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Playstation 2 car games free download

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All our free car games may be used on websites and blogs without our permission as long as they are not altered in any way. Top 1. We look at the 1. Sony's console. IGN Cars don't wanna be left out. However, we had a bit of a hard time racking our brains trying to figure out what subject would be worthy of a "Top 1. Thoughts of "Top 1. Cars with Fins" and "Top 1.

Hood Ornaments" features danced through our heads. Now is the perfect time to expand your library of racing games for the PS2. Playstation 2 racing games free download - Bang Bang Racing: A fun and simple racing game missing online multiplayer, and much more programs. Car games free download - Need For Speed World 1. Visit PlayStation Store to download the latest games. PlayStation 2 Games Finder. Then it hit us: why not do a "Top 1. Racing Games" feature? We know a thing or two about games here at IGN, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

With all the systems and games out there, we couldn't possibly narrow the field to just 1. So we decided to look at the Top 1. We're starting off today by running the Top 1. Racing Games of the Play. Station 2. Why Play. Station 2? Because it's easy to do, that's why. Besides, with new consoles on the horizon, many of these top- shelf titles can be had for cheap. Here's how we broke this feature down: We went through IGN's archives and looked at all the scores awarded to every PS2 racing game.

We narrowed the field down to the top 1. We noticed that certain franchises had more than one title on the list, which makes for a boring feature. As such, we are only allowing one game per franchise to have a spot on our list. If other games in the same franchise also scored well, we gave them an "Honorable Mention".

Seems simple, right? Well, it is. Racing Games - PS2 Edition. Number 1. Eout Fusion. Wipeout was one of the first titles that could be described as "revolutionary". And with that computational power, a new era of driving games arrived. Happy birthday, PS2, thanks for all the memories. With more than cars and 51 tracks there was much more variety compared to A-Spec , and alongside a superb selection of fictional street tracks from New York to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris, there was also the Japanese cult favourite of Tsukuba and the mighty Nurburgring Nordschliefe.

It was also the first to gain some semblance of online multiplayer albeit only in Japan , something that would become a core part of the franchise in with Gran Turismo Sport. However, there was one good reason to persist with the racing: it earned you the credits needed to take advantage of its awesome customisation options. The cel-shaded graphics also imparted an anime aura to the whole thing, and made it more than just another ho-hum racing game. We hated the actual driving, but we sure loved the rest of the Auto Modellista experience.

Being a fairly obscure Playstation exclusive, not many will remember this one. Those that do, however, will know that Enthusia came remarkably close to offering a Gran Turismo-beating driving simulator experience. With a Japan-centric car lineup and a surprisingly accurate physics model, Enthusia was definitely one for serious driving enthusiasts. Cars behaved realistically and challenging dynamic traits like lift-off oversteer were simulated faithfully. Read our review.

The storyline and career progression mechanics were a bit unusual, but as a realistic racing game Enthusia was one of the best on the PS2 platform. From dense rainforest to sandy beaches, TDU straddled the line between an open-world racing game and The Sims ; with players able to buy houses to store their cars, and visit each individual dealership throughout the island to purchase new vehicles.

It was truly a game to get lost in, with just as much entertainment to be found in exploring and cruising the island under the speed limit as you would in challenging other real-life online players in free-roam. This was the game we looked forward to getting home and firing up after school back in While Need For Speed: Most Wanted lost much of its one-track focused street racing appeal, Most Wanted was a grimier narrative that blended much of the beloved car customisation established in the Underground series, and re-introduced the signature police chase mechanics of the original Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

Big, bright graphics, fast-paced racing and one of the best game soundtracks of its era, Fusion was huge fun. And, being a Playstation exclusive, it was one that could be only enjoyed on the PS2. Did you read Speed Magazine and go to Autosalon shows around the turn of the century? Well imagine if that scene of sex-spec chrome wheels, neon lights and gratuitously scantily-clad women was put into a video game. The game starts with your character and car selection… in a nightclub, because of course it does.

The gameplay was horrid and the visuals laughable, but you could modify your chosen car down to the side mirrors and steering wheel. And if you were plugged into the burgeoning internet-tuner scene, Hot Import Nights was the name to know in global modified car shows, and gave us a taste of the US sport-compact scene over here in Australia.

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Via the GT Universe, players start from the bottom and race to earn money, unlock cars and courses, buy and sell cars and upgrade parts while competing in more than various championship races. GT Online Mode? Features head-to-head racing for up to six players per race. Chat functionality and in-depth menu screens for the ability to build communities to interact about automotive topics.

GT Arcade Mode - Players compete against each other or the artificial intelligence with select cars on select courses. GT Photo Mode? Players can travel around the globe with their car s and conduct photo sessions in various popular locations that include Piazza San Marco, Shibuya, Tsumago, Sagano and more. Once the photo is taken in the game, the player can save it to their memory card and have the option to share with friends or print out a color copy via a USB Printer.

Get a job on the hit TV series American Chopper. Here's your chance to ride the bikes built by the Teutuls and featured on American Chopper. Choose from the P. But there's more -- you'll be sent on missions to create your very own original themed chopper that will rival those by Paul Sr.

Experience first-hand all of the hard work, drama and thrill of creating one of the most beautiful bikes on the road today. Ride seven custom choppers from the hit Discovery Channel TV series. Customize your forks, wheels, fenders, gas tank and handlebars and paint and add details to your chopper.

Race Paul Sr. Cruise the streets of Rock Tavern to gather together the top specialists to help you build your chopper. Gameplay modes include Career and Single Event. Experience a car racing game unlike any other. Combines the elements of a deep role playing adventure and intense racing action that will ensure hours upon hours of gameplay. Race on tricky, whacky and extreme courses that only Choro Q could present. From earthquake country to zero-gravity space, from haunted castles, mid-air highways and even underwater, there are over adventurous races.

Participate in over more than events to earn kinds of vehicles. Fully customizable vehicle bodies with tons of interchangeable parts and colors! Race head-to-head against a friend or compete in over 30 mini-games.

Choose your car. Paint it, polish it, and personalize it. Build it up with new components, giant spoilers and reinforced fenders. Supercharge it. Fill it with nitrous. You're at the back of the pack, grid position sixteen. Fifteen cars ahead of you, polished until they gleam.

Your primary objective is to take first place. Your secondary objective? Run everyone else off the road. Crunch them into the barrier. Rip, shred and tear sheet metal from their frames, leaving burning engine blocks and melted tires in your wake. The last driver with four wheels wins.

Then do it again Cause extreme crashes and dodge on-track wreckage as you engage in high speed, high danger driving through the back streets of Miami, San Francisco, LA and New York. Compete in multiplayer destruction with or against 16 total players online featuring a variety of modes like last-man-standing, bomb tag and more.

Replay the mayhem with multi-angle player-controlled cameras set up throughout the courses. Need for Speed Underground 2 challenges gamers to immerse themselves in the tuner culture, exploring an expansive, free-roaming city divided into five distinct neighborhoods. Gamers encounter rival racers who initiate events, tip players off to the hottest racing spots, and show them where to buy the most sought-after licensed aftermarket upgrades.

The game features new game modes, deep new performance customization and tuning, and more than 30 licensed cars. The game also delivers twice the visual customization upgrades as the original game, providing a staggering 70 billion possible car combinations for total automotive self-expression.

In the Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge videogames, players are thrust into competition on a hot new extreme game show -- on which they must complete perilous stunts and win intense races. The goal is to beat opponents and impress the audience with fearless maneuvers, in order to advance into other 'episodes' and win better cars. At the end of the season, the driver with the most courage and best stunt skills will cruise away in a gold-plated car as the Hot Wheels Champion. Before each race, players can enter the garage to customize their cars with unique colors, wheels and decals.

ATV Offroad Fury 3 provides intense, free-roaming offroad racing gameplay, packed with additional courses, larger environments, extra modes, mini-games, more ATVs, online gameplay via the Network Adaptor and future support for the internal Hard Disk Drive. Through both on- and offline gameplay, players tear it up anywhere and blaze their own trail, choosing from more than 24 highly detailed ATVs?

With visually stunning backgrounds featuring water and mud effects and fully interactive objects and instances such as ramps, tires, cones and trees, ATV Offroad Fury 3 includes new short track, one-day events and Olympic championships. Playable from both first- and third-person perspectives, ATV Offroad Fury 3 features two main modes of play containing race, freestyle, career, mini-games and multiplayer games.

Other modes will include a training course and waypoint editor. In ATV Offroad Fury 3, players will have the ability to race in more than 30 unique environments with six distinct terrain types including snow, dirt, mud, ice, water and grass, as well as compete in eight exciting mini-games including king of the hill, treasure hunt, tag, hockey, soccer, basketball and pre-load?

Supporting up to six players online with voice-chat capabilities via the USB Headset, ATV Offroad Fury 3, includes a new comprehensive online scoreboard system that records event data for players and clans within all race types. Burnout 3 takes the hit series even further, now featuring a unique "crash and burn" racing concept and a one-of-a-kind special effects engine that delivers spectacular visuals. The intensity heats up as players race, and often crash, their way through oncoming traffic in an attempt to claim the top spot.

Boasting multiple single-player, multiplayer and online crash and race modes, Burnout 3 offers players the opportunity to race through busy city streets and be rewarded for taking risks that result in heart-pounding action and electrifying crashes. User Score: 9. SRS is the first game to deliver authentic street racing action, featuring realistic cars, genuine aftermarket parts, and true-to-life driving physics.

Live a life immersed in the underground world of real street racing. Customize and tune realistic vehicles with detailed auto upgrades including dozens of licensed aftermarket parts that physically appear on cars. Progress through the Philadelphia, Miami and Los Angeles street racing scenes. Outrun and outsmart the cops in high-speed late night chases.

Race for money, pink slips or even the girlfriends of rival street racers! Experience real high-speed illegal street racing with true racing physics and authentic damage that affect both looks and performance.

Compete in both illegal and official sanctioned racing events. Develop your racing skills and intimidate your rivals on the track with all-new controls. Off the track, force the action with post-race confrontations, and settle disputes by racing America? Fans react to the drama, idolizing both NASCAR heroes and villains, while owners and sponsors recognize talent and reward success.

It's up to you to show 'em what you've got. Get ready for fast, futuristic racing as you strap yourself into a supersonic flying craft and take on the competition. On the track and through the streets, race against a variety of characters, each with their own personality, racing style, and friends or foes. Fly around the track at breathtaking speeds of 1, miles per hour in single player and multiplayer action, including split screen, and system link.

Unique competitors - From decommissioned war droids to spoiled rich kids, interplanetary playboys to robot political activists, each opponent has their own attitude and style. Take it to the streets - Take your supersonic blade off the track and challenge an opponent to a one-on-one illegal race on city streets filled with ramps, tunnels, obstacles, and more. Develop your driving skills, learn new tricks, and continue to shave seconds off your best times as your experience evolves.

Realistic damage - Panels buckle or are wrenched off, hydraulics will malfunction, smoke will plume from the blades, and you'll have to avoid debris that falls off other craft. This is the only game that lets you race virtually every Corvette made in street and track settings. Over 80 incredibly rendered production Corvette models from '53 to 'plus awesome show cars.

Upgrade your 'Vette's engine and suspensionfeel the effect of real car physics. Race on various tracks and an obstacle filled Route 66 from Chicago to LA. The choice is yours Variable camera anglesand era-specific HUDsenhance your race experience.

Heritage mode allows you to "test drive" any stock production 'Vette. Get the jump out of the gate and grab the holeshot. Take the inside line as you battle for 1st place against 7 other riders pushing your bike's power and handling to the limit! Launch into a gravity-defying inverted before crossing the finish line to the roar of the crowd. Earn more cold hard cash from contest wins and sponsorships. Use the money to modify your rider's attributes, purchase equipment upgrades or buy access to freeride environments complete with new goals and objectives.

Accept the MTX: Mototrax challenge: beat the pros and become the ultimate MX athlete in the fastest, most complete motocross game offering a thrilling career mode to boost your fame, fortune and adrenaline! Rainbow Studios, the masters of off road racing games, returns to their heritage to bring the definitive next generation MX game to life.

Challenge yourself in the ultimate off-road playground, a never before seen freeworld mode filled with treacherous terrain, mini games, and machine races. Go bar to bar against the top champions in the world through the season long Supercross and Outdoor National series in an extensive career mode. Prepare yourself for mud, dirt, high speeds, and serious attitude. R: Racing Evolution is an extraordinary action-racing experience featuring authentic licensed cars and daring, real-world tracks.

Combining awesome graphical quality and high performance driving physics with a spectacular story line, R: Racing Evolution chronicles the intense competition and deep rivalries found only within the professional racing circuit. New exciting features such as the Interactive Driver AI System and in-game radio communications bring players closer to racing action than ever before! Whether you're grinding through mud pits in Louisiana, crunching up cliffs in California, or smashing up trees to make the ride a little bumpier for the guy behind you, keep your eyes on the prize: the cash you earn on the circuit goes to buy new trucks and build up your ultimate Monster machine.

Tear through 30 Monster events, including brutal stadium circuits, merciless exhibition arenas, and the hairiest off-road circuits your tires have ever seen. Soup up your truck with speed, traction, and other power-ups to give your opponents a run for their money. Smoke the competition as you blaze through well-known U. Master your tricks in Training mode as you taste all of the thrills, spills, twists, and rolls of Monster Truck racing.

Then show them what you? Massive upgrade to the physics engine, special effects, graphical editors, weather conditions, courses, textures, lighting, menus, options, car tuning features, and rival characters. Over rivals to challenge on the highways. An awesome level of car tuning options allows you to adjust just about every car body part and car performance aspect.

Modify your car with custom parts from such manufacturers as Hart, Riverside and Yokohama. Enter the world of urban street racing and high performance tuner cars with the latest title in the hit Need for Speed series: Need for Speed Underground. Take on today's most popular tuner cars from Mitsubishi Motors, Subaru, Toyota and many more, building the ultimate street machine by earning cash to pay for custom body kits and a host of licensed car performance mods.

But just creating a custom street racing machine will not get you to the top; it takes a certain amount of attitude and razor sharp driving skills to compete in the tough world of urban racing. A number of diverse events set in gritty, nighttime environments make up the heart of street competition. Players become complete street racers by perfecting skills in each event by nailing the perfect shift in drag racing and by putting their street cred on the line, racing through the city streets at all hours of the night.

Prove you belong in the elite street racing circles, work your way up the underground rankings and take on the best of the best in each discipline. Crash hits the track in his most fast-paced adventure yet - Crash Nitro Kart! Kidnapped by the ruthless Emperor Velo and forced to race in his galactic coliseum, Crash must race his way to victory in order to save the Earth from destruction - but it won't be easy, as he must compete against foes both old and new before a final showdown with Velo himself!

Crash Nitro Kart leads the pack by mixing awesome next-gen graphics and gameplay with the playability and fun of classic kart-racing games. Features official teams, driver, circuits and trucks with action so realistic you can almost smell the diesel fumes! Super Trucks offers competitive challenges with a unique A. If you live and breathe racing gaming this will offer you a quick fueled adrenaline rush that all race fans have been waiting for.

Features special 35th anniversary Hot Wheels cars! The anticipated sequel to Ford Racing has finally been created. To sustain its reputation, Ford Racing 2 has new and improved cars, added tracks and challenges, and more thrills than ever. With such a big selection of Ford vehicles - ranging from the '49 Ford to the latest Mustang GT Concept - picking out a car will be a lot harder than you might expect.

Ford Racing 2 is ready to put you in the driver's seat and bring you for a ride you'll never want to forget. Are you daring enough to put yourself in that seat? From MPH super-speedways to hairpin turns on 11 fantasy tracks, tuning your car and finding the line is no longer enough.

Now you? Out-smart and out-drive them as you battle three-wide from green to checkers. Online or on your own, racing just became a contact sport. In the future racing is faster - much faster. More dangerous - much more dangerous.

And it's totally merciless, which means anything goes. Run by the XGRA the Extreme Gravity Racing Association , this motorized bloodsport throws teams of futuristic bikes and daredevil riders against one another through dangerous tracks that crisscross vast and treacherous landscapes pushing all to their limits And beyond! Never before has such a vibrant and interactive animated world been delivered to a flying videogame until Freaky Flyers, the first and only, fast and furious, fully-open 3-D airplane racing adventure, which drops you into the cockpits with the most unique and engaging cast of characters to ever explore, adventure and dogfight in the videogame skies.

Inspired by the spectacle and excitement of theme parks and thrill rides, SplashDown Rides Gone Wild has you blasting through huge, imaginative locales with amazing sights and startling events around every corner. Splashdown's famously beautiful water has evolved as well: bigger waves, swift currents, and treacherous downhill rivers.

There are also plenty of tricky, technical indoor stadium courses, plus a freestyle stunt mode, an all-new technical time trials mode for hardcore racers, and more. Race the fastest, most futuristic vehicles in the universe to the ultimate finish line! A heart-pounding, interstellar racing championship. Players will fight off enemy attacks at every turn in super-slick O. Kids can victoriously pilot their way through the collection of outrageous races by becoming their favorite Butt-Ugly hero or an evil alien bent on destruction.

User Score: 1. Downhill Domination is based on the extreme sport of downhill mountain bike racing and puts players in control of a customizable mountain bike to race down vertical mountainsides and urban environments while performing stunts at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour.

Playable in first- and third-person perspectives, players will be able to select from one of 14 riders, including five pro-riders in an intense race to gain corporate sponsorship and a chance at the coveted Downhill Domination Championship. Freestyle Metal X unleashes anarchy with the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Be anti-establishment: break windows, run over people, ride where you normally can't ride With an unlimited stunt system and a lawless energy, Freestyle Metal X dares riders to push the envelope with psychotic tricks in limitless, freestyle environments full of challenges and side events.

Freestyle Metal X doesn't just cross the line, it eliminates it. A sizable dose of insanity will help you perform stunts on the tops of buildings, get air over the Vegas Strip, or shoot yourself out of a cannon onto the Marina streets. Be sick all over! Start as a rookie Formula One driver. If you prove your worth by passing a range of superlicense tests, you can take your place among the elite drivers competing in the world's fastest and most glamorous motor sport.

To succeed, you? Hone your skills to make the improvements that will show over four successive seasons ? That's about to change though, as proprietor Ma Jackson has announced she's planning on retiring. Her dilemma is who to leave the company to Ma has four very different kids and choosing a successor should be done fair and square. The solution is simple: Ma's going to hold a "trial by trucking!

Can you truck 'n' trade your way to the top? There may be some sibling rivalry along the way not to mention obstacles of other types It will take nerves of steel and lightning fast reflexes to make your way through these crowded streets. Speed Kings is about the pure unadulterated adrenaline rush of the street motorcycle racing Power-down slide underneath lorries, jump over road works, avoid major wipe-out crashes from the on-coming traffic and gain as many respect points as possible Features 22 bikes based on production and custom real world models, 3 single player modes and 5 multiplayer options, Arcade-style handling and control.

The main game offers immediate high-paced action and player-friendly handling, making the feel both authentic and realistic. It is easy to pick up and play and offers a dynamic difficulty management system to keep the action packed, mph maneuvers coming thick and fast. Create your own racing drivers and teams with your own personalized car. IndyCar Series TV-style presentation, which enhances the immersive gameplay experience. Colin McRae Rally 3 isn't just about cars and tracks; it's about giving gamers the professional rally driver experience.

The game makes a massive leap in terms of playability, motor sport detail and rich visuals; above all it delivers a game that captures every drop of sweat, the split-second decision and the teamwork that goes into actually being Colin McRae. Capturing the emotions and consequences of being a professional rally champion, it takes the gaming experience to the limit as the player attempts to become the planet's greatest rally driver.

The world's most notorious drivers meet each night on the streets of LA, Paris, and Tokyo. Choose from the latest performance enhanced cars and bikes and compete head-to-head to make a name for yourself. There are no rules. Drive anywhere in the city. Find the fastest route to win. The cops know you are out there - don't get caught. Race with up to 8 players throughout three massive, fully open cities in one of five online play modes.

Select any car or bike that you've personally unlocked in offline arcade mode. Join a game or host one yourself via GameSpy. A broadband connection is required for online play - there is no slow lane on the streets of Midnight Club 2.

Version with Online capability The future of online racing is now! Experience the first cell-shaded 3D arcade racing game of its kind on the PS2. Race head-to-head, up to 8 drivers online, up to 2 offline. Revolutionary VJ Feature: edit your instant replay footage and screen effects, music or save for later review.

Easily customizable cars: tires, brakes, suspension, turbine kit, muffler, transmission and more with hundreds of parts to choose from! Sophisticated car physics and opponent car AI along with innovative cell-shaded graphics let you capture the true essence of racing.

Miniature cars, motorcycles, boats and more compete in an oversized world where anything and everything! Players choose one of eight crazy characters to speed through a variety of ingenious racing environments, including a sci-fi laboratory, a beachside setting and the "Ghoulish Graveyard.

Mad-dash action with ramps, tunnels, obstacles and hazards of all kinds. Speedsters can grab wacky power-ups bazookas, magnets, giant frying pans that'll send their opponents out of control. There are even multiple types of single and multiplayer competition, including the riotous Bomb Tag, where drivers must pass a ticking bomb to one another before We've scaled down the cars and scaled up the fun!

Prepare to climb inside the cab of a nitro-powered wheeler and haul ass from Illinois to California in a mad dash for cash. But this big rig road trip isn't your ordinary out and back. The sinister Tornado Corporation has sent a rogues gallery of truck-ramming goons to keep you from succeeding. Upgrade your truck with more than 70 insane performance-enhancing parts to smoke the competition.

But don't forget to stop and smell the flowers, because along the way you'll have the chance to win the hearts of eight scandalous interstate beauties known as the Queens of Route These friendly gals are among more than three-dozen characters you'll encounter, each with their own story to tell.

Two-player split screen mode and multiplayer battles. Truckloads of insane mini-game challenges. Officially licensed, MotoGP3 straps you to the greatest 2-stroke and 4-stroke performance cycles. New features include: 15 circuits plus 20 new Fantasy Tracks; unique challenges to unlock specials; 4-player multi-player mode using multi-tap; Optional Brake Assist feature; Cockpit view; Updated stats, teams and riders.

Feel the heat of real life competition with an AI that takes into account driving styles of each individual driver and test your nerves and tactical skills with an original dynamic and interactive pit stop system. Features include: 5 different game modes including split screen multiplayer option to challenge your friends; 3 levels of handling and 4 levels of Artificial Intelligence catering for the novice to F1 fanatics; Super-smooth high fidelity graphics running at 60 frames per second; Detailed environment and dynamic weather; 3D positional sound system.

All out anti-gravity racing at its best. This game is about speed! Stay on the track and come in first place is your mission. Featuring the exclusive Track Editor option where you build your own track then race on it. It's arcade ATV racing like you always wanted it to be.

Get ready to get injured. When his father perishes in an octane-fuelled blaze of fire on the asphalt that he loved, Ryan's frustrated ambition galvanizes into a unrelenting determination to triumph over all opposition and become first a touring car champion, then maybe even World Champion. Petrolheads and mass market gamers alike slam the pedal to the metal to guide the actions of our hero through the hairpins and chicanes of a career in global racing.

Rip the throttle and feel the power as cc's rocket you through the icy tundra and propel you into the sky. Your heart rate will rise and your knuckles will turn white as you experience the blinding speeds of Whiteout, the fastest racing game on one tread. Featuring the top SnoCross athletes in the world, plus a never-before-seen "Objective-driven" Arcade Mode, Whiteout is the definitive racing game for the cold-climate connoisseur. In Total Immersion Racing, other drivers will remember your actions on track.

Always listen to your Team Manager. Be careful that you don't block a rival on track, or destroy the chances of a driver i na lower class, as he will remember your actions going into the next race and beyond. Remember that rivalries never die, and later on in your career you may regret the time you upset another driver - as they may decide to get revenge by ruining your championship run.

You are Max Axel, pacing your pit area, tensions high as you await the first stage of the Drome Championship. Prove you're a match for the inensity of multi-challenge racing-each race a seamless set of stages, mixing tracks from realistically stunning City, Mountain and Canyon worlds. Players then race through three-lap circuits of snow, desert, or jungle landscapes, sliding through dusty roads, slipping on ice, and shredding through foliage.

The competition really heats up on the open road though, as six cars try to muscle into prime position, wreaking havoc on their way to the finish line. Within each track are "Shox Zones" where players are awarded Bronze, Silver, and Gold placements based on their driving skills. Earning Gold in all three Shox Zones on a single track unlocks a new night circuit. Players can also put up their own cars as collateral in head-to-head Gambling Mode to collect the ultimate off-road vehicle collection.

Tear up the terrain in mudslinging, arcade-style gameplay, driving 19 fully licensed rally cars from top manufacturers, including Toyota, Audi and Saab - all as featured in the annual "Race of Champions" event. Race on 24 varied, tough tracks through expansive, fully interactive and destructible environments.

Criminal racing gangs, gravity defying stunts, huge loops, insane speeds, spectacular crashes, driving up walls and an arsenal of weapons Can you handle a typical Hot Wheels day? Racing to win is the key for drivers hoping to advance from small town dirt tracks to modified cars, to trucks and eventually the highly prized NASCAR Winston Cup cars.

Learn the harsh realities of the racing world where losing can cost drivers not only points in the standings but loss of money from a sponsor. Race anywhere, anytime as you gun your ATV to the finish line. Is that a rocky mountain in your path? Take it on. Stuck by some thick woods? Play through them. With more than 20 all new ATVs, 40 offroad environments, mini-games, seven race modes and even online play, ATV Offroad Fury 2 challenges you to conquer the terrain against top riders through massive, stunning environments.

But don't get caught watching the beautiful scenery. The mountains won't have mercy on you Roaring through 8 massive, exotic levels as fast as a professional watercraft rider, you're the envy of all other racers. While racing one of your highly stylized watercraft through raging rivers, turbulent rapids, massive waterfalls and hair-pin turns in far off lands such as Atlantis, the Artic, and humid South American jungles, you know you're good.

But you're not alone. Your competitors know the intensity of the races. They know that this is not just a race of speed, but a test of extreme trick skill. They also know they want to beat you. They are ready for the challenge. Take a road trip to adventure! Right off the starting line, Road Trip matches action with depth, allowing you to customize your ride for over different events. Wins earn cash, which you use to buy parts and upgrade your vehicles. Their longevity was amazing, considering the fact that the first set of units came out early and they produced the last set about a decade after in They took advantage of the momentum from the first PlayStation, which successfully captured the adult game market.

Even though Sega Dreamcast started bit generation before them, the PS2 was closely behind them and even had better hardware capability. In addition, it was actually the first game to introduce DVD media, which turned out to be a great marketing idea considering the fact that it was introduced at a time when a lot of families used DVDs — Sony gave buyers an opportunity to enjoy their movies and game in one device.

This was the nickname given to the central processor of the console. It was a powerful and innovative design, specially optimized for 3D gaming. Just like the PlayStation, Sony put a lot of effort into making it friendly for third-party designers.

When it comes down to it, its game line-up is out of this world and the PS2 with its library of more than 1, original titles will probably be considered the strongest in the history of gaming. Almost all the genres have at least one or two hit tittles. Although they were not really part of the plan when they launched the console, the inclusion of the Firewire ports and USB turned out great. The Rock Band series and the Guitar Hero also turned out to be huge sellers.

Although devices such as the Eye Toy were more a niche market than anything, they actually laid the foundation for other motion-controlled and camera-based systems for the next consoles released. The slim case was first released in , with a lower profile and a hard drive expansion bay that weighed significantly less. You should note that not all games require an expansion hard drive and the Final Fantasy XI is one game that uses it. At the end of the day, the PS2 turned out to be a console that had something that everyone could enjoy, which is probably why it is one of the best-selling games in history.

Most of the genres have amazing titles, and retro enthusiasts in particular, will pay anything for this line-up. Though you can hardly go wrong with this console, some of its strong suits include sports, open-world sandbox titles, racing and Japanese RPGs.

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Street Racing Syndicate PS2 Gameplay HD (PCSX2)

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