epiphone casino elitist review

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Epiphone casino elitist review indian casinos in orange county ca

Epiphone casino elitist review

A finely crafted, great-sounding, and easy-playing instrument that beautifully blurs the line between Epiphone guitars and Gibson. Includes hardshell case. This is an instrument that approaches custom shop perfection. The Elite series are instruments that approach custom shop perfection. Your email address will not be published. Epiphone Elitist Casino Epiphone 0. Pros of Epiphone Elitist Casino Electric Guitar very light despite its size; the neck is so fast and slim, thin style, very comfortable; the perfect guitar for any rhythm guitarist; built sturdy, of the highest quality; great spacing and height at the nut; top drawer hardware and electronics; durable poly finish, quality neck inlays; very good action; the P90s are excellent pickups and cover a very broad musical range, quite versatile, except hard-rock of course; Gibson truss rod plate cover; awesome case.

Cons of Epiphone Elitist Casino Electric Guitar inaccessability of the upper register; it is impossible to go beyond the 18th fret. For more pictures of these musical instruments, click below on Page 2. Not a single sloppy thing about it. It just came down to something had to go to pay down another purchase and I wasn't that attached to it.

I've never played an elitist, so I can't compare apples to apples. But for marginally more than a MIC you can get a fantastic Peerless. Dashface Member. Messages 5, Definitely not gonna talk you down, sorry. Those Elitist guitars were fantastic. Messages 1, I didn't like the pickups on either, I thought they sounded kinda thin on both models, and I didn't want to get into changing parts.

I'd recommend playing one first, spend some time with it if possible. I liked both Casinos at first. Sweetwater sent me an e-mail that they got them in this week. I almost pulled the trigger with the zero interest deals they offer, but I got stuck on not being able to test it out in person and thinking that I might be better off getting a used Casino and installing my own upgrades.

It's silly but one factor was the poly finish. Redrum Member. Pickups are always a matter of taste, but you have to play them first and make your own judgement. Sweetwater has an easy return policy, so why not order one and play it for a while. If it doesn't do it for you, return it. These instruments are on a whole different level from the lower price point models most people typically associate Epiphone with. AlanH Member. I saw a MIC Wildkat in a store recently and was shocked by how cheap and toylike it looked compared to my beauty.

Given the lack of nitro I vote for the above suggestion of seeking out an outstanding example of a MIK Casino. Redrum said:. Messages 3, There is one on my CL. Not sure about the price though. I got a CS ES for not much more. Very cool looking. I like the natural finish.

Messages 10, The Elitist has a skinny neck, that's a deal breaker for me. Afraid I can't talk you down. I love Japanese guitars. Good ones are as high quality as anything and more consistent than most. You just have to be sure you're good with a fully hollow guitar. Controlling feedback on a loud stage can be challenging for some. I'll answer your question from another perspective. I owned a Elitist Casino at the same time I owned a long-neck Casino. The former was like a toy compared to the I only bought the Elitist because I wanted a short neck Casino.

It wasn't worth it. Granted, I wanted the whole raunchy "Lennon-thing" which the '68 dished out in spades. If you want to play to play with a ton of gain or something, then it probably doesn't matter which Casino you choose. If I still had a strong desire to get another Casino, I'd save up and get an old one, even if it had minor changes, breaks, etc. Bossanova Gold Supporting Member. Messages 7, DanielHillshafer said:.

Befuddled Member. At the risk of slightly derailing the thread, how common is the 1. Seems perfect to me op!


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The Casino's another matter. Really, my Korean-made Casino is good enough for what I do with it. But the way I've been blown away by the Elite Dot's quality has me wanting an Elitist Casino all the same. How is the Jazz tone on the Casino?

Try rolling the tone off on the neck pickup, how does it sound? I am forever in the market for a higher end replacement for my Artcore, and have been interested in the elite casino's for a while, as they're fully hollow, but still thinlines.

How does she sound with a sweet jazz sound and some of those minor modes? Thats a sweet guitar. Yeah aa bit pricy new. Could have at least included a bigsby, roller bridge, and graphtech nut. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Epiphone Casino Elite Review. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted July 17, Thnks to all for the help and comments during my buyer's dilemna! Link to post Share on other sites. Author Members. Posted July 18, Good luck with your LP search.

Johnny Sunshine 0 Posted July 18, Audiophile 0 Posted July 19, Posted July 19, Hey tommy nice purchase and review. Good luck! Did you buy new or used? If new where? Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Followers 0. Go to topic listing.

Sign In Sign Up. The Epiphone Casino Elitist is not a first-starter model, not even the lower-priced alternatives. The Casino shows what an Epiphone premium guitar can look like. That said, the Elitist Casino is a reissue of the original Epiphone Casino guitars of the decade.

The archtop part means the body is arched at the center. You can expect everything about it to be flawless and pack the highest quality Epiphone can muster. Even the hardware speaks of quality, from the Grover tuners to the TOM bridge. The Epiphone Elitist Casino has a fine craft that delivers an easy playing experience.

It even blurs the line between Epiphone and Gibson because, as I said, the Casino is an original Epiphone model. The factory uses plenty of hand-made processes while keeping mass-producing practices at a minimum. For example, it has a soft double-cutaway archtop body. The material of choice is a 5-ply laminated maple at the top, back, and sides. The guitar has spruce bracing to add a retro Vintage Sunburst paint job.

On top of that, the guitar has a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. It protects the paint job from decaying as well as the guitar from humidity and temperature changes. Additionally, it provides extra durability to the instrument. As for decorations, Epiphone uses Pearloid parallelogram fret inlays, plus the f-hole shapes on the body. Albeit the cheaper Epiphone Casino models are made in China, they still retain a high level of craft all across the board. Describing the sound of the Elitist Casino is hard.

It sounds like a hollow body guitar on its maximum potential. With American-made Gibson P coils, components, and electronics, the tone is rich in texture. However, it can play what the name implies it can play. Its extended versatility can extend the tonal signature towards alternative rock, indie, world music, bossa nova , punk, post-punk, and even pop.

Keep in mind Gibson invented these special tapers. Both carry the output power of a humbucker plus the texture of a humbucker. The controls are standard and easy to use, and yet responsive and versatile. You get two individual tone knobs as well as two individual volume knobs. These carry vintage-style gold metal pots. That means you can play live for long periods with the guitar without getting tired.

That makes it better for overall bending and solos, but still comfortable enough for general rhythm guitar. The asymmetrical D-shaped neck also helps with playing chords and complex rhythm lines. Moreover, the SlimTaper profile provides some extra weight relief on the neck.

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