white sands casino samoa

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White sands casino samoa 7 planet casino

White sands casino samoa

This is a guide to brick and mortar as well as online casinos in Samoa. Find out what the best casinos and online casino sites are in Samoa, or learn more about the legal status of casino gambling in the country. Online casino gambling is not explicitly regulated in Samoa. Officially called the Independent State of Samoa — not to be confused with American Samoa — the country is located in the Polynesian region, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Samoa was first discovered by the European in ; followed by at first limited, then more extensive contact with explorers and missionaries. The islands had been under german ccontrol from until ; and from then on Samoa was ruled by New Zealand until it gained its independence in However, Samoa has every right to legislate for itself concerning internal matters, which includes online casino gambling.

Gambling in Samoa is currently regulated by the Casino and Gambling Control Act that has been in effect since It was this piece of legislation that established the Gambling Control Authority of Samoa, which is the body that supervises all forms of gamblingin the country, and issues any gambling licences.

However, the Casino and Gambling Act does not make any explicit mention of online casino gambling. As a result, the Samoan Gambling Control Authority does not issue any licences to online casinos, and — as operating gambling ventures without the appropriate licence is against the law — there are currently no legal and licensed online casino sites based in Samoa.

This lack of online casino regulations is most likely due to the low internet penetration on the islands: only about 15 percent of the population has access to the internet, which makes for a rather meager online casino market. On the other hand, as online casinos are also not actively prohibited, locals are free to play on international online casino sites with no repercussions. Most international online casinos welcome players from the Independent State of Samoa. Unlike online casinos that are unregulated in Samoa, brick and mortar casinos are legal based on the Samoan gambling law.

In accordance with this act, the number of casino licences that may be issued until is limited at two. Licences are issued by the Gambling Control Authority, which is also repsonsible for supervising the casinos. Applicants for a casino licence are considered based on several criteria, including business skills, financial position and honesty.

Casino operators must also pay a licencing fee, as well as a commission based on the gross profit of the establishment. The minimum age to enter a casino in Samoa is 18 years. The most important restriction when it comes to Samoancasinos is that only those holding a foreign passport may be admitted; locals are not allowed to play at the casinos.

The aim of this regulation is to maximize the income from tourists gambling at Samoan casinos, while minimizing the negative impact of problem gambling on the population. There are two casinos to choose from in Samoa; both of which are operated by Whitesands Casino. The larger of the two is located in Apia, the capital of Samoa. The Whitesands Casino Apia has over gaming machines, as well as 24 gaming tables. Table games on offer include roulette, baccarat and blackjack.

Online gambling is not specifially regulated by the gambling laws of Samoa. As most forms of gambling are prohibited for the locals, there are no Samoan poker clubs or sportsbooks. While online sports betting and online poker are not exactly banned, there is also no way to receive an online gambling licence for them, which is why there are no locally based operators. The only from of gambling that is legal for Samoan gamblers is lottery. The Samoa National Lotto offers a single type of number game, 7 out of The numbers are drawn weekly, and while the winning numbers are displayed online, there is no way to purchase a lottery ticket online.

To summarize, there are no Samoan online gambling sites whatsoever. On the other hand, locals are free to play on international online sports betting, online poker and online lottery sites; most of which welcome players from Samoa. There a progressive slot machines, and a lot of them are similar to those found on the floor of the New Zealand casino, Sky.

Whitesands has a bar on each floor, offering free drinks. The casino staff is composed mostly of Samoan card dealers, cage workers and cashiers. Scorgie told the Samoa News that the Whitesands Casino, the tenth casino to open under the directorship of Gaming Concepts, was a project that started earlier this year in June and the work was expedited because the Prime Minister wanted them to open up for business in time for the SIDS conference which brought with it thousands of visitors.

He said that although floor supervisors and managers were flown in from the Far East, specifically the Philippines, the goal is to train locals and get them up to par to assume supervisory roles and eventually run their casino without outside help. He said he was very impressed with how quickly the locals adapted to the system and how much they learned within the short weeks they underwent training.

The games that are available right now at Whitesands seem to be drawing the players. They will convert whatever cash you have to the tala, and Samoa has enough banks and currency exchange places - no problem to convert back to your home-cash. They said they are working on adding an ATM machine to the casino service, but right now are still working to get it in.

To enter the casino, players must present their passport or other travel documents. Faifeau concerns, the PM said, include people spending their money at the casino and letting their families starve, as well as less money for the churches. The Whitesands Casino is open every day including Sunday from 2 p. The first floor closes at 2 a. Both floors have sitting areas for those wanting to chit chat, lounge around, or use their electronic devices to check mail and conduct business.

The Whitesands Casino, the first casino to open its doors — in Samoa — officially opened this past Friday Saturday, October 4 Samoa Timein a small ceremony attended by local residents, parliament members, heads of different government departments, with special remarks offered by the Prime Minister of Samoa.

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Gambling.com guide internet Online casino gambling is not explicitly regulated in Samoa. Under the Gambling Control Act there can only be two casino license issued unless Cabinet makes a decision based on the Minister's recommendation. Toggle navigation. On the other hand, as online casinos are also not actively prohibited, locals are free to play on international online casino sites with no repercussions. From the porter, duty manager, receptionist they were all very friendly and nade us feel casino christmas party with their warm smile. This article supplements the general guide to the legal status of gambling in Samoa.
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White sands casino samoa The islands had been under german ccontrol from until ; and from then on Samoa was ruled by New Zealand until it gained its independence in United States: Hobby Editions. Click Here. She explained that the staff on the day seem to not have followed given training. Bet Online Casino and Sports Book. Samoa Apia 2. Betsson Casino and Sports Book.

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