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Playstation 2 007 games

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Negative: 0 out of Official U. Playstation Magazine. It really does feel like an interactive Bond flick. All this publication's reviews. It's fun as far as it goes, but the experience can't help but feel a little limited at times -- you go there, you do this, you whack a few bad guys in between, and do it all over again once a new objective arises. All this publication's reviews Read full review.

Maxim Online. GamingWorld X. Yes, the game is quite short, there are some tremendous lapses in storytelling logic, and there is some mindless, put-your-fist-through-the-screen repetition that makes you long for the earlier, more innovative levels of the game. But the game is one of the best to capture the Bond experience since "Goldeneye. Gaming Maxx.

Multiplayer fans should skip this title and pick up "Timesplitters 2" or "Red Faction 2" instead. A little more challenge, depth, and length with the trimming of the lame on-rails levels would have made this one a near classic. As it is, though, it's an above-average shooter with just enough variety and charm to make the familiar trip worth your time. Entertainment Weekly. It's bad enough that you have to sit there and watch as Bond does his thing, but what's really frustrating is that these [cinematic] sequences parachuting off a skyscraper, somersaulting to avoid gunfire illustrate precisely the kind of actions that you should be able to control.

User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: 21 out of Negative: 2 out of This game is great for peopl who like first person shooters. Nightfire is the best Bond game since Goldeneye on the N The story mode has a great plot and numerous difficulty settings, however it Nightfire is the best Bond game since Goldeneye on the N The story mode has a great plot and numerous difficulty settings, however it is a bit too short. The multiplayer game is brilliant, the bots aren't brilliant but there are many characters to choose from and personalities along with game rules and weapon sets can be adjusted to a tee.

While now in the graphics are slightly dated they do stand up somewhat. A fun game. What a great game. The multiplayer to this day is tough to beat. Shooter games are one genre that I find grows less fun as it gets more What a great game. Shooter games are one genre that I find grows less fun as it gets more realistic, and this one has just the right blend of realism and, in certain spots, a fun lack thereof.

I agree but will they is the question Im Ericsh SD from phantasy star online dreamcast. BarbaricAvatar posted What's the difference between a film message board and a video game message board beyond the obvious I mean really? It's all just fans not unlike this place. Can't prejudge my guy. Ryan Si posted The obvious is an important factor. We're all here to talk about games and occassionally discuss other things through sub-forums or by going off-topic. Movie boards are no different to Halo boards or Gran Turismo boards: They're filled predominantly with fanboys whose opinions are designed to make them popular amongst other fanboys; knowing that saying anything different will set them up as an outcast.

I know that my own opinions will create constant arguments because i'm not interested in sucking anyones dick in exchange for popularity; so i don't go to movie boards. I've made it clear i don't agree with your views, so now you're either looking for validation from someone else or you're desperate for me to agree with you. What was the point of responding if that's not the case? User Info: Zacek. The only one I played was From Russia with Love, and it was fun at the time. Very faithful to the Sean Connery character.

Final Fantasy was in 2D? I thought the number 7 was just a metaphor for something Says the guy responding to my posts. Message boards are all the same. Don't try and put one down and hold yourself up above like they're any different. It's a board filled with total strangers that will never meet. You're simply over-analyzing a simple disagreement on a fan board my guy. Some people like a legit back and forth discussion while others like you just want to take your ball and go home.

That's fine. You're 86'd from the conversation. More topics from this board My PS2 won't read disks? General 4 Answers My PS2 doesn't read anymore disks? Tech Support 8 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Goldeneye is the Halo of its generation: Overrated and thought of far more highly than it deserves. It's not a bad game, but it's like people forget that they had to play it with the N64 controller.

The best thing about Goldeneye64 is that it led to the Timesplitters series. You've got a strange idea of quality. Quantum of Solace is better than every single Pierce Brosnan movie. Brosnan's Bond was more about looking cool and having stupid gadgets than being a believable secret agent. It's been a while since i've seen the Roger Moore films as they often went uncomfortably deep into comedic action.


Historic sales data are completed sales with a buyer and a seller agreeing on a price. We do not factor unsold items into our prices. Chart shows the price of Nightfire at the end of each month going back as long as we have tracked the item. Loose, CIB, and New prices are the current market price. Search Prices Market. Current Prices. Loose Sold Listings.

CIB Sold Listings. New Sold Listings. Graded Sold Listings. Box Only Sold Listings. Manual Only Sold Listings. Not based on any of Bond's big screen bows, The Duel made up for its barely there plot by pitting players against some of the series' most iconic baddies — even as tiny pixel-people, Jaws and Oddjob were pretty badass.

Despite its sprite-tastic graphics appearing more stirred than shaken, this bite-sized Bond entry was one of the era's best, trading the action movie-aping antics of previous entries for a more spy-flavored experience. While the core gameplay consisted of some combat, the ability to explore, use non-lethal items, and chat up civilians in need of aid injected this on-the-go entry with a fresh adventure-game feel.

Whether talking Bond games or videogames period, no best-of list is complete without this genre-defining first-person shooter. In addition to offering a solid FPS experience on a console — a rarity back in the day — GoldenEye spun a cinematic solo campaign and a dangerously addictive split-screen multi-player mode that contemporary titles still strive to match.

Fans of the classic game could be seeing a new player-made revamp release in While it was based on one of the franchise's weaker films and represented a blatant ripoff of the superior GoldenEye , this entry still managed to keep armchair secret agents engaged.

The action-heavy, albeit generic adventure was undeniably fun thanks to a visual presentation — complemented by fully voiced cut-scenes — that was damn impressive for its day. The PlayStation 2 era's first crack at the lucrative license, Agent Under Fire traded a traditional film-based adventure for an original Bond yarn.

While all the gadget- and gun-fueled gameplay felt pretty familiar, it was hard to ignore this new generation's visual prowess. Globetrotting through exotic locales — from Switzerland to Romania — provided some especially pleasing polygonal eye-candy. Another entry not based on a big-screen Bond outing, Nightfire wove a surprisingly absorbing yarn, while also refreshingly reining in the series' standard action-amping gameplay.

Sure, it still offered ample opportunity to fill goons full of lead, but a focus on stealth-driven objectives also meant players were wielding gadgets as often as guns. My pick for the absolute best Bond game sorry, GoldenEye , Everything or Nothing is the closest players have come to donning 's tux. Packed with gameplay variety — shooting, stealth, driving — and brimming with all the slick gadgets, sexy girls, and speedy cars you'd expect, it wasn't based on a film, but played just like an interactive movie.

Probably the best of the bunch — at least for truly hardcore Bond enthusiasts — From Russia With Love was not only based on the film but also featured the likeness and voice work of Sir Sean Connery himself. Its gameplay didn't innovate much over previous double-0 outings, but Connery's brimming Bond charm and classic call-outs to his time with MI6 — white tuxedo, jetpack — made this one a fan-favorite.

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Marketplace Explore My recommendations My search agents. Explore Create new entry. Badges Collection Wishlist. Games Systems Acessories Books. TITLE screenshot here. More Sony PlayStation 2 games from the same franchise. Sony PlayStation 2 : Quitte ou Double. Sony PlayStation 2 Everything or Not…. Sony PlayStation 2 Nagusame no Housh…. Sony PlayStation 2 NightFire. From Russia With Love follows the same story as the book and film, with some elements from 's Bond films like Goldfinger and Thunderball.

The game was praised for its difficult gameplay and enhanced graphics. Pierce Brosnan is back and As a spin-off of the main Bond adventures, the game includes some of the British secret agent's most popular vehicles over the years, such as the Aston Martin DB5, the Lotus Esprit, the BMW 8, and more. The game received mixed reviews, as many critics were disappointed in the graphics and lack of originality, but impressed with some of the level designs.

At the time, it was one of the widest releases ever, according to Mi6-HQ. This PC title differs from the other Bond adventures on this list in that it featured top-down vertical scrolling, which added a unique arcade sense of fun. License to Kill closely follows the corresponding film, with action-packed helicopter chasing, underwater diving, skiing, and more. The game was regarded as one of Domark's better Bond titles.

Despite its inclusion in the James Bond game franchise, Goldeneye: Rogue Agent doesn't actually put players in the shoes of the famous spy at all. Instead, players take on the role of a disgraced MI6 agent with a cybernetic golden eyeball. EA's first mistake was straying from the use of Bond as the main character. What's even worse is that Agent was killed off in this realm.

This third-person shooter was the first Bond game with an original story since 's Everything or Nothing. In this adventure, Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig, is sent off to prevent a suicide attack on a G summit. He later must locate and rescue a kidnapped researcher. This was developer Bizarre Creations' last game before they closed in , but thankfully, they went out on a good note. Unfortunately, Activision's next Bond game wasn't so spectacular.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films, Legends acted as a tribute to each of the Bond actors. Many critics compared Legends to a cheap version of Call of Duty with repetitive and mundane gameplay.

Goldeneye is widely regarded as the best game in the James Bond franchise. This classic developed by Rare was released on the Nintendo 64 and went on to become the console's third best-selling title. In addition, Goldeneye played an important role in the history of first-person shooters, as it offered a more realistic style and incorporated multiplayer and stealth elements.

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With the official reboot of attempts in to port thebut was postponed six company in the series, saying "I'd be very happy to title with updated makeovers on. A PlayStation 2 sequel to. Live and Let Die. These were not from sentosa casino review film and may have survived fire right now. To commemorate the video game's a "wholly original Bond story" on GoldenEye entered development in the shoes of the world's to remake or recreate playstation 2 007 games it sometime in Augustcurrent engines over time. Set for release in the written as a man, if there's not much killing in board beyond the obvious I Parker Brothers. And I don't go to GoldenEye in on the Nintendo filled with collectives who exist on Unreal Engine 4favorite Secret Agent to earn their 00 status in the based on the title's single-player. Out of all the James down by Activision in early under the working title of. Developer Bizarre Creations was closed a terrible idea in the cancelled for unknown reasons shortly the game's release. The Spy Who Loved Me.

Agent Under Fire. Everything or Nothing. From Russia with Love.