spider-man 2 movie game

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Spider-man 2 movie game

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The swinging feels great and gameplay is fun. It's a surprisingly spectacular game considering it is a movie tie in. I like this game because you can explore more then the movie. You can also climb the statue of liberty and jump off the empire state building!

I don't like it because on the game once you hit the water you die! I mean who in the right mind would really think that a super hero like spider man dose not even know how to SWIM! I got this game because I know what the movie is like so I did. I hope I have helped you with what you were looking for. One of the few sandbox games for the Game-Cube where you don't play a member of a crime organization and spend most of the time steeling cars or committing murder or some other time of felony.

In this game you do the opposite, you spend most of the time stopping Car thefts, muggings, robberies, etc. And instead of using cars, you web-swing all over the place, flying above the citizens and jumping from building to building to get where you want to go. The combat system could be a little more intuitive and the missions are a little bland, but overall a good "good-guy sandbox". I bought this game for two things: 1 the momentum swinging mechanics 2 the pizza theme. Spider-Man 2 Nintendo GameCube, 4.

Disc s and case show moderate signs of wear and tear. May be missing game manual or other inserts. All items include the original case and outer artwork. If applicable, slipcover may not be included. All items ship Mon-Fri.

You get to swing, leap, and run through a living metropolis, complete with traffic and pedestrians who also chat and crack jokes while finding plenty of upgrades and crime to fight. You can challenge friends and family members to a competition by taking turns, or set up a second console to play your own version at the same time. Slip these games into your Nintendo GameCube consoles and follow the story missions, or explore the city to stop minor villains like Mysterio.

Some of your old favorite characters, such as the sinister Mysterio and the mad, evil scientist Lizard, make an appearance in this version of the Spider-Man 2 game for GameCube alongside the main villain from the videos and games. Some graphics from the first episode of this game also appear from time to time, tying the storyline and theme of the games together for players who like to swing through the city with a sense of familiarity from game to game.

You can also slow down the speed of the action when your Spidey senses start tingling, letting you take advantage of heightened reflexes and senses. Additional Product Features Number of Players. Black Label ,20 RUB. One of the best super hero games of it's generation I love spider-man and this is honestly one of the best spider-man games out there. Nice Good Guy SandBox One of the few sandbox games for the Game-Cube where you don't play a member of a crime organization and spend most of the time steeling cars or committing murder or some other time of felony.

Metroid: Samus Returns 3DS, 4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch, 4. In his appearance, Fisk and Miles came to verbal blows. The encounter concluded with Fisk promising "Harlem hasn't seen the last of me" and other Scooby-Doo villain esque statements. Assuming his promise can be trusted, Fisk could become a personal foe for Miles in the sequel.

It becomes increasingly clear that Norman is spiraling into madness. The vast amounts of wealth and lab technology he has access to allow him to pursue more extreme measures to help his son. When MJ sneaks into his lab, she also discovers a prototype mask, blueprints for a hovercraft, and three purple grenades. The signs are clear as day that Norman is developing the Green Goblin persona, his hoverboard, and his signature Pumpkin Bombs. In the first game's conclusion, Harry is in critical condition, prompting his father to place him in a stasis chamber.

A black, web-like substance is seen encasing his body. The black goo is extremely similar to the symbiote fans have seen in the Spider-Man comics and films. With a Venom movie sequel in the works, it makes sense to capitalize on that interest by making him a primary villain in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

When we revisited the plot thread plot web? His brief appearance almost definitely sets him up for a larger role in the sequel. From the blood sample found in the first game, it seems that Connors has already transformed into the Lizard once, he'll likely return to his supervillain persona in the next game. There are leaks up the wazoo for Spider-Man 2 , hinting at new playable characters.

One prominent leak was initially shared on 4Chan then reposted to Reddit. At least that's the current plan. The four characters are already written into the game's script, so they'll be available no matter how development goes. However, their playability is allegedly dependant on if Insomniac can get the characters to perform properly. Another Reddit post suggests something different. The post says that in addition to Peter, there will only be two playable characters: Knight Spider and Purple Bat.

Knight Spider is supposedly code for Miles, while Purple Bat is an unknown entity. The third character will allegedly use lethal attacks like actual guns. Danny Paez and Just Lunning.


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