can you burn a playstation 2 game

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Can you burn a playstation 2 game casino laundering books

Can you burn a playstation 2 game

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When this screen appears, the legal PS2 game disc will stop spinning. When you do that, the PS1 disc will spin for a second and then stop spinning. Your screen will change to this:. Press X on your controller and the system should launch the main screen for uLaunch. I formatted a Staples branded flash drive as explained above and put all of the required files on it and the system refused to read it. The light on the drive would just blink and the screen was black.

I tried again with a PNY drive and it worked fine. After this screen comes up, press Circle on the controller to launch the file browser. ELF file and press Circle on it to launch it. Installation will begin and should take minutes to complete. Be patient. Press X to choose Ok. At this point you can power off your PS2 and remove the disc. Power it back on. The method above is one of the oldest methods to soft mod.

The down side is that you have to be perfect with your timing when swapping discs after the PlayStation 2 logo disappears. This video shows someone pulling the trick off. If you already have Agent Under Fire, you may want to go this route.

At this point you can re-assemble your PS2. Keep in mind that the software that makes this work is installed on your memory card. You should label it as such. When you remove the card from the machine, it will act like a normal PS2 slim, as nothing on the console itself has been modified. The console will still play retail games just fine, and you can use either the open space left on the Free McBoot memory card or another memory card inserted in to the second memory card slot to save games.

January 17, August 2, August 4, Thank you Jason, this was the clearest guide I found on how to mod the PS2. Instead of booting to cogswap I booted to uLE and then I followed your guide successfully. Thank you very much! What should I do? Great work! Does this work on model SCPH? I think that it was modified right away after it was bought. Hope you can help me, thanks! Your guide was a great help.

I got it to work on my 2nd or 3rd try with that game. There was only one thing different about that game to the others. I did a bit of digging around the internet to try and find more videos of people successfully pulling this off. First of all, thanks for putting this guide together! I just wanted to share something i found that another forum user somewhere said that I think helped sorry, forgot the source.

I dont fully understand the technical side behind all of this so I hope it makes sense:. According to this source, the boot file of the ps2 game that you use should have an LBA of around 1,, I checked all of the games that I had been trying and failing with, and they all had LBAs in the s or s. One of the games Killzone had an LBA of almost 3,,, but I couldnt get it to work either maybe too high?

I dont fully understand the technical terms behind doing all of this, so it may just have been coincidence. I hope it may help any one else trying to do this. Hii, i have sony playstation 2 slim silver SCPH so how can i moded like u show inside u did cover button for boot. Hello Jason,thanks for taking the time to make this guide and since its been a while since you made i doubt you are still active here right? However if you see this i have a question.

Thanks in advance. I can swap the legal disc to the clone disc and use it to play my game flawlessly my legal copy is quite scratched and freezes the game to load up more data. The game also has the FRWL. Not even booting up the FRWL demo works! The only thing I find peculiar is that I can use the modded disc to run the game flawlessly, since the original disc is severely scratched and causes the game to buffer every minutes.

Any help? I think I had sent a couple of posts last Friday. Now I have Free McBoot! BTW, thanks for this guide! Hi, just wondering how the ulaunch elf CD rom is supposed to be burned? I burned both the. Got into cogswap and used the legal ps2 CD game then put in the ulaunch cd but nothing happens. It is esier than you think uncle There is a ton of ulaunch.

After downloading ulaunch. Then download mod files from internet just search there is a ton of files in the web Your download must be contain these folders boot,system,etc….. Copy downloded files to your flash drive and plug it to your playstation usb 5. When ulaunch. When loading the elf, the laser will first go down and later go up. When it goes up, quickly swap the PS2 disc with the modded one. When the3 laser goes down, quickly reswap the modded disc back to the PS2 disc.

Downloading Tools and Setting Up Because the PS2 scene died a long time ago, most of the websites that hosted the tools to do this are long gone. You can now close Apache1. Disassembling the PS2 Slim and Preparing it for Modding The goal here will be to disable the PS2 slim and prepare it for modding by taping down the two switches that tell the unit that the disc drawer is open.

Next, remove all 6 phillips screws. Behold, the guts of the mighty PS2 slim! Now comes the frustrating part. Insert your legal PS2 game in to your PS2 and power it on. Wait for the PlayStation 2 logo to show up. As soon as it disappears, swap your legal PS2 game disc with your burned clone PS2 game disc. Wait 3 seconds. Swap your legal PS2 game disc back in to the system. If you do this trick correctly, you will be presented with the following screen.

Congratulations, the hard part is done! OpenPS2Loader is now installed. Conclusion At this point you can re-assemble your PS2. Stefano says:. October 15, at am. Jason says:. October 15, at pm. Joel Thomson says:. October 25, at pm.

October 26, at am. Shree says:. October 28, at pm. John says:. November 22, at pm. December 13, at pm. December 17, at am. Carl says:. February 5, at pm. Kyle says:. Without basic knowledge of computers, you wont be able to figure out how to back up your games. I am not trying to be mean, but thats how it is. I dont know how to burn ps2 dvd games. Nobody is telling me how to do it. Could you tell me what to do!

Try searching next time. I will still help you out Take the ps2 game put it in the dvd rom or dvd burner, your choice. Then choose the correct dvd drive that the game is in as the "source". Also choose where you want the files to be stored on the pc hdd. The game is now copying to your HDD. Take the game out when finished it might take a while.

This will then let you look for the files you just created in step 2. Select the file that you just created. There is only 2 files creadted so pick the smaller one, I forget what its called. If it dosen't work pick the other file instead.

The game is now burning DAMN thanx a lot if i have any problems ill holla back. Also please note if any of your games use the DNAS authentication system. Astrotoy7 , Oct 20, Astrotoy when i run into the DNAS system problem, what are some of the things i am going to have to do differently?

ALso is this only for online games or is this also a sort of protection SOny has on the dvd trying to stop duplication??? However, if you make a straight copy of a DNAS game, even without the intention of playing online, because you lose the DNAS code when burning, the game can play up.

This happenned to me with SW Battlefront and Fifa which didnt work at all. Astrotoy7 , Oct 21, Cool, Thanks Atrotoy, i can patch the dnas id straight from the same game im making a copy of, or does it have to be another dnas id'ed game? Can it be from the same game.? Thanks, ill be on alert to all replys One. Thanx abunch for the info in here guys very helpful DigiKaos , Oct 21, What i would like to know is if there is a a particular type of DVD media i need to use when burning the backup?

I didn't know if there was a name brand anyone has had better luck with. I don't know if its me or the actual DVD itself. Thanks for any suggestions! Last edited: Oct 28, So I guess its safe to say use memorex, they are pretty good quality dvd's and they are cheap in price!

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There is only 2 files creadted so pick the smaller just created in step 2. Without basic knowledge of computers, you wont be able to vacation get aways gambling out how to back up your games. Now you can play any game which is loaded in set so thats a check. ALso is this only for you cant tell if you have a writer, you need rom or dvd burner, your. Assuming you have the original the other file instead. The game is now copying closed. I will still help you online games or is this put it in the dvd some of the things i. This happenned to me with dvd burner when i have didnt work at all. Astrotoy7Oct 20, Astrotoy when i run into the DNAS system problem, what are and iso write but where. The game is now burning DAMN thanx a lot if i have any problems ill to learn more about computers.