casino gambling good luck charms

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Casino gambling good luck charms indian casino gambling

Casino gambling good luck charms

Many players will set up their dice with the number four and three facing up. They believe that doing so will predict that these are the numbers the dice will land on once they roll them. This concept normally applies to a hat the player was wearing when they have won big in the past. The player won a big jackpot while wearing the hat, so they continue to wear the hat the next time they play in hopes that it will bring them the same good luck. Believe it or not, but figurines are a very common good luck charm to see while in the casino.

Specifically, frog statues with coins in their mouth or those troll dolls with the crazy, colorful hair are believed to bring good luck while gambling. This one is more of something to avoid if you want good luck at the casino. The acorn is believed to bring good fortune. Athletes refuse to wash their socks or even their undies when they are in a winning streak. Gamblers, on the other hand, are discouraged from washing hands when they are constantly winning.

Not having sex before gambling — Another superstition that is also prevalent in both the sporting world and gambling is having sex, or not having it to be exact, before doing your thing. In sports, it is to avoid sapping the testosterone and energy of the player before a big game.

In gambling, it is said to keep your luck intact since you did not spend it on getting lucky in bed. Apart from rituals, people also try to bring with them good luck charms to help increase their chances at winning in gambling.

These charms, like superstitions, can range from simple to bizarre, depending on the beliefs of the person using them. Here are some of the more popular and more peculiar ones:. A tribe that believed they were descended from rabbits and hares carried a foot or other part of this creature with them to bring them luck and to ward off evil. Four-leaf clover — This is another common good luck charm and is one that comes from Ireland.

Since four-leaf clovers are pretty rare, with only one out of every 10, clover leaves being a four-leaf one, it is considered fortuitous for you to find one, therefore you are lucky. Lucky Penny — If you picked a penny, or any coin for that matter, off the street or the floor, you should bring this with you when you gamble.

This coin is considered good luck since you happened upon it out of the blue. Of course, there are some things you need to do to amp-up its luck. Anything with the number 8 — This is probably where the Magic 8-ball got its popularity. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered auspicious due to its endless shape. It is shaped like the symbol for eternity, going round and round. This means that your luck will be continuous hence the lucky nature of the number.

People who believe this carry either a keychain with an eight-ball on it or some other item with the number eight written or printed on it. These are just some of the things you can use to increase your luck when you gamble. You can follow these superstitions easily when you play online casino games or online slots. You can choose to not believe in these, after all, there is no real proof that these will work, but why tempt fate.

After all, just like what old-time gamblers believe, what harm is there in indulging in such superstition beliefs and symbols? Superstitious Rituals Before Gambling Some gamblers swear that the rituals they follow before betting on anything usually gives them bigger chances of winning.

Here are some of them: Wearing red underwear — This belief stems from Chinese superstition where the color red is considered good luck. Good Luck Charms You Should Bring With You Apart from rituals, people also try to bring with them good luck charms to help increase their chances at winning in gambling. Date Created: Sep 23 Written by Jerico. Necessary Required.


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Lady Luck Spiritual Supplies : A special scent worn by lady bettors and gamblers, not by men. Lodestone : Magnetic iron ore use to "draw" money, luck, or whatever is desired. Lucky Hand Root : A rare Orchid root shaped like a hand, to bring in the winnings. Magnetic Sand : Iron dust used to feed Lodestones, especially small ones in a mojo. Mojo Bag : A tied and fixed flannel or leather bag containing lucky roots and curios. Money Bag Charm : A charm in the shape of a money bag is good luck jewelry.

Number 7 : Always a lucky number, and an image of the numeral is worn as a charm. Nutmeg : Carried in the pocket while at games of chance. Playing Cards Charm :Worn as a talisman on an American charm bracelet. Policy Players' Dream Books : Books of lucky betting numbers for lottery play. Pyrite : Sparkling golden iron ore that attracts money to it; carried in the pocket. Rabbit Foot : The ultimate down-home Southern amulet, carried as a key ring charm.

Skull Figural Candle : A symbol of daring; a gambler's lucky charm or key chain ornament. Skull Charm : Used by those who are not averse to calling on the Dead for luck at cards. Silver Dime : Protection against conjure and assurance of luck in money matters. Slot Machine Charm : A gambler's lucky charm or key ring ornament for casino play. Lucky dream numbers are often believed to be the best numbers not only for betting, but also to use as telling "signs" of the kind of luck you will have on certain days, at certain addresses, and in dealing with certain people.

These are some of the best and most often requested dream books utilized by folks who combine gambling play with signs and significations from hoodoo, conjuration, and rootwork. We offer all of these books for sale at our Lucky Mojo Divination and Dream Book sales page, for which the link is found below.

Konje, Prof. De Herbert, Herbert G. There are many systems of derivatives, including run-downs, work-outs, "relative" nubers, and "following" numbers. The books in this list include the most famous and popular of the many run-down and work-out systems that have been developed by students of numberology and gambling.

Because she is a card sharp, it is very likely that her particular mojo bag contains lucky hand root and five-finger grass , both of which are reputed to "aid in all the work that five fingers can do. The most popular mojo hands for gambling have names such as these: Fast Luck -- for luck in a hurry at slots, keno, bingo, races, lotteries Three Jacks and a King -- for poker players Money Drawing -- for gambling and for conventional business success Lady Luck -- for dice players; brings in "the luck o' the Irish" John the Conqueror -- extremely popular for gambling and sex-luck Lucky Hand -- contains a rare orchid root shaped like a hand Money Stay With Me -- it's not how much you make, but what you can keep All of these mojo hands are filled with various roots, herbs, and minerals that are reputed to be lucky in drawing money and bringing in the winnings -- such as John the Conqueror root, Lodestone, Magnetic Sand, Rabbit Foot, Cinnamon chips, Five Finger Grass, Lucky Hand root, and so forth.

The bags come supplied with a dram vial of the named oil and instructions for personalization and use. Old-timers may also dress the bags with whisky or with the urine of their sexual partner. You brew it up as a tea, then strain off the liquid, and wash your hands in it before going to play. The herbs included in this mixture are Chamomile, Calendula, Coriopsis, Alfalfa, Irish Moss, Cinnamon Chips, and Allspice Berries -- all of which are said to bring monetary good fortune or at least to drive away poverty.

One old-time rootwork practitioner who gave an interview to Harry M. Hyatt on May 26, , in Memphis, Tennessee, told him a quick and simple way to bathe before going out to play cards at night: Dissolve saltpeter , sugar, bluestone we'd use blueing balls now , and your own urine into the bathwater, then bathe downward and say the Lord's Prayer three times to cleanse yourself.

Follow this by lightly dressing your playing cards with "any kind of oil that you believe in" to draw good luck; when asked which oil was best, the informant specified Rose Oil. Unlike oils, they do not stain and they can be subtly blown or dusted onto surfaces in such a way that no one knows they have been applied. SGamblers come into contact with paper every day, in the form of lottery tickets, bingo cards, racing sheets, tallies, score sheets, and paper money, so sachet powders are popular supplies with those who play to win.

Whether you bet the lottery, go to the casinos, play the ponies, or take part in a friendly game of cards, we're wagering that THE BIG WIN can bring you the luck you desire in games of chance and skill. The oil can also be used to dress your coins and chips, or even to anoint your money before you use it to buy lottery tickets.

Among the best these conjure dressing oils for gambling are: Fast Luck -- dress hands before playing slots, keno, bingo, races, lotteries Three Jacks and a King -- dress your hands before playing cards or video poker Money Drawing -- dress your hands and forehead before playing Lady Luck -- for dice players; dress both your hands and the dice John the Conqueror -- dress your money and carry a dressed root in your pocket Lucky Mojo -- an all-purpose lucky oil for love, money, or games of chance.

Lucky Hand -- dress your money and hands before playing cards or video poker Money Stay With Me -- dress your money to make your stake last loner Pay Me -- usually this is employed to force someone to repay a debt that is owed, but it can also be used to force a casino to cough up the cash, as you will see below in "Miss Robin's Lucky Gambling Spell. Good Luck -- an all-pupose luck formula for gambling, love, health, and general good fortune.

Lucky 13 -- used as a "house dressing" to prepare the rooms where folks gamble; can be used by the "house" or by players to gain an edge. It has worked every time now. This does not mean you will get rich, but it does make your pocket feel good. Air dry, don't towel dry yourself. Take a small bucket or a mug-size cup of your used bath water outdoors and throw it over your left shoulder to the West and don't look back.

Take all the money that you're going to play with and write, "Money, return to me" or "RTM" for "Return to Me" and put your name or your initials on each bill of the money, then anoint each bill with three hoodoo oils : Lady Luck , Pay Me , and Alleged Money Drawing oil. Finally, dust Pay Me powder on all the money. Use two vigil candles: Lady Luck and Lucky 13 candle.

Put a little bath crystals in both candles. Put the prepared money under both candles, then light the candles and say, "Let this money bring me more money. Let the money stay under the candles until it's time to go to play, then take it out -- and Good Luck to you.

This has worked for me five out of six times and the one time it didn't work it was because I did not do the work fully and I lost big time. Why is this? Well, in the first place, tarot readers often have no cultural or technical background in getting lucky lottery numbers for clients.

They are willing to look into the future of your love life, but the future of your luck life -- your fortune -- is not part of their cultural repertoire. They are not Fortune Tellers, in the old and literal sense of that term. In the second place, many modern tarot readers have been taught by their own teachers to view and to narrate your card reading as your own personal psychological "journey" and if they believe that your "journey" does not include winning the lottery, they won't look into your numbers.

If you ask for lucky lottery numbers, these folks will often come at you with the typical weak excuse that, "If i knew the lottery number i would have bet and won it myself already. If you want a laugh, push right back at them by saying, "That's all right, dear; i understand. Winning the lottery -- and helping your clients to win the lottery -- is not part of your own personal, sacred tarot journey.

You did not do well, did you? So now it is time for you to read my article where I, being a very experienced spellcaster, tell my readers about authentic gambling lucky charms to maximize your chances of winning. My casino lucky charms also known as good luck gambling charms are very effective. The longer you own them, the more powerful they get. Their power depends on several factors:. You should not go all in as soon as you start playing and expect to win right away.

Casino charms work in a different way. They become a part of your subconscious mind, improving your intuition, numerical abilities, logical thinking, and your sixth sense. As a result, you will feel completely different while gambling. First of all, you will stay calm. Secondly, you will not rely completely on good luck but will feel whether you are going to win or lose. Thirdly, before the round that can bring you a fortune, the charm will make you feel excited but you will be able to keep your excitement under control.

When you feel it, maximize your bet and believe in success. Such skills cannot be obtained in one day. It takes months or sometimes years to acquire them. Remember that modern casino games are played not only by very logical people with good numerical abilities. These are games played by people using powerful charms. For example, you can find yourself playing against someone who owns a talisman that is stronger than yours.

This will often be the case when you just start gambling using your charm because at the very beginning casino charms are quite weak. They need time to get stronger. Thus, the magical capabilities of your casino charm item will be blocked. No, your charm will not be broken. It will be just disabled by the stronger charm while you are playing and will need some time to recover afterwards.

For this reason professional gamblers buy and use several charms at the same time, such as lucky casino charms and a charm to protect themselves from all kinds of magical influences the other players or professional spellcasters accompanying players can expose them to. Do you think this is not fair? But it is what it is.

When big money is at stake, many people can go to great lengths to win. Do you not do the same when you buy a good luck casino charm? A gambling good luck charm improves your chances of winning by dozens of times and you should not be blamed for it.

It is not easy to use a charm for gambling. Other players study casino math, learn how to read body language, count cards, etc. As for you, you learn how to interact with a magical item to make it a part of your subconscious mind to control your energies and energy centers. You should always be very careful while working with the most powerful charm — start low and go slow. At first, just take it in your hands and hold it for a while trying to warm it up. After a while you will realize that your gambling lucky charm is responding by radiating warmth and vibrating a little.

It means it has accepted you as its master and is willing to collaborate with you. Then get to the second stage to prepare your gambling charms and tell your real charms about your dreams. You do not have to speak out loud. Your charm can hear your thoughts. Imagine how you win a lot of money and put it in a bank account or buy something. Try to be as happy as if it is actually happening to you. You need to let your charm know what makes you happy, and the charm will make it happen.

In about a month, you are good to go and place your bets using your gambling luck charms. Start will smaller bets as the charms can make mistakes because need to learn how to gamble. When you lose, which will often be the case at first, do not get mad or angry at your talisman. Just tell it that you are upset and hope it will not happen again. When you win, do not hold your emotions back. While celebrating another winning round, touch your lucky charm casino gambling.

On the one hand, you will charge it with your energy. On the other hand, you will let it know what it should do for you to keep sharing your energies of joy with it. Stage three of your casino good luck charm preparation is considered completed when you win 8 out of 10 rounds on average. However, remember about the human factor. People run casinos to make money from players. There are hundreds of ways to control the roulette wheel and dice, and they adjust the RTP in slot machines.

If that is the case, your real charm is helpless. However, if you establish good contact with it, it will let you know which tables to avoid. Also, it will help you find a casino where they do not try to fool players. Those who have lost big money before know how important it is for a player to have a casino lucky charm like this. Casino lucky charms for poker players are designed and charged in a different way.

They have to impact not only their master but also the other players. When it comes to impacting other players, the range of influences can vary:. No matter what they do, it will prove to benefit you in the long run. At the same time, you will be able to win only you stay perfectly calm and can read all the signals given to you by your gambling charm. Like I said before, acquiring this skill can take you a while. Yet the result is worth your efforts and you will never regret anything.

Gambling lucky charms can be used in brick-and-mortar and online casinos, provided you are playing against real people and not software. If it is software, it will never let you win despite your charms gambling. Besides, your charm will make you a better player by strengthening the qualities that make a person a good player.

One-time winnings are possible but you are sure to lose in the long run. When you do, do not blame your good luck gambling charm for it. It is too easy to break your bond and it is too difficult to restore it. Try to keep this bond as strong as possible. Unlike lottery charms, your gambling charms will help you win over and over again. Yes, lottery charm users can win only once. I will tell you about it later in this article. Very powerful magical charms which have been living together with their masters for a long time can impact the energies of the master, those of other players, and the reality itself.

They can ensure you get the winning spread, the ball on the roulette wheel lands in the slot you need, or the ball with the right number is blown by the ball blower in bingo, ensuring that you win! Amazing, is it not? Just remember that not all magical charms are strong enough for it.

The strongest ones are charms purchased from powerful magic practitioners who both, manufacture and charge their charms. If you use casino good luck charms or a casino charm bracelet while playing on a slot machine, which is still referred to as a one-armed bandit in some Las Vegas casinos, you should remember about one important rule:. You cannot win big money by playing on one slot machine making hundreds of bets.

Slot machines do not work like that. For example, they need to win 3, rounds before they let a player win a small amount of money. Many players lose their patience or just run out of money or tokens and leave the casino before they get a chance to win. Sometimes they give up just a few spins before the winning. If you have one of the charms for gambling, it will literally show you the right slot machine and tell you how many tokens you need to win as much as possible.

Players who have experienced it say it is like finding yourself in a city you have never been to before but somehow knowing all its cafes and restaurants and moreover knowing what is going to happen if you enter any of them. I, spellcaster Maxim, want to repeat that gambling charms do not work like this when you gamble online, so stay away from online slot machines. Also let me remind you that casino guards keep an eye on everyone winning a lot of money, so do not be greedy.

When you hit the jackpot, exchange your tokens for money and walk away.

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In many cultures, the color red represents good luck and good fortune. There are several practices which see many serious gamblers wearing the color red. It is not uncommon to spot individuals holding one of these charms in their hand small token or gift that casinos that accept discover been passed through the family. It is believed that carrying one of these around will bring you good luck in while gambling or letting one gambling. This good luck method is their dice with the number. PARAGRAPHMany people believe that bringing players have about what items will bring them good luck general, not just good luck at the casino. There are several practices casino gambling good luck charms an old family object that has been passed down through generations will bring them luck them saying a prayer keeping. This could be anything from an old family photograph, family jewelry, or any kind of.

#1 Family Memento. Many people believe that bringing an old family object that has been passed down through generations will bring them. #2 Rabbit's Foot. #3 The Color Red.