marketing for a casino

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Marketing for a casino casino primm nevada

Marketing for a casino

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The fourth ad copy is about offering advice from famous comedians who play poker and recommend this game. Finally, the fifth ad copy is all about attracting users with free rewards — chips are the most valued possession in poker games. This video ad is all about creating excitement, and that is achieved by using several different techniques.

What Playtika does really well with its social casino games is incorporating those recognizable slot machine visuals, but making them unique and exciting. In this video ad, you can see their Fairy Bliss slot machine which is full of unicorns, magic mushrooms, shiny crowns, and of course, lots of coins.

There are actually different slot machines from famous Las Vegas Strip casinos in the game. Sound is also important for casino video ads. You can hear the slot machine and coins, which is triggering for casino players. The key is to give the users the experience of being in one of those Las Vegas casinos — feeling that thrill without having to leave their home.

Each ad copy is designed to draw user attention and make them excited about the game. One technique is using attention-grabbing keywords that speak to casino players. You can also notice the strategic use of all caps and emojis. This makes winning a real possibility for users who are watching the ad — users can see themselves in those people.

Since Lucky Day is based on raffles, lotto, and scratch cards players, you can also see the gameplay in the ad — the person scratching the card on their phone. Another prominent feature of all Lucky Day video ads, including this one, is captions. The purpose of the captions is to draw attention to the ad as well as create intrigue and excitement.

This is a powerful call to action since real money is at stake. However, it is recommended that you create more than one ad copy for your video ads. Marketing a casino game is all about data. Getting a lot of installs for your casino game is one thing, but the tricky part is getting users to keep playing. Go ahead and make some changes and do some testing. Tweaking your game and optimizing the user acquisition strategy will improve user retention. As you might already assume, day 7 user retention is lower than day 1 retention for all game genres.

Retaining users after day 1 or day 7 is one thing, but retaining them after day 28 is a different beast. When it comes to casino games, players spend as much as 22 minutes per session! Top games from all other genres have ASL of 5 to 10 minutes. Casino games rule this metric. Put simply, this metric tells you how many monthly users play each day. Average revenue per paying user is another crucial mobile game metric. It has a direct influence on the revenue you earn from your casino game.

Top-performing casino games convert 0. What do you think is the most challenging part of marketing a casino game? Do you need any help? To stay in the loop with the most recent mobile game marketing trends, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter! Since till today, Udonis Inc. Want to know how we make it look so effortless? Mobile games.

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Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Disagree Agree. Notify of. Oldest Newest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Andrea Knezovic. User retention information comes from GameAnalytics report. Ready to maximize the return on your ad spend? Learn more about keyword research here. The content on your site can take many forms: landing pages, blog posts, videos, images, testimonials, etc. She or he is most likely looking beyond the casino floor and wants to know what else there is to do inside or around the casino.

The results seem to be more localized websites and blogs that list top activities in Las Vegas. Can you compete with them? First, you need to have your local content created in a form that Google would see as a good match for those keywords.

Over time your articles can begin to rank and show up for more generalized searches for individuals seeking local entertainment. Conversely, when you target the Gamer persona, you want to optimize your gaming landing pages and feature articles on your blog about game tips and strategies. How many slot machines are there on your gaming floor?

What are the titles of the top slot machines? What are the jackpots? This is a simplified example, but a good idea of the kind of analysis that needs to go into deciding what kind of strategy to implement on your website depending on your marketing goals and business objectives. Despite many of the recent Google updates, Backlinks remain a critical Google ranking factor.

In the study conducted by Backlinko analyzing 1 million Google search engine result pages , the findings showed that the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor. Having a robust backlink portfolio for your site is essential to increasing your Domain Ranking. The Domain Ranking is a metric that backlink tools, like Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer, and Majestic, assign a website based on its credibility and trustworthiness.

You can obtain Backlinks by reaching out to other industry-related sites and offering relevant content they would want to feature on their blog or website. Backlinks can also come from PR efforts, infographics and guest blogging. The highlighted words are a link to a casinos homepage. You can use the free backlink research tool called Open Site Explorer to view the Domain Authority rating for the Gulfstream Park Casino, or any other website on the web.

You can also compare the domain ratings of your top casino competitors. SEM stands for search engine marketing. Up to four SEM ads may appear on top of Google, giving paid text ads a prominent spotlight above organic links. Bing also has Bing Ads as their search engine marketing platform, which is integrated with Yahoo. But why invest in search engine marketing in the first place?

In fact, SEM aids SEO because through search ads you can start driving traffic to your website from the onset, getting valuable learnings and data insights. It is important that these two elements work together to maximize traffic potential and online conversions. What this means is that you set up your SEM campaigns to not only serve a precise location radius in different parts of the country, but these individuals also have to meet the targeting criteria through audience profiling, like demographics, interests, behavior, etc.

This allows for a very cost-effective campaign strategy that serves ads to individuals that are warm leads from the start. Track data for player club sign-ups and hotel bookings to create these audience personas and then craft highly-targeted, geo-focused, high-worth zip code campaigns that drive revenue and increase ROI.

Google Search Network shows your ad as a text search engine result. The alternative is to let Google Ads pick and choose where your ad will be placed. You can give Google certain keywords and topics related to your ad, and then Google Ad chooses relevant websites that they think your target audience will be visiting. A big advantage of using Google Display Network to market your casino is the reach. The cost-per-click CPC for display ads also tends to be cheaper than that of Search Network text ads.

Remember, getting found is only the first step in the marketing process. This can be incorporated into your marketing plan and directly acted upon within a shorter time span than traditional marketing efforts. These items also have tools you can use to measure results and success that can be clearly communicated to your team and stakeholders.

You can either use the tools we recommend on your own, or you can hire an agency or consultant to assist. It may be best to either get the necessary training to improve your skills or work with a partner that can take you from where you are to where you need to be.

If you are looking for a casino marketing agency with a proven success record, you can contact Alphametic here to request a free consultation. These are negative factors in your SEO ranking signals you want to avoid — search engines will start to suspect that your content is not relevant to the user and will lower your rankings. The Gamer wants to see your gaming floor, The Entertainment Seeker wants to see your upcoming events, The Business Executive wants to see your facilities to host a corporate retreat or a conference, etc.

Through a targeted content strategy, optimized landing pages, keyword mapping, usability testing, informative blogging, how-to guides, review management and more you can set up a marketing funnel that delights — and eventually converts. On average, the word count on top Google search results contains 1, words. Google consistently ranks long-form content over short-form content in search results. The first result that shows up in the Google answer box the white square with an image next to the content is a post with a list to help beginners work their way around a casino.

When you input this article into a Word Counter , you get a word count of The formula is simple: if you want to rank your casino website on the competitive gaming keywords, you need digital copywriting resources to create these long-form guides that stand the highest likelihood to appear on the top of Google. When content is carefully planned, optimized, and executed, casino brands benefit from a steady stream of organic traffic from Google for years to come.

Content creation is essential to SEO success, but often represents the biggest hurdle for businesses to scale. Consider expanding the content on your casino website to be more informative and not just be a list of your services, facilities, and promotions. Why is it worthwhile to focus on content marketing?

With a proper content strategy in place, you can reach a more targeted audience and generate more sales without making a huge dent in your marketing budget. If there seems to be a lot of interest, consider adding a bachelor party package deal and creating a landing page specific to that kind of event. This kind of content planning allows for a frustration-free navigation experience that serves the need of that customer down to a T.

To our surprise, there are many casino resort websites without a blog. While maintaining a vibrant blog can be a challenge operationally, businesses that have figured out how to publish frequent content are winning online. Make no mistake, marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI. At the core, your UX strategy should ensure that users find value in what you are providing to them.

Peter Morville represents this through his User Experience Honeycomb that can be applied to your casino marketing content game plan:. When you are evaluating how to improve your website — consider this: how does my site look? Is it easy to use? Could getting to this web page be simpler? Asking these questions will help identify and address the usability issues and give your visitors a better experience, and therefore a better impression, of your casino brand. Delighting your users is the step right before the most important phase — conversion.

Make these content elements part of your overall marketing plan to support your existing strategies and increase your organic reach. You can create a team internally to fulfill the needs of content creation, usability implementation, and user behavior research.

It is useful to get an initial audit in all these areas to see where you stand in terms of content production, usability and content strategy. Lead them to the hotel booking page to generate online sales. Navigate a user to the directions page, turn that online traffic into foot traffic and evaluate the lifetime value of that customer using conversion funnels.

The funnel illustrates the gradual decline of the number of potential customers as they are guided through the conversion path. Conversion funnels are useful tools in ensuring the effectiveness of your content strategies. This funnel takes them from research, to interest in your program, straight to a conversion once you give them a booking offer.

They can be as simple or as complicated as necessary, but you need funnels to engineer user flows on your website. In order to do that, you need data that follows the user from online to offline. These are some typical casino buyer conversions that your funnels could lead too:. Hotel Bookings — this is one of the most essential tags as the customer is guaranteed to visit your resort. An effective conversion funnel for the hotel booking will make it easy for the user to choose the room, number of nights, and pay with various secured payment methods.

The checkout process must be mobile, secure, fast and user-centric. Use the Ecommerce tag to track hotel bookings in Google Analytics. Note that some customers prefer to book their stay over the phone, so you may want to use call tracking software, such as Marchex. Loyalty Programs Sign-Ups — you also want to grow your player database by acquiring new memberships for your loyalty program.

Newsletter Sign-Ups — A website user who signs up for your resort newsletter indicates a high interest in your brand and willingness to stay connected. Consistently create and publish new content on your blog and main website to grow your email newsletter list. You can use inbound marketing strategies and automation to funnel users coming through various landing pages to create tight-night marketing segments and email autoresponders to build your sales funnels.

Email automation tools, such as Hubspot , are useful at a more advanced level. Having a targeted SEM campaign including keywords with the intent to plan events in your local area is a way to funnel traffic to your hotel. Make it easy for them to request quotes, connect them with your sales team, and give them detailed information about your facilities. Have email templates ready for follow up once they request quotes to keep your leads warm and get an opportunity to pitch them your conference space.

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Casino Marketing and Results!

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Be generous. Complimentary rewards, often called “comps,” are a hallmark of. Invite them to events. Dig into demographic preferences.