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Casino fat cat games online 2 player friv

Casino fat cat

The thing is that Red Stag wants your business. By now you are probably wondering if Fat Cat slot is worth it. Only you can answer that question. In the meantime, we can tell you what to expect from this game. Maybe our review will be enough to encourage you to give it a try. With that said, let us get to it. Fat Cat is a rather quirky game aimed at gamblers with an affinity for felines. You do not actually have to be a cat lover to enjoy this game, but it certainly helps. It features a pair of frisky felines who, after the death of their master, inherited everything.

They are fat cats because they are suddenly wealthy. The setting for this game is a literal mountain of gold. You and your feline friends sit atop that mountain with bags of money surrounding you. Piles of coins and stacks of bills are also seen in the background. The foreground features a 5x3 reel set up bordered by gold rope. Overhead are a jet and helicopter, symbols that denote being part of the jet set.

Below the reels is the game's data center. You can see running totals of your balance, your current bet, how much you won on the previous spin, and so on. There are also buttons to click for the settings and homepage. You spin the reels by clicking the blue 'spin' button at the right side of the screen. One of the first things you notice about Fat Cat is how fast the reels move. In some games the reels are pretty slow to the point of being obnoxious.

Not here. These reels spin as fast as any other game we have seen. That adds a bit of entertainment value by giving the perception of a fast-paced game. Your lower paying symbols in Fat Cat are playing card symbols from 9 through Ace. They are presented as colored jewels set in a gold ring setting. Your high-paying symbols are the dollar sign, money bag, pile of money, Butler, and the two main characters: Kitty and Fat Cat. Let's just assume that Kitty and Fat are a couple. For the record, Butler is the name of the couple's butler.

He is also a dog. If you know anything about cats, this is quite fitting. Cats think they are superior to all other creatures on the planet - but especially dogs. The dollar sign is the scatter symbol that pays separate wins and triggers the games bonus feature.

Fat Cat himself is your wild symbol and he substitutes for all others except the scatter. If you land five Fat Cats on a single pay line during a standard spin, you win the big prize valued at 5, credits. Fat Cat offers you 20 pay lines that can be adjusted on any spin. Just click the 'line' arrow to adjust your spins up or down. Playing is as simple as determining your active pay lines, placing your bet, and spinning the reels. The game offers an auto spin feature if you don't want to repeatedly click the 'spin' button.

Fat Cat's bonus game is a picking game rather than a free spins opportunity. It is triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels during standard play. Once triggered, a new screen pops up, which presents you with eight dollar sign symbols. You pick one of the symbols to reveal the prize underneath. A prize can be anything from a few dollars to 1, times the amount you bet on the spin that triggered the bonus game.

You keep picking until you either reveal all eight or you choose the worthless symbol that ends the game and returns you to standard play. Fat Cat is an interesting pokies game with a somewhat unique theme and story line. The graphics, while cartoon-like, are of decent quality. That is probably fitting. Trying to develop a theme like independently wealthy cats being part of the jet set wouldn't work well with 3D, photo-realistic graphics.

It is just too ridiculous an idea. This cat is located on the roof of a cat food factory, which is called "Happy tom" and is a trademark of the factory. Map description: Main entrance 7 lead to a corridor, which goes around the elevator 1 , then it lead to a gambling-hall with various gaming machines.

Next, to come to these mashines you should go by the footsteps 8 , which are covered with a green carpet strip. The machines 3 are placed on the left and the right side. In the middle of the hall there are roulette wheels. At the end of the hall, a stage 5 is established, where you can go by the footsteps 4.

All this stuff is located inside of the cat's body. In the cat's head at the 6 level, is Fat Cat's room, which you can access by the elevator 1.

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