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Playstation 2 games def jam

To see all of our delivery options click here. Earn points whenever you trade-in or buy at GAME. Use your points to save on the stuff you want in-store. Game Retail Limited. Corporation ID number: By clicking I accept you signify your consent to the use of these cookies.

By clicking close we'll assume you are happy to receive cookies from the game. Select Format Xbox. Def Jam returns bigger and badder than ever! Fight your way through more than 70 characters including more than 35 or the most well--known artists and personalities in hip--hop today.

See if you have what it takes to overcome top artists like Busta. Please note: Preowned versions may not include additional content. Show more Show less. Pegi Rating: Suitable for people aged 18 and over. Genre Fighting. Customer Rating: No rating yet. SKU: product. With extra points and more cash to spend, this deal is seriously on point.

Price Condition Seller info. Prev - out of. The other voices the player can choose for PlayStation 2 and Xbox are street, clean, cocky, smooth and gruff. At first, the action will center around shoring up D-Mob's suddenly shaky empire , which has been rocked by the events of the first game, D-Mob's near arrest, and the ruthless Crow Snoop Dogg , who uses this period of uncertainty to try to take over D-Mob's turf.

The fights take place in "clubs. In the very beginning, the player will be fighting other fighters in D-Mob's group as he gets started, then will quickly be called upon after a few victories to defend clubs that are under attack from fighters that Crow is sending to try to take them, and later go on the offensive to attempt to take clubs from Crow.

The player will also need to fight for respect in D-Mob's crew. Many of D-Mob's lieutenants and top fighters will doubt or be disdainful of the player's skills and abilities at first, most notably Sticky Fingaz , who begins as D-Mob's top fighter until the player begins to replace him, and slightly less vocally by others like Ludacris.

Fortunately, the player is quickly befriended by and taken under the wing of Blaze Method Man , who is not only one of D-Mob's top lieutenants but also a major advisor to the underground boss. Soon after, D-Mob arranges a match against the legendary Ice-T for the player to prove himself to the rest of his crew. Afterwards Crow himself crashes the party, and openly announces his intentions to take over D-Mob's turf, by firstly setting up a high stakes match between Crack Fat Joe and Blaze, and then openly offering top dollar for D-Mob's fighters to switch to his side.

With Crow seemingly having an edge in both money and the sheer number of fighters, the situation looks grim and many of D-Mob's men, such as WC , desert him after this incident. When Blaze also loses badly to Crack in their fight, subsequently putting Blaze out of action for the foreseeable future and losing another major fighter, things look even worse for D-Mob's Crew.

The player can also gain a girlfriend Cindy J , Kimora , Lil' Kim or Shawnna after fighting for her; he can get the girlfriend he wanted, or if he loses, Shaniqua , an uglier one, and later, she ends up in a catfight with Carmen Electra over him. The player can then choose to keep his current girl, or switch to Electra.

After this the war heats up, but even though the odds seem to be against D-Mob's group, the rise of the player through the ranks, and his ability not only to capture clubs from Crow but also from third party groups, such as the Triad-run Dragon House unique home of Ring Out Match battles , or the Babylon, run by a Jamaican mob in Brooklyn, begins to offset Crow's advantages in cash and fighters.

Eventually, Crow proposes a winner-take-all Cage Match between Crack, one of Crow's best and most feared fighters, and D-Mob's "best man. Sticky storms off angrily, but D-Mob encourages the player not to worry about it and keep his mind on the fight. The player wins the cage match against Crack right in the heart of Crow's territory, but as he, Blaze, and D-Mob are celebrating in their limo, a car drives alongside, and gunfire erupts from the window.

D-Mob and Blaze are injured, and Sticky, who participated in the attack, is revealed to have joined up with Crow. After a Subway Match against Crow's enforcer and gunman Trejo , the player returns to the limo, where a wounded D-Mob orders him and Blaze to escape from the rapidly approaching police Trejo does not appear again, and can be presumed dead because the player has the option to throw Trejo in the path of an oncoming subway train, killing him.

D-Mob is arrested, and Blaze takes over in his stead, using the player and Blaze's friend Doc as his only reputable fighters Redman to take all of Crow's clubs in retaliation. During this time, the player fights in a team tournament, and must choose between two fighters whose respect he earned early in his career: Ice-T and O. Omar Epps. The player chooses one of them and eventually fights the team of the other person not chosen and Magic Busta Rhymes.

The prizes consist of a large cash prize for one team member, and a customized black Cadillac Escalade for the other which the player takes. As the player continues to rack up victiories and chips away at Crow's empire, Crow continually tries to get the player to join his side, but fails One of the first attempts consists of Magic threatening the player in a parking lot after a cage fight with Lil' Flip - this results in the game's only Demolition Match. Finally, Crow resorts to kidnapping the player's girlfriend and forcing him to retake all the clubs he has earned for D-Mob's side, one by one, an apparent betrayal that angers the rest of D-Mob's crew.

Crow warns the player that if he tells anyone the real reason for his change of sides, the player's girlfriend will be killed. With the last club won in a fight against Doc before which a distraught Blaze angrily takes D-Mob's pendant from the player , Crow claims to have one final task for the player.

After you defeat Doc, you must wait until you beat Story Mode to improve your player. The scene is moved to an empty scrapyard, where the player finds Blaze brutally beaten by Magic, the final task being to finish him off. The player refuses, and knocks out WC. He and Blaze then battle Crack and Magic.

The player must defeat them both in the game's final 2 on 2 match with a weakened Blaze, who has really low health, and cannot use his blazin' moves. After the fight, the player figures out where his girlfriend is being held, and that Crow never planned on letting her live. He and Blaze rush over to an abandoned factory, where Sticky is about to set the entire building on fire.

The player engages Sticky in an Inferno Match and leaves him to die in the burning building. After he wins the fight, he can be seen taking his girlfriend out of the burning building before it collapses. She remains unconscious as the player tries to shake her awake leaving her true fate undetermined , and enrages the player enough to confront Crow.

The player and Blaze confront Crow at his headquarters, backed up by Crack and WC, whose respect they earned, and the remainder of D-Mob's crew, whom Blaze had cleared the player's good name with. As a rumble breaks out with Crow's gang , the player rushes to face Crow in a final showdown. After a brief stand off involving a gun, given to the player by a repentant Magic, the player decides that Crow is not worth killing. However, an enraged Crow attacks him with a knife hidden in his cane.

Crow's attack proved D-Mob's warning, "A beaten dog may fear you, but the second you turn your back he's gonna strike". After a Window Match , Crow is defeated, and thrown out the window by the player. The player then takes a minute to reflect after Crow is finished.

It is unknown what happened to both crews except Blaze after the brawl. After you beat Story Mode, You can choose to do some Bonus tournaments, or play them later. These give major amounts of experience points, cash, and a few blazin' moves. These are not like the tournaments during the story. It's a test of endurance. Whatever health you have after you win a match, you start the next match with that same amount, or it only improves a little.

One important note, is that if you lose or quit a tournament, or if you even shut off the game system during gameplay, you can't redo that tournament, and you move to the next one. You unlock a trophy for your crib if you win every tournament.

The player is restricted to having one voice for the main character - as opposed to the six found in other versions. Eight of the 28 available music tracks are missing. The Gamecube's hardware lacks the light blur effect that permeates on the characters and arenas. Furthermore, certain 3 or 4 player arenas have reduced crowds due to the minidisc space limitations. The team decided to simplify the controls and make them more intuitive.


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Internet black jack gambling sites A fighter with a good set of clothes, extensive tattoos, or laden with jewellery can often fill their momentum meter in just a few moves. Maxim gave it a score of eight out of ten and said: "Should the lyrically challenged feel left out, you can create your own brawler outfitted in ice courtesy of celebrity bling supplier Jacob the Jeweler. What style s you choose, and the order you choose them, really effect the way you have to use them to your advantage to defeat your opponent. As you progress, more gear is offered. Subject to status. Winning matches also unlocks clubs and the fighters defeated, as well as their Blazin' Move, and often the jewelry they may wear.
Antique slot machine repair los angeles Electronic Gaming Monthly : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Criticism generally befell on the game's camera view and frame rate issues that are found in all console versions. Arriving at the Chopshop, a team tournament sponsored by The Source is being held where the winning team wins a large amount of money and a customized Cadillac Escalade. Crow resorts to kidnapping The Hero's girlfriend and forcing him to retake all the clubs he has earned for D-Mob's side, an apparent betrayal that angers D-Mob's crew. Categories :. Purchase rate
Playstation 2 games def jam More from GAME. Single-playermultiplayer. Holmes explains that with other successful fighting games, the convention of a sequel is to add complexity to the control system, multiplayer focus to the portal game 2 exclusion of all else, shallow single player, limited character customization and having a gameplay that's skewed towards the hardcore gamer. Download as PDF Printable version. If a street fighter wishes, they can choose three of the styles above to create a playstation 2 games def jam hybrid move specific for play in the game. Additionally, each fighting style has a unique way to knock out opponents in danger: streetfighters can attack with a strong punch; wrestlers can perform a strong grapple; kickboxers can complete a kick-combo; submission experts can force the enemy to submit with grapples; and martial artists can perform flying attacks. Once the player wins a certain number of fights, they'll go against the rapper Scarface.
Casino sheds Archived from the original on Inevitably, there's nothing going on except it's just you and your opponent. Game Retail Limited. In some spots, spectators might try to get involved. Both games are from World Wresting Entertainment.
Playstation 2 games def jam The player can also gain a girlfriend Cindy JKimoraLil' Kim or Shawnna after fighting for her; he can get the girlfriend he wanted, or if he loses, Shaniquaan uglier one, and later, she ends up in a catfight with Carmen Electra over him. Terms and conditions apply. Also the create-a-fighter mode, a feature lacking in Def Jam Vendettahas been incorporated into the sequel as a part of the Story Mode. The fights take place in "clubs. It is unknown what happened to both crews except Blaze after the brawl. GameSpot and IGN gave it a score viva casino 8.
Any gambling casinos Game Revolution. Archived from the original on November 18, Health is composed of two bars, the first bar representing a fighter's consciousness and ability to fight Displayed as an opaque light greenwhile underneath it is the fighter's physical wellness bar Displayed as a semi transparent dark green. Once your order has been processed and is ready to be shipped delivery timescales will apply. Archived from the original on March 7, Crow resorts to kidnapping The Hero's girlfriend and forcing him to retake all the clubs he has earned for D-Mob's side, an apparent betrayal that angers D-Mob's crew.

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