the casino job movie trailer

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The casino job movie trailer las vegas casino dealer salary

The casino job movie trailer

Brooks originally did not want to direct himself and had wanted Bill Murray for the part of David Howard. Film critic Roger Ebert handed 4 off 4 stars calling it observant and very funny. Warner Home Video initially released the film on Betamax, VHS , and Laserdisc in and reissued it twice on video, in and Criterion released the Blu-ray on July 25, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Lost in America disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Albert Brooks Julie Hagerty. The Geffen Company. Release date. Running time. Criterion Collection. Retrieved February 24, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 10 August Retrieved 25 April Retrieved 4 March American Film Institute.

Retrieved 21 August Madam's shows always feature her bodacious nieces Susanna and Karen, who perform in everything from Style: erotic, cult film, psychotronic. Plot: hostess, lingerie, coitus , lesbian sex, rape , cleavage , no panties , lesbianism, female removes her clothes , rough sex, brothel, female full frontal nudity Home Before Midnight Duration: min. Story: A successful rock lyricist becomes romantically involved with a girl he picks up hitchhiking only to learn that she is only fourteen.

Her parents take action against him. Plot: hitchhiker, sex in car, sex in bed , fondling, blonde, scandal, breasts , female full frontal nudity , voyeurism , rock musician, scantily clad female , underage girl Also search: Once Upon a Time in America similar movies 8. Sins of Sister Lucia Country: Japan. Duration: 70 min. Story: Rumiko is a misbehaving girl who got caught stealing the cash her father had at home for bribes. Father would not accuse her of that, but when he caught her having sex with her English teacher, he was justified in sending her to a monastery, where Style: sexploitation film.

Plot: rape , coitus , lingerie, panties , voyeur , female nudity , scantily clad female , sex in bed , female removes her dress , sister sister relationship, nudity full frontal - brief , girl on girl Country: West Germany. Duration: 88 min. Story: Tis is the 8th part of series. Another story based on what real-life German teenagers schoolgirls of the day were up to Style: erotic, sex comedy. Plot: seduction, sex education, lust, female full frontal nudity , nipples visible through clothing , girl in panties , skinny dipping, coitus , vignette, peeping tom, white panties, blonde Caged Fury Country: Philippines.

Duration: 89 min. Story: At a hidden prison camp deep in the jungles of South East Asia, some devious Vietnamese commies are kidnapping beautiful women and brainwashing them into becoming subliminally-activated suicide bombers to further their evil aims abroad.

Plot: jungle, voyeurism , lust, women's prison, underwear, experiment, shooting, gunfight, blonde, torture, nipples , mad scientist Place: vietnam. Genre: Comedy, Drama. Duration: 86 min. Story: This is the last of the infamous German "Schoolgirl Report" movies. The story involves a bunch of teenagers and their teacher rehearsing "Romeo and Juliet" and discussing tales of modern love.

Plot: voyeurism , lust, female removes her clothes , black panties , breast suckling, schoolgirl, pubic hair , blonde, female full frontal nudity , voyeur , undressing, bikini School for Unclaimed Girls Story: A gold digging man seduces a widow for her money, and also makes a pass at her teenage Daughter, the Daughter plans a terrible revenge.

Style: rough, bleak, suspenseful, serious, realistic. Plot: school, prison life, teenage life, youth, life is a bitch, crime, gays and lesbians, crimes, chases and races, criminal heroes, confined, love and romance Time: 60s, 20th century. Place: england. Also search: Films like The Accused 7. Las Vegas Lady Duration: 87 min. A shadowy man is their contact and organizer. Each of the women could be a weak link in a Style: rough, suspenseful, realistic, serious.

Plot: casino , heist , trapeze, circus, gambling, survival, cons and scams, battles, disorder, strong female presence, crime gone awry, crimes The Stewardesses Story: A single eventful night in the lives of a crew of Los Angeles-based, trans-Pacific stewardesses, as they experiment with drugs and engage in various sexual encounters. The Stewardesses is a Softcore 3-D film.

Produced on a budget of just over Plot: stewardess, blue panties, girl in panties , female full frontal nudity , scantily clad female , red panties, panties , cleavage , lesbianism, voyeur , nude girl, nudity full frontal - brief Female Prisoner: Caged! Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance. Duration: 68 min. Story: A young woman who escaped from prison is eventually captured and brought back.

The evil warden decides to make her a pet project and tries to break her down with torture, gang rape and by turning her friends against her. Plot: women's prison, girl in panties , sexual abuse, panties pulled down, red panties, no panties , lasciviousness, female removes her dress , misogynist, golden shower, superstition, prison Place: japan.

Passion's Obsession Genre: Crime, Romance, Thriller. Duration: 78 min. Story: Nicole, a female private detective, is hired by Angela Moore, a Hollywood talent agent, to locate a missing male model. The plot thickens when a ransom note is received by the police. Nicole uncovers the seamier side of Angela, the male model, and Plot: cunnilingus, breasts , coitus , blackmail, beretta, male nudity, seduction, no panties , sex in bed , female nudity , panties , private investigator Dirty Dealing 3D Story: A group of sexy casino dealers joins forces to try to save the sick child of one of their coworkers.

When their unscrupulous boss Michael Madsen refuses to get the insurance company to help and then reneges on a promise to help raise the money, Style: sentimental, tense, psychological, captivating, sexy Plot: heist , casino , gambling, cons and scams, dishonesty, leukemia, caper, single mother, sexual content, strong female presence, crimes, nudity full frontal - brief Time: 21st century, contemporary.

Place: las vegas , usa, nevada. Emmanuelle: Queen of Sados Country: Greece, Cyprus. Duration: 91 min. Story: After years of abuse at the hands of her husband, a woman, Emmanouella, is pushed to the breaking point. She hires a hitman to do in her husband, but just when she thinks her troubles are at an end, the assassin blackmails her. As her husband's Plot: rape and revenge, emmanuelle, voyeurism , rape , sexploitation, revenge, female nudity , wife murders husband, no panties , vulva, nipples visible through clothing , cunnilingus Place: cyprus.

Diary of Lust Genre: Drama, Romance. Duration: 84 min. Story: An esteemed sex researcher discovers a very old diary, with a number of strange and erotic secrets within. A Gothic-erotic tale of obsession. Plot: lesbian sex, skirt, adultery, lesbian, panties , lesbian kiss , casual sex, lust, castle, fondling, thong panties , mini skirt Frankie and Johnnie Were Lovers Duration: 76 min. Story: American folklore goes nutty and smutty with Frankie and Johnnie Were Lovers, and, "Oh Lordy, how they could love!

Style: erotic, tragicomedy. Plot: fondling, cunnilingus, voyeurism , woman in bathtub, cleavage , white panties, singer, female removes her clothes , nipples visible through clothing , bare breasts , panties , erotica Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance. Duration: 79 min. Plot: sex education, schoolgirl, voyeur , panties , panties pulled down, lust, pink panties , fondling, rape , female in shower, female removes her clothes , voyeurism Girls Of The White Orchid Duration: 96 min.

Story: In Los Angeles, naive and lonely waitress and aspirant singer Carol finds an advertisement for a job opportunity in Tokyo. Traveling to Japan to work at the White Orchid nightclub, she discovers the scheme of prostitution in the club that belongs to Plot: prostitution, passport, yakuza, aspiring singer, job interview, newsstand, women's prison, singer, women in prison, coercion, desperation, sex trafficking Place: tokyo, japan.

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