world history 2 sol practice games

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World history 2 sol practice games

New login information is available from classroom teachers. US History Refrigerator Cards. Virginia Department of Ed. Primary Source Learning. Work with images of real documents to question, think and gather knowledge.

Learning at the National Heritage Museum. Test Your Geography Knowledge. Zoom into Maps. This activity introduces historical maps from the American Memory collections. Extension and Enrichment. Click on an area of the map to find more information. Contains crossword puzzles and quizzes.

Gameshow format review Directions. The year is You are the captain of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia in this Flash-based historical simulation. Will your colony survive and prosper or will it become another "Lost Colony"? American Revolution and New Nation.

Song of the First 5 Presidents. Experience westward expansion with explorers Lewis and Clark Enrichment and Extension. Civil War Traveler Podcasts. Pathways to Freedom. Civil War Quiz. US History Review. US I Bulletin Boards. Know Your Documents. The Mughal Empire of India practice what religion? Who was the "Father of Humanism"? The Renaissance refers to the rebirth of classical knowledge, that is, knowledge from which two ancient empires? Mesopotamian and Egyptian. Which Renaissance artist painted The Last Supper?

Whose 95 Theses started the Protestant Reformation? What goods were traded along the Trans-Saharan trade route? Silk, Porcelain and Paper. Jewels and Cotton Textiles. Who was the Spanish Conquistadore who conquered the Inca? The Columbian Exchange. Who was the Spanish Conquistadore who conquered the Aztecs? What did the Edict of Nantes do? Freed the slaves in England. Allowed French Huegonots the right to worship. What was the practice of charging interest on a loan that was forbidden by the Catholic Church?

The Presbyterian Church. Who founded a school for navigators and advanced world exploration? Queen Elizabeth I of England. Prince Henry of Portugal. What are the three monotheistic religions? Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism. Islam, Christianity and Shinto. Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism. Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Louis XIV built this palace as a symbol of Frances wealth and power. This is a ruler with complete authority over the government and lives of the people. Peter the Great implemented this to make Russia stronger.

Trickle down economics. This absolute monarch weakened his nobles by forcing them to live with him and occupied them with ridiculous tasks. What weakened the power of the catholic church? What did Peter the Great place a tax on after his tour through Europe. The French Revolution began in. One cause of the French Revolution was the emergence of a new middle class of merchants and professionals called the.

France was deep in debt because. Marie Antoinette's lavish spending. The idea that reason should guide society rather than tradition helped cause the revolution and came from. Most of the people of France belonged to the. Why was voting in the Estates General unfair. When the people of Paris heard that the military was going to stop the revolution their response was to.

The radicals who took over the revolution were led by. The Radicals eliminated anyone accused of being against the Revolution during. Thermidorian Reaction. The great French empire that Napoleon created eventually fell after the unsuccessful invasion of Russia. Why was the invasion considered a great disaster for Napoleon? There was a massive air attack by the Russians that wiped out most of Napoleons army. Russia's scorched-earth policy and cold winter wiped out most of Napoleons army.

The Battle of the Bulge wiped out most of Napoleons army. The newly formed United States allied with Russia to wipe out most of Napoleons army. Which of the following describes what happened when Napoleon instituted the Continental System?

His brother Joseph was not able to withstand the guerrilla warfare tactics used by Spanish nationalists. The British navy was too strong for the blockade and France's economy suffered as a result. The Russians used the scorched-earth policy to eventually starve Napoleons army. The blockade successfully restricted British trade and led to fall of Great Britain. Why was the Peninsular War considered one of Napoleons three costly mistakes?

Most Enlightenment thinkers were speaking out against. The Enlightenment is. Enlightenment philosopher who believed people had natural rights of life, liberty, and property. Enlightenment philosopher who did not agree with censorship. Enlightenment philosopher who believed to limit government, that it should be divided into separate branches that shared power.

How did Hobbes view human nature? We are inquisitive and industrious. We are naturally selfish and quick to fight. We are naturally altruistic and usually willing to compromise. We are born a 'blank slate', and we develop differently according to our life's experiences..

Which Enlightenment philosopher argued that people have the right to abolish their government and create a new one? Wrote the book, Leviathan, during the English Civil War. A book that Montesquieu wrote was entitled. Two Treatises of Government.

On the Spirit of the Laws. A Vindication of the Rights of Women. An agreement between people and the government to give up some rights for safety and protection.


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World History II Super Quick SOL Review

Which rivers were above and of reforms and reasserted its. National borders and territories were formalized and increasingly came to be ruled by central governments, and most powerful citizens. Characteristics include centralization of power. Confucius and Laozi are examples. Who created the caste system. Sun king, built Versailles palace. What type of government is. What is the holy book. Brutal in its ferocity, its along America's coast. French explorer who sailed to.

Rags to Riches: Answer questions in a quest for fame and fortune. World History II SOL Review. Play this game to review World History. What is the word to describe the belief in many Gods. Purpose Games Map Practice. 1. The 11 States and Empires- https://www.​ 2. Latin and South.