call of duty black ops 2 game walkthrough

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Call of duty black ops 2 game walkthrough

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Once you do this, you will have to play through all missions after this point even if you have already completed them. You will have to find all intel you may have collected and redo all challenges for the missions as well. I would suggest only using this if you failed to make a decision that will cause you to not earn an achievement in later missions. This mission takes place back in the s.

To start, you can customize your loadout before starting the mission. You can do so by pressing on the mission briefing screen. There is a rather limited amount of options for the first mission. Just tacking on select fire to the FAL and completing the first mission will do. This will unlock the 'Gun Nut' achievement. Below is a list of the mission challenges. Completing one of these will earn you the 'Just Getting Started' achievement. Keep in mind that each story mission or Strike Force mission has 10 challenges each and that each of these needs to be completed.

It might take a while, but you will feel so satisfied in the end. Once you complete all the challenges in this mission, you will earn the 'Mission Complete' achievement. Mission Complete Complete all challenges in a level. Just Gettin' Started Complete 1 challenge in any level. Gun Nut Complete a level with customized loadout. Gathering Storm Investigate the jungle facility. When you reach the interrogation of Kravchenko, Mason will start seeing numbers and want to shoot him.

Make sure you keep tapping to prevent this. The decision here will affect earning an achievement in a later mission. After completing the third mission, you will have 'F. Spectre' and 'Shipwreck' available to play. I recommend going through the Strike Force tutorial before playing these missions. These missions are not required to be played on Veteran difficulty or completed as all to continue the main storyline, but they do have challenges that count towards one achievement.

You will have up to 4 main storyline missions to complete these missions before they are removed from the list. You will have to complete this mission along with 'Shipwreck', 'I. You are given 3 attempts per Strike Force mission to complete the overall objective. Failing to complete this mission will result in 'Ship Shape' not being earned later in the story. You are required to defend F.

Spectre for 10 minutes. You will have two sentry turrets, 1 CLAW, and two infantry squads at your disposal. The CLAW and sentry turrets are not replaceable after they are destroyed, but you will receive infantry reinforcements. I recommend placing one infantry squad near objective C and the other in the building near objective A.

It is best to tackle one mission challenge at a time. After successfully defending F. Spectre, you will earn the 'Defender' achievement. These missions do not need to be played on Veteran difficulty, but they do have challenges that count towards one achievement.

Failing to complete this mission will result in 'Ship Shape' not being earned later in the story mode. The goal of this mission is to plant 3 network intrusion devices to bring down the SDC Cargo Freighter. If you have played multiplayer, you will recognize this map as Cargo. For the main objectives, it is best to work your way from C to B to A when placing the network intruders. In this mission, you will be playing as Menendez and as Alex Mason.

This mission will give your more insight as to why Menendez is doing what he is doing in the future. You will need to save 7 people who are being brutalized by the PDF. The video below will have the location of all 7 people to save. Video time: 'Driven by Rage' is earned by completing this mission on any difficulty.

This mission might take you two attempts to complete the challenges due to the end with the vehicle pursuit. You will have the option to drive the SOC-T or fly the drone. Also note that during the surveillance, you must complete the TB challenge in order to unlock the 'Dispatch' strike force mission. You will need to take the car through the right side of the entrance just below the origin of the flame. Video time: 'Waterlogged' is earned by completing this mission on any difficulty.

Hey Good Looking Plastic surgery avoided. This mission is not required to be played on Veteran difficulty, but they do have challenges that count towards one achievement. This mission becomes available after completing 'Fallen Angel'. You are tasked with escorting a convoy through the desert. The level layout may look familiar as it is the one from mission 3.

It will be best that you play this twice to earn all challenges. In one playthrough you should do challenge 4, 5, and 10 together. On the second playthrough you should be able to complete the other 7 challenges with the quad drone. This mission will affect which achievements may and may not be earned later in the story mode. Depending on what you do by either saving Karma or letting DeFalco escape with her will determine whether or not you will earn 'Showdown' or 'Good Karma' during the mission 'Odysseus'.

If you allow DeFalco to take Karma, the strike force mission 'Second Chance' will become available to you. If you want to earn the 'Giant Accomplishment' achievement, it is best to let Karma escape in this mission so that you can play the 'Second Chance' mission. When you have the option to save Karma, you will need to decide which achievement you are going for during the mission 'Odysseus'. You will have the option to complete 'Good Karma' or 'Showdown'.

This way you will be able to play that mission and complete the challenges. If you choose to go for the 'Showdown' achievement in the 'Odysseus' mission, you have to let Karma go with DeFalco so DeFalco is present in mission 9. To complete the challenges for the 'Giant Accomplishment' achievement, you can choose to replay the 'Second Chance' mission instead of completing it from resuming the campaign.

If Karma is present during the mission 'Odysseus', you will not be able to earn the 'Showdown' achievement. What Happens in Colossus Find the Karma weapon. This mission will only be available if DeFalco escapes with Karma during mission 6 and will only be available before you complete 'Suffer With Me'.

It is not required to be played on Veteran difficulty, but they do have challenges that count towards one achievement. If this mission does appear by letting Karma escape and you fail to complete these challenge, it will result in 'Giant Accomplishment' not being earned later in the story mode as challenges will not be completed.

The majority of the challenges in this mission are very straight forward. Like all other missions, it will require at least 2 play through to complete all challenges. I recommend going for challenge 8, 9, and 10 at the same time and the rest in a separate play through. For your loadout, I suggest an RPG as a starting weapon to help with one of the challenges in this mission. You should also have your access kit to get the special grenades, flak jacket, and IR strobes in this mission.

In the mission 'Old Wounds', you should have chosen not to shoot Kravchenko. They also reference the C. In the mission 'Suffer With Me', you will meet with Noriega to complete the next step in the process. After you find him in the hotel and question him, the achievement will pop after the conversation is over. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: An entry into the blockbuster first-person shooter franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops II brings players back into the shadows for another Black Ops mission assignment.

Franchises: Call of Duty. Genres: Shooter. Developers: Treyarch. Publishers: Activision. Release Date: November 13, Table of Contents. Modern Warfare 3 Wiki Guide.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary

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NEW Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Browse game. Gaming. Browse all gaming. Games · Entertainment · IGN Themes · IGN · Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Wiki Guide · Walkthrough · Walkthrough Sections · Campaign Decisions. Locations for this section of the game include multiple sites in Central America and in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion. In , a second.