how much space do all the sims 2 games take up

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How much space do all the sims 2 games take up play games playstation 2

How much space do all the sims 2 games take up

I was just wondering if I could maybe, compress the game files? Say, the expansion packs I have installed but I don't use the disk for Could I compress that folder so that it takes up less space? I don't use the OFB disk but I do use the expansion pack. Would compressing do anything besides taking up less space? I don't want to access those files, I'd only want to access the original files for my most recent EP, not the program files for a previous EP It's the program files EA folder I do have quite a bit of CC How many EP's do you have installed?

I have 4 EP's installed and have about 6. If you don't use all the EP's you can uninstall some to save space. Remove as much CC as possible too. I suppose if you don't use them, you can delete the Maxis hoods too. Don't delete N though. Using empty templates can help too. You can also compress your CC with the Compressorizer search it up on google. Another thing you can do is defragment or do a disk clean up. I have all EP's and all Stuff Packs which is Yeah, I have only 3 GB free on my computer, due to games.

There's some really good deals to be found if you know where to look although I'm sure your Dad will probably help you out quite a bit. The only real issue you may or may not have to worry about with the external hard drive is over heating but I don't think that's really anything major to worry about. If you are short on space, you might have to make the same choice I did: Play the Sims and nothing else lol.

Reading this thread made me curious so I checked my own file to see exactly how much space it takes up. My EA Folder takes up 6. Is it all a matter of the CC making the difference? Up until that point your Mac has been keeping the files locally as well as in the cloud which is why your game is happily loading all your saved games. There is no way round this unless you free up more space on your Mac or store the data externally. Here is a great article explaining how it works in more depth.

To store your Sims 4 folder, or the entire Electronic Arts folder if you wish, externally you need to create a symbolic link symlink on your Mac to store the folders and files on an external device. Symlink method. Like Like. So, there is absolutely no way at all to be able to have Custom Content, Saves, Tray folders, etc. My issue is that my custom content takes up the most space because I simply cannot play the Sims without Mods and Custom Content.

I have my custom content, saves, tray folder, etc. If so, how? Want to know before I buy. I did the symlink and created the alias successfully but mods only show up if placed in the alias folder. What is the expected way to install cc when you do the symlink? Is everyone else putting it into the mods folder on their hard drive?

I am attempting to set up the symlink on an external drive, but am getting an error in Terminal saying that the operation is not permitted. The error is a reply in Terminal box rather than a pop up. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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