviewed by actor Tommy Chong. Fans are invited to access the live, intimate performance via online streaming partners Mobile Rider and Qello Concerts, the largest collection of full-length concerts and music documentaries streamed on-demand.

TRI utilizes advanced acoustic technology from Meyer Sound, enabling musicians to experiment with sound in ways that would be impossible at traditional venues. Weir calls it "the ultimate playpen for a musician. A full schedule of dates is below. When Slightly Stoopid originally performed at the venue in joined by Weir and friends, they were interviewed by actor Tommy Chong.

Later this summer, Slightly Stoopid will embark on their 9th annual coast-to-coast summer tour. Wildwood Revival is proud to announce the lineup for its third annual arts and music festival happening Friday August 26 - Sunday, August Harris, Athens Cowboy Choir and many more. The three-day event combines the soul of a juke joint, the wild spirit of a honky tonk, and the camaraderie of a supper club on an idyllic acre farm just outside of Athens, GA. Nights are filled with dance parties and sing-a-longs under the stars.

Mornings feature yoga classes, wiffle ball games and farm-to-table brunches. In keeping with the spirit of preservation, the Wildwood Revival is proud to be plastic free. A limited number of advance price three-day passes are currently on sale now.

VIP ticket packages include access to the VIP area, an 8, square foot Antebellum Mansion featuring a full bar, gourmet catered meals, private restrooms and more. Food and alcohol is included with the VIP ticket. The full performance will continue to air for free all day today, April 22nd, until pm ET on Qello Concerts.

Some of us were kinda kicking around the idea of perhaps what kind of a Prince song we could play later that night. Fortunately, Karl Denson had recently been performing select Prince cover sets in and was very familiar with the material. Deep Roots Mountain Revival Festival is proud to announce the lineup for its inaugural music and arts festival happening September , Top-tier bluegrass, jam band, rock and country acts will convene in the picturesque mountains, effectively bringing West Virginia back to the forefront of the festival scene.

A confirmed listing of the initial lineup is below. More artists including additional headliners will be announced soon. All VIP ticket packages include early entry; catered meals; access to premiere viewing areas at all stages with beer and wine; access to private bathrooms and showers; VIP camping sites; VIP lounge access; discounts on festival grounds beer; and a stainless steel souvenir mug. Tickets can be purchased through mountainrevival. The festival pays homage to its West Virginia roots, including local and regional acts in its lineup.

A confirmed lineup is below. All-pro funk and soul ensemble The Nth Power are proud to announce their summer festival appearances and extended tour dates. For select few dates, the group will be performing without percussionist Weedie Braimah, as "The Bishop" will be crushing his own musical endeavors around the country. For press inquiries please contact Shelly Reed shelly masonjarmedia.

They headed out on the road, and played their first official show in Indianapolis on May 7th, - the start of their new nomadic lifestyle and dedication to music. With five unique songwriters, soaring family harmonies and foot-stoping percussion, the string-forward quintet entertains a comparison to an 'Americana Fleetwood Mac'. In May , the members of Forlorn Strangers became full time musicians and lived on the road throughout the summer.

They travelled 20, miles playing music all over the country on a national tour. After a short break, they returned to the road in September and finished out the year on tour. In , they've played over shows in over 30 states. They joined the Yellow Couch Management roster, and signed a booking agent from Midwood Entertainment.

The record is scheduled to be released early summer in tandem with a national tour. To help fund the creation of this record, please visit the homepage and donate to the Kickstarter campaign! Instrumental rock-fusion quartet TAUK are proud to announce a new full-length studio album of original tracks will be released on September 16th, Tickets go on sale this Thursday, June 30th , through the venue box office. This summer, the band can be found performing their unique brand of explosive instrumental soundscapes at festivals nationwide.

An extensive fall tour to support the new album will be announced soon. Tickets are limited and on-sale now through venue box offices and the links below. Fans can receive a free copy of the album by visiting the Midnight North Bandcamp page. Many times a guest musician will be playing one of our songs for the first time which always brings a unique, unfiltered flavor to the tunes.

The band plays multiple shows in the Rocky Mountains, including a sold-out Dead and Company afterparty show in Boulder, before traveling to the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. Live at Terrapin Crossroads Track Listing 1. Miss M feat. Jason Crosby 3. Luck One 4. Viola Lee Blues feat. Scott Law and Jason Crosby 5. Find A Way 6. Phoenix Motel 7. Shady Grove 9. San Francisco Rain Jason Crosby and Greg Loiacono Collins, CO 7.

Rockwell, Park City, UT 7. Instrumental rock-fusion quartet TAUK are proud to announce that their third studio album, Sir Nebula , is now available for pre-order and slated for official release on September 16th. TAUK has been touring extensively throughout the summer and will continue to perform across the country this fall in support of the release of Sir Nebula. And while the album is endlessly hypnotic, TAUK also deliver the dynamic tension-and-release jams that have helped earn them a devoted following while drawing critical acclaim.

See the first leg of fall tour below. More dates will be announced soon. Tickets for all shows will go on sale this Friday at 10 AM local time. Multi-instrumentalist Zach Deputy has announced the release of his fourth album, Wash It in the Water , on September 9, The track album represents a sunny and soulful new sound that cleverly fuses hip-hop, funk, folk and pop with soca and calypso rhythms. The Georgia-based singer-songwriter will tour the east coast extensively this summer and fall in support of the new record.

On this track, Deputy brings together island beats, heavy grooves, intricate guitar work and a level of songwriting that reflects a lifetime of honing his craft. The songwriter is at his best when he draws upon his Puerto Rican and Cruzan heritage for inspiration. Despite the spur-of-the-moment approach to recording, Wash It in the Water emerges as a gracefully arranged effort that owes much to the musicianship and songcraft that Deputy has developed since he made a name for himself with the release of his first record, Out of the Water.

Thanks to the ingenuity of looping, Deputy puts on an unforgettable live show that has made him a favorite in the jam band scene and festival circuit. He is currently on tour throughout the summer and will continue to play stages across the east coast into the fall. A current list of tour dates are below. The track album combines the talents of five songwriters whose unique styles blend into a singular, unforgettable sound that is simultaneously innovative and steeped in the tradition of American roots music.

For more information on Forlorn Strangers, visit - forlornstrangers. Deep Roots Mountain Revival Festival is proud to announce the daily performance schedule for its inaugural music and arts festival on September , A full daily schedule can be found on the Deep Roots Mountain Revival website at www. Deep Roots offers a full schedule of community-building, family-friendly activities and events.

Kids and their guardians are encouraged to visit the Family Activity Zone featuring scheduled events including yoga, hula hooping, instrument making, a t-shirt tie dye station, art and nature encounters. Adults are also encouraged to play like kids with daily yoga sessions, paintball, a cornhole tournament, nature hikes and mountain bike tours.

A schedule of activities can be found by visiting www. Tickets can be purchased at www. I grew up in Marin County and the music and culture of The Dead was all around us. My sister would give me hand-me-down bootleg cassette tapes of live Dead. I went to my first shows in high school at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The Dead were a huge influence on my musical path.

The California band then returns this December to Mexico for a sold-out weekend of their annual Closer to the Sun destination festival. A full list of dates is below. Instrumental rock-fusion quartet TAUK are proud to announce new fall tour dates in support of their third studio album, Sir Nebula. The album is slated for release September 16th and features cover art from popular Swedish digital illustrator Kilian Eng.

Eng has made a name for himself creating dreamy surrealist art inspired by contemporary science fiction. On September 15th, , the label will offer an exclusive hour pre-release of the album for streaming and for sale via download through their website, records. The gram vinyl version will be available on October 15th, Tickets for all shows will go on sale this Friday, August 12th at 10 AM local time.

Seven songs on the album represent new material for the band. At the request of their fans, the band decided to capture that energy on their latest record. The result is an album that exudes the intimacy and organic quality of a live performance paired with the profound talent of four powerhouse musicians: Nikki Glaspie vocals, drums ; Nate Edgar bass ; Nick Cassarino vocals, guitar ; and Courtney J.

Mell Smith vocals, keyboards. The album will then be available in record stores and via online digital and physical retailers on November 11th. For more information on The Nth Power, including ticket information for all shows, visit thenthpowermusic. I then realized that since I have a voice, I should say something. My manager pushed me to do this and I'm glad she did. Nikki Glaspie has been drumming since she was eight years old. Sessions are recorded at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in downtown Asheville, NC and are intended for local musicians and players from all over the world to access for valuable tips and advice from industry professionals.

We are sorry to announce that our performance at this weekend's Bear Creek Bayou Music Festival on Friday will be our final show together. We feel it is right that it will be at home in New Orleans as a part of the first festival we ever played. We have traveled throughout the entire country, made life long friends and we feel fortunate to have accomplished things as a band we never would have imagined when we first began. Please keep an eye ou t for our own individual endeavors as we move forward!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the constant love and support over these past seven years. Once the limited quantity of Early Bird tickets are sold out, additional GA tickets will be available at the Tier 1 price. The full first wave artist lineup and festival AdMat can be found below. Additional major artists and other news to be announced in the coming weeks.

Visit OkeechobeeFest. From legendary performances at the first ever PoWoW! Watch the Okeechobee After Movie. An assortment of spectacular multi-media immersive art installations dot the landscape, including unique pieces commissioned specifically for the festival with an emphasis on upcycled materials. Patrons will stumble upon large scale structures and small intimate interactive pieces as they experience the artistic heart and soul of the festival in ChobeeWobee Village, or spend time exploring the majestic Sunshine Grove through every hidden hammock, grove of palms, and secret pathway throughout the festival site.

Meanwhile, Yogachobee offers a place for healing, exploration, and reflection on the epic musical moments and experiences, with yoga, meditation, permaculture workshops, speakers and more. We are opening up more of our amazing property for people to explore, and continuing to invest in art and the overall festival experience. These ticket and lodging packages are customized to give each fan an experience that they will never forget.

Detailed information is available on the website. For tickets and information, go to www. Don't miss their Presidents Day week of shows infusing global grooves with a highly emotive and roots driven sound. Instrumental rock-fusion quartet TAUK are at it again! The Oyster Bay, NY quartet have announced their early winter and spring tour dates. TAUK kicks off their winter tour with a string of New Year's Eve shows supporting Galactic and Lettuce and then heads down the east coast for a series of headlining shows.

From there, TAUK will travel through the midwest and mountain states and then make a stop on the West Coast, before returning to their home state of New York. Other notable shows this spring include a performance at Okeechobee Music Festival, and their biggest headline shows to date in Denver and San Francisco. With Early Bird festival tickets completely sold out, limited General Admission tickets are now available at the Tier 1 price via OkeechobeeFest.

Tickets will go up in price on January 18th at pm EST. A full listing of performing artists, along with the festival AdMat, can be found below. OMF 16 also created hundreds of local jobs and increased sales revenue to Okeechobee County and surrounding communities. In addition, the nonprofits will receive proceeds from a VIP signed memorabilia auction. OMF 17 organizers, in partnership with Treasure Coast Food Bank TCFB , will also be collecting leftover food from concessions and consumers in an effort to supply as many meals as possible to local soup kitchens post-festival.

Facebook: facebook. Nestled in the Appalachian hills, the festival combines world-class bluegrass, funk, rock and jam music with regional visual artists, craft vendors, camping and family-friendly activities. In , legendary West Virginia festival venue Marvin's Mountaintop was revived with three days of music spanning nu-grass, funk, country, blues, and more.

Patrons will be treated to top-tier Americana, Bluegrass, Rock and Jam music with regional visual artists, craft vendors and family-friendly activities. More artists including an additional headliner will be announced soon. A limited number of advance price tickets go on sale today, Thursday, January 26th. Car camping and RV upgrades are also available. Tickets can be purchased through the Deep Roots Mountain Revival website: mountainrevival.

A variety of creative kids activities for all ages will be announced soon. Grab your ticket, and join us around the campfire for another incredible weekend of rhythm, roots, family, and fun! For more information on the Deep Roots Mountain Revival, visit www. Themes of sea, sun, and spiritual connection weave through the eight-track release combining a cohesive blend of Alt-Americana, Island grooves, Folk and Jam. A full list of confirmed dates are below with more to be announced soon.

It is an audible showcase weaving introspective lyrics with catchy, nimble guitar riffs. Dangermuffin befriended Kirk in Columbus, OH while touring through the region over the last several years. When Kirk fell terminally ill, he moved to a place he had never been, Folly Beach, SC, to experience the joy and deep connection to the ocean that his friends describe in their music. Lotti wrote the track in a fit of inspiration before realizing that the words were for and about his friend who performed on the track and passed on only a week later.

Attendees will be treated to three days of top-tier musicianship, regional artisans, mountain camping, and family-friendly activities. A confirmed lineup is below and tickets are available for purchase here. VIP ticket package options include early entry; buffet lunch and dinner; happy hour beer and wine; access to premiere viewing areas at all stages; access to private bathrooms and showers; VIP camping sites; VIP lounge access; a swag bag; and a stainless steel souvenir mug.

Deep Roots Mountain Revival is a family-friendly festival. Activities and outdoor adventures geared towards kids of all ages will be announced soon. Tickets may be purchased through the Deep Roots Mountain Revival website at deeprootsmountainrevival. Brandi Carlile Dr. The PoWow! The goal of the PoWow!

Recently, Okeechobee also announced its highly anticipated daily lineups for Thursday, March 2 through Sunday, March 5. Everything from yoga classes and earth arts workshops to late night fire performances and intimated performances can be viewed HERE. Additionally, festivalgoers can download the official Okeechobee app through the App Store that will allow for a personal schedule to be created, up-to-the-minute News direct from the festival, FAQs, information on ticketing VIP packages, RV parking passes, shuttles , site maps and a chance to win official Okeechobee merchandise.

More info on the app can be found via Okeechobeefest. Visit Okeechobeefest. This year is truly a global event. Attendees will be traveling from every continent except Antarctica, 60 countries, every US State, and over 2, cities from around the globe. OMF is poised to make a multi-million-dollar economic impact to the local area as well as the State of Florida.

Along the way will be spending money on food, gas, accommodations, and leisure activities. This money will be filtered back into the local economy through local businesses and sales tax. Festival organizers have requested no one arrive at the site without a previously purchased wristband.

There will be no sales at the gates and anyone looking to purchase a ticket will be turned away. We look forward to a fun weekend filled with music, art, and community. We urge all participants to have fun, but remember to stay safe throughout the weekend.

Slightly Stoopid have unveiled the initial dates for their 11th annual summer tour. The Sounds of Summer tour will route the California natives to amphitheaters and pavilions across North America and take the band overseas for festivals throughout Europe. The general public on-sale will then take place at Friday, March 10th at 10 AM local time. Doesn't get much better than that! Slightly Stoopid will then hit the Pacific Northwest for about a week before traveling towards the southern edge of the country.

Be sure to catch Slightly Stoopid at festivals worldwide this spring and summer. The Bay Area-based band will celebrate the release of their new record with a hometown show at Great American Music Hall and an extensive tour of both coasts this spring. Midnight North wrote the majority of Under The Lights after their first east coast and midwest tour.

Songs literally performed and tested under the lights at countless venues across the US. The band has made a name for itself with its impressive live shows and festival appearances, where the musicians have jammed with heavyweights like Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Tom Hamilton, Mihali Savoulidis, and more. For more information on Midnight North, including ticket information for all shows, visit midnightnorth. Featuring equal parts music, contemporary art, gourmet cuisine, and hilarious comedy, the highly-amenitized event is conveniently located at the Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds in Southern California.

It is this same explosive positive energy that can be felt during Twiddle's live shows. Open show in Vail, Colorado at the encouragement of a friend. A full list of announced tour dates are below. SweetWater Brewing Co. Tour guests will receive custom pint glasses while supplies last. SweetWater head brewer Nick Nock met with members of both bands to discuss their favorite beer styles and flavors, brainstorm ingredients, and develop recipes.

For The Hip Abduction, a St. The result is a light and crisp, super drinkable pale ale, made with 2 Row, Pilsner and a touch of wheat for the malt bill. The flavor and aroma come from Cascade and Amarillo hops, with a zest of hibiscus and passionfruit. The band gave final stamp of approval on Hipbiscus in mid-March while on a visit to the brewery, where they also played an acoustic set for SweetWater employees and a few invited guests.

Bravo hops add bitterness and orange flavor, while a boatload of Citra Hash added to the whirlpool, then in two different dry hop additions, delivers a big citrus punch. In addition to sipping on Hipbiscus Tropical Ale and Citra Hash Stoopid Brew at Fest, event guests can enjoy live performances by The Hip Abduction and Slightly Stoopid, plus panel discussions about the beers in the SweetWater Experience Tent, an area devoted to tasting specialty casks and mingling with brewers and industry experts.

Deep Roots Mountain Revival has released the lineup by day for its second annual festival happening July , Join Brandi Carlile, Dr. Activities, featured visual artists, and craft vendors will be announced soon. Touching on nearly every artistic discipline, globally recognized artists' works will be on display and for sale. Deep Roots Mountain Revival is proud to announce a full schedule of community-building and family-friendly activities for its second annual music and camping festival.

Adults are encouraged to participate in relaxing and healing activities such as meditation, reiki, yoga, and hula hooping, or attend a fiddle, clawhammer, or flat-picking workshop for an educational experience. Children may engage their creativity in tie dye making, hula-hoop building, and masquerade creation, or unwind participating in activities such as yoga and singing meditation. The video is comprised of animated stills procured from large canvas paintings donated by Hawaii-based artist and aspiring pro-surfer Danielle Zirk.

Original art from the video will be auctioned, with proceeds donated to Global BrightLight Foundation. The original signed and numbered hand painted canvasses used in the video will be auctioned to benefit the Global BrightLight Foundation GBL , a nonprofit that provides affordable solar energy solutions to rural and impoverished communities worldwide.

The themes of light and hope in the song One Bright Day reflect our vision of a world in which everyone has access to clean, sustainable energy. The solar lanterns that we will distribute together will save families money, provide extra hours of study time for children, and prevent dangerous fires caused by candles and kerosene lamps.

A little power makes a world of difference. KAABOO Del Mar is pleased to announce the daily lineup of music and comedy acts for its third annual event, along with a limited quantity of single-day and two-day passes. A full list of confirmed acts by day can be found below. Proceeds from the auction will benefit The Global BrightLight Foundation GBL , a nonprofit that provides affordable solar energy solutions to rural and impoverished communities globally. We look forward to sharing the impact of these projects in the coming months.

Six original signed and numbered hand painted canvasses featured in the video were auctioned off allowing fans to own a piece of Slightly Stoopid history. Global BrightLight is not the only organization Slightly Stoopid has supported this year.

The band also regularly partners with many cancer fighting organizations such as Grind For Life grindforlife. For more information please visit www. This fall and winter, music fans will have a chance to experience numerous incarnations of the music of Del McCoury and family, the renowned and revered bluegrass master, as he launches his most extensive tour in more than 15 years. Tickets for those shows are on sale now.

A full list of dates can be found below. The four day music, arts, wellness and camping experience will once again take over Sunshine Grove in Okeechobee, Florida from Thursday, March 1st through Sunday, March 4th.

As OMF enters its third year on the heels of two sold out festivals, OMF has quickly grown to be the largest independent festival in the Southeast and the first major destination of the festival season. By blending the world-class lineups and amenities of mainstream events with the sensibility and community-oriented approach of independent festivals, OMF is designing the festival of the future.

Located in the heart of Florida, sitting between Miami, Tampa and Orlando, Sunshine Grove spans across acres of pristine grasslands, clear lakes, and exotic tropical woodlands. The diverse, multi-genre festival celebrates the start of Spring with both world renowned and on the rise performers, art installations, yoga, meditation, local culinary treats and more. Festival passes are available now at www. Visit the site for vehicle parking and camping details.

A Superstar Mashup ft. The dynamic instrumental quintet Toubab Krewe are excited to announce the upcoming release of their third studio album, Stylo, and coinciding tour. The PledgeMusic campaign, which launches today at pledgemusic. In February, Toubab Krewe will hit the road after a two year hiatus and return to clubs and stages across North America for a album release tour a full list of shows below. Over the last seven years, the band has developed and evolved their authentic blend of Appalachian and West African music traditions.

Pledge packages range from customly designed clothing to an exclusive Toubab Krewe seed garden with collectors box, as well as opportunities to interact with band members via private instrument lessons on Skype, and private concerts. Seed Programs International provides quality seeds and critically-needed expertise to impoverished communities in developing countries.

SPI will then ship out a vegetable packet to a family or humanitarian organization in need. A full listing of confirmed tour dates is below, with additional tour date announcements coming soon. This time around, Snoop Dogg is set to perform with an array of special guests that will span the genres of hip-hop, funk and soul. Stay tuned for more additions to come, including the Jungle 51 lineup which will feature three nights of otherworldly techno and house beats during OMF Tier 1 ticket prices will end this Friday at pm.

As Okeechobee Fest enters its third year on the heels of two sold out festivals, it has quickly grown to be the largest independent festival in the Southeast and the first major destination of the festival season. Since , the mystical enclave has become a place where humans and aliens alike come to lose themselves to cosmic house and techno music, becoming completely engulfed by light and sound until the early morning hours. Headliners Dr.

More artists will be announced soon. And our comfortable, intimate venues give you the opportunity to experience music up close, often side-by-side, with artists who played the main stage earlier in the weekend. All of this adds up to a festival like no other: friendly, laid back, and with music that will blow your mind.

Out of 60 guitar illustrations submitted, local non-profit Dogwood Arts has selected 15 finalists, and the students are currently working on bringing their design to life on the Epiphone guitars. Children ages six and under will be admitted free of charge. All children seven and over will require a festival pass. Single day passes will go on sale on March 1st. Yesterday, fans heard an exclusive first listen of the track when it premiered on SiriusXM The Joint.

Stick Figure is currently headlining dates across North America with many shows already sold out in advance. A full list of announced winter tour dates is below. The new album will follow his heavily praised release Set in Stone, which hit number one on the Billboard and iTunes Reggae Charts.

Together, the hard-jamming musicians will kick off a headlining winter tour with support from Twiddle and Iya Terra. The tour weaves the band across North America and has already sold out several dates including shows at Delmar Hall St. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased through the official Stick Figure website stickfiguremusic.

Levitate Music Festival is proud to announce the lineup for its sixth annual music festival happening July 7th-8th, More bands to be announced. Levitate has successfully transformed the historic Marshfield Fairgrounds into a truly unique concert venue. Tickets can be purchased through levitatemusicfestival. For more information on Levitate Music Festival, including shuttle services, tickets and VIP packages, visit levitatemusicfestival.

In celebration of the release, Toubab Krewe have mapped out an album release tour which kicked off in Colorado earlier this week. Fans are offered a number of exclusive items and experiences through the campaign including signed merch, Skype interactions with band members, and even a chance to help others in need. A highlighted item offered with the pre-order of Stylo is the Toubab Krewe seed garden.

In celebration of the new album, Toubab Krewe are hitting the road. Yesterday, they kicked off a string of dates in Colorado and will then head back to the East Coast for a series of headlining shows throughout March and April. The band has already announced that they will be performing both weekends at Electric Forest, with more tour dates and festival appearances to be announced soon. Rhythm N Blooms Music Festival is pleased to announce the daily lineup of artists for its ninth annual music festival.

The festival, which takes place in downtown Knoxville on April th , features a wide variety of national and regional acts ranging from Americana, Country, Alternative, Roots, and Blues. On Saturday, headliner Dr. Single day tickets are on sale now through rhythmnbloomsfest.

Tiers One and Two are now sold out for three-day General Admission. Single day passes will go on sale on March 1st at 10 am ET. Levitate Music Festival is proud to announce jam-rock quartet Spafford as the final addition of to its lineup happening July 7th-8th, A confirmed lineup is listed below and daily lineups will be announced soon.

Early Bird tickets for the sixth annual festival are now sold out, but a limited number of two-day passes still remain. Single day tickets will be available once the daily lineups have been released. All passes go on sale today at 9 am PT at kaaboodelmar. Get the full scoop at kaaboodelmar.

KAABOO offers something for everyone including a lineup of emerging bands that is always fun to see our guests discover. Featuring equal parts world-class music, household names in comedy, contemporary art, gourmet cuisine and craft libations, and personal indulgences, the highly-amenitized event is conveniently located at the Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds in Southern California.

Heartland Americana Rock band The Artisanals are pleased to announce the upcoming release of their self-titled debut album. The Artisanals are currently touring in support of the upcoming release. The album utilizes everything from a gong, organ, piano, sitar, french horn, trombone, and koto, to a string section sourced from the nearby University of Iowa.

From start to finish, this record is a straight banger. Tickets to the listening party and beer release event can be purchased exclusively through Pledge Music. Following the cues of the universe, The Artisanals are crisscrossing the country in their trusty retirement community Miravanti van, crashing on couches of friends and recent strangers, loading in and out of clubs and venues, and bringing their explosive live show to stages of all sizes.

The one-day event scheduled for September 15th, , will take place along the beautiful shores of Nauset Beach in the town of Orleans, MA and will bring a helping of live performances featuring homegrown blues, rock, and roots music to the Outer Cape. Headliners G. Tickets for the single day event can be purchased HERE. This mile stretch of sandy beach offers swimming and fishing, plus surfing in non-protected areas.

From surfing to paddle boarding, fishing and bird watching, hiking, biking, eating, drinking - the Cape has it all. The event, curated by Dutton, features bands and performers that have personally resonated with him musically. Parking is free. A portion of proceeds will benefit local non-profit Friends of Nauset Beach, an organization spearheaded by McNamara of Hog Island Co, in an effort to preserve the natural habitat, wildlife, and fauna of the Outer Cape.

Performances will alternate across the two stages allowing attendees to experience each artist on the lineup without having to choose between overlapping set-times. Tickets are on sale now through ssbdfest. Same Same But Different is as much about the music and arts as it is about the location.

This perfect weekend getaway will even feature an art-zone where guests can participate in one-of-a-kind art classes and live art installations. We want to provide an alternative to that experience without sacrificing the quality of music and the overall vibe. For more information about camping packages, please visit ssbdfest. To purchase tickets to Same Same But Different, please visit ssbdfest.

In September, the band will hit the road, roaring across North America with a coast-to-coast tour including dates within the US and Canada. In celebration of the band's debut LP release, The Artisanals will embark on a robust album release tour hitting venues up and down the East Coast. KAABOO was also the closeout tour stop for several artists such as Seattle rockers Alice in Chains who just concluded an extensive US run of dates ; Halsey who will soon be working on her new album ; and pop superstar Katy Perry who just spent the last year traveling the world on her "Witness: The Tour".

The event will take place September 13th - 15th, Fan ambassadors will be able to indulge in two brand new events in With a mixture of diverse music acts, cutting edge technological experiences, exclusive content, and a commitment to sustainability, Virgin Fest events will aim to stand out from the crowd in the live event arena.

Highlights include but will not be limited to, premium food and beverage vendors, eco-focused hydration stations, clean flushing toilets, premium lodging and transportation options, and much more. Announcements regarding date and location as well as lineup and ticket sales will be made at a later date.

True to the Virgin brands, Virgin Fest events will also feature top-level hospitality and guest service including cashless pay, differentiated app functionality, seamless onsite upgrades, innovative VIP experiences and non-profit integrations throughout. Virgin Fest events will be produced by its world-class operations team consisting of seasoned veterans of large-scale live events.

Papadosio has been building their dedicated fan base over the course of the last decade. It gives you a feel for their live set up and the projection mapping they use on stage. Papadosio are one of the few bands on the scene who are creating electronic music by playing live instruments even the modular synthesizers used on stage were hand built and engineered by the band members! Papadosio will have you dancing your ass off one minute, then moving you to tears the next; prepare to have your mind blown as they hit the road for a cross country tour this fall.

Mihali has not yet revealed the title or release date of his upcoming solo project, but will be treating audiences to sneak peaks of cuts from album while on the road for a short run of solo tour dates this December a full list of announced dates are below. With our current political climate, I think now is the perfect time for this single to be released. Next month, Mihali will embark on a solo tour with select dates in the Northeast see below.

Take everything you think you know about music festivals and throw it out the tour bus window. With pools that front the Hangout Main Stage and hammocks lining the beach, fans can catch their favorite musicians in unparalleled comfort and proximity. From May , the edition of the festival will feature an all-star cast of performers from various genres including Travis Scott, The Lumineers and Khalid.

A full lineup as of today, November 29th, is below. The festival will again offer payment plans for GA and VIP purchases, allowing fans to pay for their tickets in four installments. For those wanting to extend their vacation, Hangout Fest will be announcing their Thursday Kick-Off Party, a separately ticketed evening, at a later date.

The details, featured artists and ticket info for this event are coming soon. Fun is happening everywhere you turn. Hangout Fest is an immersive experience. Dive into the water at one of our beach clubs, swing at Hammock Beach, smooch a pooch at the Puppy Kissing Booth, go disco skating at the full-sized Roller Rink.

You can also rekindle those vintage summer vibes at Camp Hangout or join one of the epic dance parties happening by the waves with DJs all weekend long! See a full list of activities here. Want to bike or walk to the shows? We got you. Forget something back at your condo or just want to maximize hang time with your roomies? No problem. Hangout makes fest days easy with wristband in-and-out privileges. See a selection of lodging options here.

Featuring exclusive beach access, pool-side and jacuzzi-side views of the main stage, complimentary food, beer, wine and cocktails all weekend, this is YOLO personified. Because really, you only live once! In a first-of-its-kind coastal event in Los Angeles, The BeachLife Festival will bring together more than 40 headlining touring bands and legendary musicians, California culinary stars, and multiple surf and skateboarding components for a three-day immersive experience celebrating Southern California beach culture.

The BeachLife Festival producers have entered into a year partnership on an eight acre site at the scenic Seaside Lagoon water park along the Redondo Beach waterfront. A full artist lineup will be announced in January. The BeachLife Festival was founded by Los Angeles native Allen Sanford, a restaurateur-turned-tech-music entrepreneur, and his business partner, Rob Lissner, a former tech executive. Veterans in the streaming music space, the two co-founded LiveList, a free live streaming platform that broadcasts thousands of concerts and festivals from around the world.

Beyond Side Stage will feature a curated wine village with boutique wineries, a massive craft beer bar focused on LA breweries, a VIP poolside experience, an elite speakeasy, and multiple bars and food vendors and trucks across the venue. Additional chefs will be announced soon. Progressive-rock and space-synth outfit Papadosio are proud to announce a slew of North American tour dates this spring. Tickets for all spring tour dates will go on sale this Friday, January 18th, and can be purchased via papadosio.

A full list of new and previously announced tour dates are below. Best known for their energetic live performances filled with mesmerizing instrumentation, improvisational skills, and intricate visual production, Papadosio will be hitting the ground running in For more information including tour and ticketing info, please visit: papadosio.

Additional hitmakers and bucket list artists include The Avett Brothers, Ms. A full lineup of confirmed performers is below. KAABOO has made a name for itself not only as a top tier music festival, but as an immersive experience for all five-senses. The Cowboys organization has been on the cutting edge of creating more engaging experiences, providing new and unconventional ways to connect with fans, making the KAABOO brand an ideal partnership.

The event is free and open to the public. Passes will move to the next price point once these are sold out. KAABOO offers limited event parking passes as well as preferred parking and valet parking options for purchase. For more information, visit kaabootexas. A confirmed lineup of announced artists is below. The band, best known for their lively and energetic presence on stage, have planned an exclusive acoustic set for BeachLife attendees.

The Ocean Beach-based ensemble will perform stripped-down versions of classics from the Stoopid repertoire, including a collection of songs from their live album release, Acoustic Roots, which the band just debuted at a recent performance in Mexico. They will be performing an entire set of Van Halen tracks in honor of the California-based glam metal ensemble exclusively for BeachLife.

Passes are on sale now on the BeachLife website. A percentage of ticket sales will be donated to several charities, including: Surfrider Foundation , 5 Gyres , and Redondo Beach Police Foundation , with additional non-profits forthcoming. For more information on the BeachLife Festival, visit beachlifefestival. They started off the year with a four-week tour throughout Europe, and in two weeks, they will begin their North American spring tour.

Throughout March and April, they will journey along the southern states and into the midwest before returning to the southeast. Then on Sunday, patrons can soak up the magic with Sting, the southern charm of Little Big Town and The Avett Brothers, and tear up the dance floor with Pitbull and more to close out the fest.

Single day passes are on sale now through kaabootexas.

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