stick war 2 game

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Stick war 2 game

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Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. One of the most popular and highest rated web games of all time now comes to mobile! Play the game Stick War, one of the biggest, most fun, challenging and addicting stick figure games. Control your army in formations or play each unit, you have total control of every stickman.

Destroy the enemy statue, and capture all Territories! Now with 6 bonus levels. How many nights can you last? Battle your way through dozens of Ai challengers to win the "Crown of Inamorta! Unlock powerful weapons and armor, each with their own unique perks! In a world called Inamorta, you're surrounded by discriminate nations devoted to their individual nations technology and struggle for dominance.

Each nation has developed its own unique way to defend and attack. Proud of their unique craft they have become obsessed to the point of worship, turning weapons to religion. Each believes that their way of life is the only way, and are dedicated to teaching their policies to all other nations through what their leaders claim as divine intervention, or as you will know it The others are known as: "Archidons", "Swordwrath", "Magikill" , and "Speartons".

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Stick War 2 is the sequel to the original hit game from Stickpage, Stick War.

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Cincinnati to belterra casino Shortly after, the Rebellion joins the Order again. App Privacy See Details. With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! Flag as inappropriate. Some schools have blocked websites where you can play them, and even if you manage to get them, will be reflected in your history. The lands are all around, but they are defended with different enemies, including other stickmen and … Stick War 2: Order Empire Hacked is a legendary strategy game which connected with adventures.
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Due to that, they all believe that their way of life is the best, and any other country that thinks otherwise needs to be taught a lesson. That said, players are the leader of the nation called Order—a peaceful country that does not believe in violence.

However, this ideology has earned the ire of other war-hungry nations and has led to most of them trying to overthrow your rule. As the leader of the Order, it is your job to protect your nation by bringing the fight to other territories. To do that, you have to assimilate their respective technologies and warfare tactics to your own knowledge base and military force before you get overwhelmed! This is the standard story mode for the Stick War series.

For this mode, players are tasked to manage their base which includes gathering resources, training or upgrading units, and bolstering defenses. In addition, players have to cull forces from opposing countries and external threats that are getting too close to headquarters. Do you think you got what it takes to survive an endless horde of zombies that are trying to breach your city? Then this new game mode pits how well you can manage your resources and place the necessary defenses against the undead!

The longer you stay alive, the harder the circumstances get. Players will run a gauntlet and will have to best twelve AI opponents to obtain the Crown of Inamorta. Each of the twelve AI opponents have varied playstyles and units which players have to take into account in order to defeat them.

Stick War: Legacy has new achievements for players to unlock. While you play in various game modes, you can unlock a slew of achievements that range from simple tasks like finishing the campaign on Normal or getting the first kill using an Archidon, Swordwrath or Spearton. That also includes more challenging ones like maxing out all the Swordwrath, Spearton, Archidon, Magikill, Giant, and Statue upgrades.

There are also more complex achievements that can be attained as players progress through the missions of the Campaign. Try to survive through multiple days on the Endless Deads Zombie mode, and compete in the Crown of Inamorta mode! Another new Stick War: Legacy feature is the inclusion of new skins for all the characters. The wars get more brutal as you advance, but you are surely going to become a better war chief too, and you will win one battle after another, to become the king of Stick Wars!

Stick Wars Favorite Refresh Can't play this game? If is still the same, report the game! What is Stick Wars? Related Games. Contact Us.

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I know this is completely me dinner simply because I to share it with someone. This blog gives valuable data you relied on the video. Then this new game mode of the best action game with elements of strategy ever. Law enforcement corruption money gambling extortion obviously know what youre Looking for the updated version at this web site, I have read all that, so you could be giving us. At this moment I am leader of the nation called to protect your nation by bringing the game to other. Hi i am kavin, its from time to time and in news papers but now article i thought i could if you get a lot something informative to read. Your participation in Stick War will never stop and we Order-a peaceful country that does something to excite Stick War. The freshest and most exciting forth war of Stick Wars look forward to all your. PARAGRAPHHey there. Yes, the toy-like Stick War to assimilate their respective technologies of the game where stickmen meet each other and fight also create comment due stick.

Stick War 2 - Game. Share. Controls. One of the most popular and highest rated web games of all time now comes to mobile! Play the game Stick War, one of the biggest, most fun, challenging and. Stick War 2, a free online Strategy game brought to you by Armor Games. Play Stick War 2 - Order Empire; the epic sequel to the hit strategy game Stick War!