playstation 2 games compatible with playstation 3

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Playstation 2 games compatible with playstation 3

Working perfect but with frame drop in large ambients with a lot of lights and framedrop on some cutscenes, but completely playable. Bug in the game menu, causing graphics to weirdly warp. You cannot progress past the boss rush in Mission 18 due to the fact that you are unable to select the pillars of Nevan, Cerberus and Gigapede, rendering the game unbeatable. Use config to fix all freezes. Screen turns black on crossfades and while using shot meter. Shot meter is still visible.

If you leave the game paused for more than 1 or 2 minutes it will freeze, though it happens rarely. Use 'Tony hawk' config file to fix small texture issues and random freezing. US blackscreens and seems to freeze after the first level loads.

You can still use XMB to exit the game but you wont see it on screen. Use custom config to fix black screen at start. You can mod the soundtrack as PS2 ver. All versions has small framedrops in the superattacks. Like BT3, the widescreen patch fixes the issue, however player 2's character portrait appears bugged. Very minor problem, an small line appears under the energy bars. Issues seem to be fixed when using the widescreen patch. Very minor problem: an small line appears under the energy bars.

Framedrop in fights caused by audio fixed by repacking the. Game works perfectly but doesn't display board spaces, changing the emulator settings might solve this. Gets up to the level: Coming Of Age, after playing as Melman you cannot proceed any further. If you try to skip the cutscene it will freeze the game, if you wait until the cutscene is over then Gloria will run into blue hell, this doesn't stop. In the two Versions: In the Second Mission, the police car always crash, making impossible to follow it, so it is impossible to complete the mission.

Very very sad :. The main character's idle animation has a glitch which causes the character's upper body to go back and forth, the game also suffers from performance issues. Little graphical glitches but nothing to worry about. Require custom config file to fix black screen at start. Require custom config file to fix black screen at start Emulator Configuration. Use same config as Dynasty Warriors 3 to fix black screen at start Emulator Configuration. Even though the game starts, you cannot play since the official servers are down.

The game doesn't detect your network adapter no matter what you try to do. Must have memory card assigned or game won't start past splash screen. Once in-game, framerate drops and shadow flicker. Doesn't work on HEN systems. Distant backgound textures are messed up on some tracks, like horizon in Monaco. Nothing major. Game fully playable.

Confirmation sound has slight glitch. Some stuttering during gameplay. US version works fine besides confirmation sound glitch. Very laggy on PAL version. Work fine, use custom config to remove horizontal lines. Graphic issues with Spiky Polygons. Custom Config fixes issue Emulator Configuration Noise effect bugs on some levels and has this weird grid effect. No effect to gameplay. Start menus work fine, game starts with graphical issues and freezes after a few seconds during the opening scene, skipping the opening scene won't fix the issue, the game will still freeze, the sound will keep playing though.

Use config file to fix freeze at start. When using multiple players, game crashes on level completion. Would need a config made to fix. EU and US. Game will then play flawlessly after the first level. Above method may work to fix crash but for users who are still experienncing the crash you can Use PCSX2 to get past the stage using your PS3 save file and then go back export the save back to your PS3 file.

Though personally I haven't beaten the game, I have gotten to the second world with no issues at all. Hope this last method works for you. Game crashes on third FMV sequence during the beginning forcing you to hard boot your system. If the game does manage to go past the FMV, it can be played for awhile. However, if you exit the game or reboot it, it'll give out a message that a disc in not inserted. Require assigned memory card before launch, and there is a bug at "swamp" when you can't go down thru ladder.

White over blending ingame. Emulator Unofficial Configuration. Tested with English patch. Minor screen jumps on car selection, not really noticeable. Scanlines are offset and make the HUD text appear slightly buggy. Screen jumps at certian parts of the tracks, such as Tokyo R, after that resumes to normal. PAL Version tested. Config needed to fix the freeze on the licence menu. Game freezes after seconds in the arcade mode track selection, during the opening intro intro could be turned off in the settings and during the ending movie after completing the GT World Championship skip it otherwise you will have to repeat the race.

Change brightness to 0 in the display settings to fix the majority of the screen shaking problems, although some are still present. They are dependent on some kind of camera positioning most noticeable on the car selection screen, licence pass screen or the IB-4 licence menu. Short term frame rate drops possible, but not heavily affecting the gameplay. Ghost cars are not transparent.

This works if it is widescreen patched, an installer is created and it's then installed, however, it has slowdowns and these are better in the US version than the PAL version. Use config to fix horizontal black line on character sprites. Some minor texture flickering and fps drops on rare occasions.

USA version tends freeze before the intro starts, so just keep resetting until it starts, no problems otherwise. Use tony hawk config file to fix major graphical glitches and freezing. There are still some minor gliches during FMV, but game seems playable. Tested 6 songs from carrier only, using Dual shock 3.

Use Tony Hawk config to fix major graphical glitches. However there are still some texture issues, but it is not that important Emulator Configuration. Some graphic glitches mainly on the exterior of the pitch and sometimes on characters but playable. PAL: Contains 3 modes. It works perfect as a PS2 Classic. Use Freedom Fighter config to fix freeze. Loud static noise during some cutscenes, low frame-rate when playing in well lighted areas, some performance issues.

Use config file, or ps3 turn off itself after selecting track. Black screen after logos. Requires patched emu to even boot into logos. Lag, stutters, and out of sync audio. Severe lag when collecting orbs vif issue. If you go into the Gardens it is advised that you turn the camera away from the plants to prevent lag This game was also released on PS3 as "The Jak and Daxter Trilogy". It's the same case with Jak II, textures are snowy.

GX config not work. Use this config to fix freezing on save screen. Emulator Configuration US Greatest Hits version reduces game slowdown slightly and fixes save issue compared to regular version. Game will freeze on certain cutscenes but otherwise, fully playable.

Noticeable slowdown during gameplay for a few seconds when boost ramps are on screen, but it smooths out soon after. Managunz speedhack can reduce slowdown duration a bit. USB mic does not work. The first time booting you must cancel the save and then save from the options menu, if you press OK the game will return to the same screen. Game can do a loud beeping noises after certain save rooms, but it will go away eventually. Otherwise game is fully playable.

Require custom config file to fix Hostile Program Boss issue. All versions demonstrate lag on title screen. PAL 60Hz mode lags and slows the screen down, setting to 50Hz seems to fix the issue, but it will still give minor shakes occasionally. Minor graphical glitches with mirrors in "Labyrinth of Memories" stage, and occasional audio bugs. Use config to bypass title screen lockup US version only.

Use config to fix bugged Sugoroku minigame. Doesn't display ingame videos. Sound volume too low during gameplay, incorrect mix volume Police sirens and crashes sound too loud, engine sounds inaudible. Solid framerate. In first tomb where you must get dark reaver, one moving puzzle object is graphically missing. Impossible to clear game. Textures flickering can be fixed using config file PAL only for now.

Works fine, textures flickering can be fixed using config link. PAL has minor issues with some texture effects; certain flashes have the wrong color, otherwise plays perfect to completion and features a 60Hz mode tested on Rebug 4.

NTSC version untested. The Game always freezes on the last cutscene of the first stage and sometimes when quickly moving back and forth between areas. Works fine, but it runs faster than it should. EU version: black screen, could be just a bad rip though. Use config file to fix many freezing problems.

PAL version randomly freezes. Game freezes at the loading screen when trying to play Versus Mode and Story Mode. Both have been also tested with config files. Game loads to main menu and selection screens. When starting PaRappa game, the controls become unresponsive and the game will not start. PS button still works to quit the game. When loading the Ape Escape game, it crashes after the opening cinematic. Black screen, non-responsive - Hard reboot required.

PAL version have graphical glitches during cutscenes and framerate is unstable. US works fine, has extremely minor texture glitch during cutscenes at bottom of screen. Text boxes get overlapped by foreground sprites. US version plays fine, but lags in graphically intensive scenes. Use config file to bypass black screen freeze after intro sequence. And to fix stuck in trees and fake pits.

Use config file to fix Metal Slug 6 boot problem. Other CONFIG files MS6 boots normally but during gameplay occured random freezes between levels when screen turns black to load the next level and controller stopped working during gameplay at random intervals. City champ may not appear after defeating all other racers in New York. Makes it impossible to progress the game. This is a bug in the game itself, not an emulation issue. Some games will trigger a data loss warning on startup then show a black screen, but the game is still on and reacts to input, rendering most of them unplayable.

Side note when you quit those games, a different one is selected when you return to the main menu. Maybe game bugs out in emu and tries to load the wrong game. Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon Kidou Senshi Gundam: Renpou vs. Zeon DX. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Z Gundam. Maybe possible to emulate disc swap with config. Has some fps drops in fights with detailed sceneries same as MKD.

Works without any issues besides that. PAL set to 60hz mode improves framerates and Progressive Scan improves upon it even further. Some fps drop in very detailed sceneries, although is still playable. Main menu sometimes has blacked out options but still works fine and can select things no problem When running on ISO.

All character models are invisible, only their shadows can be seen. Does have some small framedrops in detailed areas. M-bit related. All the games included works flawlessly, with the Arrangement and Originals seem to run at full speed. Use config to dramtically improve frame rate and fix potential PS3 shutdown. Minor "stopping" effect in races.

Possible lock on first loading screen. Use config to fix all slowdown lags. Possible crash when saving data unsure if config fixes this. Just like the normal version of Most Wanted the game tends to drop frame-rate in certain areas for a short time, disabling Smoothing seems to fix the issue on Non-BC Consoles, BC Consoles plays flawlessly even with Smoothing Enabled.

As of now, no config file exists to fix this. The game is playable, but It's like the same case with Nicktoons Unite! You will be able to play the game but a lot of textures from the game are missing, like texts, menus, or even characters. Notable graphical glitches and fps drops in some areas with many enemies. Oddly enough, it happens very rarely and it goes away when the enemies are killed. Small issue with memory card, and start screen.

Letters looks like some of them are refreshing itself. Some levels have textures and models that seem to occasionally phase out of existence but its only level pieces and its not too major nor an impact on gameplay. Use config that disables depth of field blur effect to improve frame rate. Minor slowdown when lots of characters are on screen. Minor textures flickering during in-game cutscenes. Use config to fix blackscreen after intro.

Some flickering and framerate drops during cutscenes, audio tends to get out of sync in cutscenes because of this. Framerate issues on final boss too. Use config to skip freezing FMV sequences. Character voices in cutscenes loop and are very distracting.

Game speed is normal. Unplayable on gxemu - hangs on vehicle selection. Runs fine but can't reach full 60fps. Progressive Scan may help. Slowdown at the start of a race on some stages, but the moment the light goes green, it becomes completely stable and fixes itself.

Player tank is not drawn, only the shadow under. While issue seems to be minor, we can't fix it without using command 0x12 game draw tank using VU0 with mbit, require precise timing. Slight Graphic issue with Playstation Logo staying at bottom of screen. Rare 2 second pauses on screen transitions. There's no widescreen patch for this, however, the game has black bars at the top and bottom which seem to assume you'll use the Wide Zoom feature on your TV.

The game looks quite good in Wide Zoom. In PAL version: After played a level, if you go to the legends room there will be a noticeable frame rate. For the rest Game works flawlessy! Lots of screen stuttering, bouts of lag in matches, and several menu graphics such as text and fighter select portraits do not load.

Low frame rates still exist. Game doesn't work, freezes after loading the option file, don't know why it's considered playable. In Japan known as Zero: Akai Chou. Use custom config to fix texture problems Emulator Configuration. Use config to fix minor textures glitch. Config file fix black screen after PS2 logo. This is actually a compilation of three Rampage games. It grey screens after ps2 logo, holding the cross button whilst starting gets past this problem.

Widescreen patching it also widescreen patches Rampage and Rampage World Tour, which suggests these are native PS2 ports of both these games rather than them being run in emulation on PS2. A very minor issue in water flickering occurs in "Home Stink Home" and few other places but besides that game fully playable. Revised by CodedXtreme. Note: The PS3 version suffers from some framerate issues and other small bugs, so beware. Overall there's a little more slowdowns than the PS2 versions, but much faster loading times.

Seldom texture glitching. Dont worry about earrape audio, its the same as on the real PS2. Use custom config to fix black screen freeze after PlayStation 2 logo. Emulator Configuration US kills tv signal when booted. Also known as Sakura Taisen V in Japan. Can be rebuilt into 2 DVD 5 if you wish. It's original DVD 9 format will also work though.

Slight sound lags at longer FMV-sequences, huge framedrops at Special Attack-sequences, but fully and fluently playable otherwise. There's a high chance of the game freezing during gameplay or when paused. It is playable with an optimal framerate. However, it can freeze at any random point.

Flashing lights due to lighting issues, A fix exists. Don't play this unpatched, it will cause nausea and dizziness with only a minute of gameplay. Surprisingly, SS6 plays flawlessly. Cutscenes tend to go silent or never have sound.

There's a weird noise during loading screens and they have spliced lines. The characters get distorted. It crashes your console, may also set your PS3's fan at a high rate. Clank doesn't walk forward properly. When you get to Fort Sprocket, there's a glitch where a robot falls through the floor, this makes the game unbeatable at this point issue only present on software BC apparently.

Graphic seems to be much better than on PS2. Very slow, and have some minor graphical problems. Minor texture problems, seems to be little bit slower than original. But playable. When changing game or emulated console sometime freeze can occur.

But when playing one game, then all games seems to be fully playable. Minor graphical issues, seems to be little bit slower that original. Setting game to p, make it work worse than in i. Minor graphical issues mainly on text elements but fully playable. Sometimes, game crashs with infinite black screen. PAL needs config.

Use config to fix analog stick freezing. In-game cutscene after Deep One first boss has a CGI flashback that will soft lock the console, as well as the intro video for Chicago after it ends, and the Las Vegas intro only a few seconds in..

This can be remedied by skipping the cutscene. Use config to fix chapter 4 freeze and improve frame rate. NTSC-J needs config. FMV Sequences will tend to stutter or stop playing sound. Game screen will start to shake and drop frames in large areas with too much NPCs.

Use config to fix missing character polygons and camera inaccuracies. It got a HD remastered featuring new voice acting. Phone call voice audio can occasionally hang or repeat. Slows a little bit down when opening a door sometimes. This is common in the game normally as the doors act as hidden load screens Some slowdown during therapy scenes.

Although this has a widescreen patch, the PAL version still doesn't look quite right in , however, there are black bars at the top and bottom which seem to assume you'll use Wide Zoom on your TV. If you display the widescreen patched version in Wide Zoom, it looks much better. More frequent slowdown compared to original release. Major slowdown on Mission 2 all 3 main characters due to the amount of cargo ships loaded at a time. Use Uniform Mode cheat for lower resolution to fix.

Can have some pretty noticeable texture issues at times incorrect colours etc. Game double buffer vsyncs to half fps all the time. Slow down in some areas where too many polygons in screen but seems to be fully playable. Sonic The Fighters which is also available standalone on PSN barely works, frame rate can drop to single figures, many graphical errors and the sound is all messed up.

Frame-rate on Sonic R is also noticeably slower, still playable though. Jerrick Leger. Lifewire Tech Review Board Member. He is also a systems administrator for an IT firm in Texas serving small businesses.

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Yes, all of them can play PS1 games, even the brand new slim models. Only a few of the old ones are able to play PS2 games. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Ask Question. Asked 8 years, 10 months ago. Active 29 days ago. Viewed 69k times. Improve this question.

Bryce Bryce 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges. There may be software emulation but I do believe that Sony has discontinued this. Regardless however, you will NOT have the hardware backwards compatibility you once did. Its a shame as I recently had my original PS3 cached into oblivion as well. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes.

Improve this answer. Not all earlier fat PS3 models can there are only a few models per Sony. See the Wikipedia entry on PS3 for the exact models. My wording wasn't clear, but I intended for the reader to look at the linked Wikipedia article to check their own model. Brant Steve Steve 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. If a memory card slot has already been created on the PS3, then to be used the player must assign a virtual slot on the device to use the card to save game progress.

As Sony releases new firmware this list may change and the current status of compatibility can be verified at the Sony backward compatibility database. The list can improve for the better as new firmware updates are issued by Sony but is current at the time of this writing. Lockup during Raki fight is game bug, not PS3 bug. Bugs Random virtual memory card save file corruption or complete loss.

Throughout the title, when a menu screen appears, various graphics randomly jitter. At various point throughout the title, the title does not recognize the internal memory card. Destroy All Humans! Throughout gameplay, various environment graphics intermittently appear corrupted.

The character has no shadow. During network gameplay, the user is randomly disconnected; throughout the title, when a screen change occurs, the title freezes for approximately 1 second. Corruption is generally a temporary problem and can easily be fixed with a reboot or a resave in a different save slot. Game hangs during full moon event in September but resumes after 20 minutes or so with no further problems. At various points during gameplay, the title may perform at a significantly slower than normal performance speed.

Throughout gameplay, various graphics appear corrupted. Throughout gameplay, the title runs at a significantly slower than normal performance speed. Does not unfreeze. Throughout game play, the enemies do not attack as intended.

Cannot advance past this point. Hangs when starting with Xiaoyu. WWE SmackDown vs. WWF SmackDown! This can be passed by ejecting the disk immediately when the loading scene starts; the music will pause, then reinsert the disk. Passive in game freeze point occurs in Ch. Eject the disk during the battle to bypass this freeze, and reinsert it to load the jump, repeating as this happens multiple times during the battle.

Your email address will not be published. Let us know what you have to say:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Is thier a way to play ps2 gmaes on it? Wish you where still able to play ps2. Great memories playing rachet and clanks, james bond nightfire, simpsons hit and run and ssx.

I think ps3 and ps2 both sucks because after cracking my ps2 it still does not play many titles and ps3 problems u all knows very well. What do you guys think? I learned this horrible fact years ago. In Europe the only PS2 backwards compatible version was the original 60gb model, and even that had the stated crappy emulation software instead of real hardware like first gen US models.

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How to Play PS2 Games on PS3! (Tutorial)

Need for Speed: Underground. The Fast and the Furious:. All of these should be located on the root of. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. Cutscenes are not skip-able forcing. Choose "Off" if the game firmware packages. See Jailbreak a PS3 for fixed in the Greatest Hits 3 if you can handle. You can start the downloads from the purchase confirmation page, load the game and it redeeming a gift card. You won't actually be playing common game manager for jailbroken than on the 60GB; as. Template:No - Game will hang.

However, all PlayStation 3 models can play some PlayStation 1 games via physical discs. This is accomplished entirely via software emulation. This is a list of downloadable PlayStation 2 games that are purchasable from the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 video game console. There are Because the newer PS3 models can't play PS2 games, used 20GB and 60GB PS3 consoles often cost more than a brand new PS3 Slim. Now that Sony has closed the PlayStation 3 store, you can't even download old PS2 games on the PS3.