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Populous 2 pc game

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Populous II is considerably more versatile and has a great deal more "divine intervention" effects than the original game. Populous would only bestow eight powers on the player but the sequel, Populous II has twenty-nine 30 in PC version. These are sub-divided into six categories of effect: earth, water, wind, fire, plants and people.

The six categories are linked to a global "manna meter" which needs to be filled to a certain level to enable specific powers for usage. Manna is generated by population existing over time - the larger the population, the more manna is generated. Use of a power will deplete a set amount of manna and repeated use of the more devastating powers will empty the manna reservoir.

Similar to the "knight" effect in Populous , each effect category includes a " hero ", allowing the player to transform his or her leader into one of six legendary figures in Greek mythology who will wander around the map attacking enemies or perform some other nefarious act. This was usually seen as a cue to hurry up and complete the map because the monsters were indestructible and were indiscriminate in who they killed.

Upon the successful completion of a map, the player will be awarded between one and five small experience points depending on scale of victory, number and types of powers used and length of battle which can then be used to boost capabilities in any of the six categories. This will improve accuracy and duration of powers and reduce the amount of manna needed to activate abilities.

The game features maps and the player would advance to the next map depending on performance in the battle - an exceptional performance would allow the player to skip several maps; a more unsatisfying performance would bring the player no farther than three or fewer maps. One of the effects in the plants category is a deadly fungus that is planted on the ground, changing its shape and killing anyone who steps on it. Although the manual does not explain how it grows, it is easy to see that its shape changing obeys the rules of Conway's Game of Life.

Greek and Celtic mythology, as well as the Bible , were used as references for Populous II's effects. To maintain a user-friendly UI despite the amount of icons, The One states that "the team is optimising the distance between the icons so that the most used should be closest to the edge of the screen and it should take the smallest amount of time possible to move from item to item.

Powermonger taught us about databases and design and Populous taught us how to program". I think that, in general, game music is underplayed What we're going to try to do with the in-game music for Populous II is make it more informative, so as the action starts speeding up, the music starts changing tempo with it. We'll have to slow it down. Computer Gaming World in stated that " Populous II is an elaborate program that is instantly absorbing and addictive", [3] and later named it one of the year's best strategy games.

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European cover art by David John Rowe [1]. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. February Box Equals Art. This is the sequel to the original Populous also created by Bullfrog and published by EA. Populous II takes place on a backdrop of Greek Mythology. Battling across multiple maps, you will have to amass followers and become strong enough to defeat the gods. Much like the first one, you need to alter the landscape to make it more livable for your followers and allow them to build and multiply.

You can also endow one of your followers with the power of the gods and have them do your bidding. Populous II features maps, though particularly successful victories will allow you to skip over certain maps. Just as successful as the first, Populous II won several awards and high scores. If you want to feel like a god, try your hand at this. Review by: Tasha Published: 31 July pm. Would you like to add your comment or game review?


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Let's Play Populous: The Beginning - 1. The Journey Begins

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Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods is a strategy video game in the Populous series for the Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS-based computers, developed by Bullfrog Productions. Populous II is a direct sequel to Bullfrog's earlier game Populous. While Populous 1 is a milestone and a classic of its own, Populous 2 is in every aspect the better game. Higher resolutions, better graphics, better defined. Populous 2 continues the "god game" genre pioneered by Bullfrog's classic Populous. In Populous 2 - Two Tribes, you're an unproven immortal who must fight your way through an entire pantheon of Greek gods, each with his or her own strategy and attacks, and ultimately enter into a showdown with Zeus himself.