best action games playstation 2

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Best action games playstation 2 world war 2 alien game

Best action games playstation 2

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Point is the official WWE games used to be widely regarded as excellent fighting games in this generation, even if the same cannot be said for the franchise's post-PS2 releases. Guilty Gear was like the bullet-hell shooter of fighting games when it first hit the scene.

That is to say, compared to others like Street Fighter , Guilty Gear's combo systems were chaotic, hard to master, but oh so fun to learn. This sequel improved on the original in every way by refining the mechanics on top of adding more zany characters for players to perfect. Tekken Tag Tournament , a launch game for the PS2, just missed out on this list with an By doubling down on its core systems, Namco managed to win back the favor of its dwindling community. Each version got an exclusive character.

PlayStation fans got Heihachi from Tekken , even though he doesn't use a weapon. Finally, Xbox players got to play as Spawn. These guest characters were cool, but the weaponized fighting combat within was also fully realized. Virtua Fighter 4 winning this list is sort of indicative of this era.

The series used to stand toe to toe with Street Fighter , but past the PS3 and Xbox generation, the series all but vanished, except for Virtua Fighter 5 being inside the Yakuza games as arcade attractions. Tristan Jurkovich began his career as a journalist in Secretly he enjoys the Just Dance series a little too much.

By Tristan Jurkovich Published Feb 23, Share Share Tweet Email 0. The Assassin's Creed Valhalla 1.


God of War II Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater God of War Shadow of the Colossus Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Bully Silent Hill 2 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Kingdom Hearts II Star Wars: Battlefront II Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Tekken 5 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy What a shame, too, because the gorgeous cel-shaded tour through Japanese folklore was one of the very best adventure games for PS2.

Playing as a white wolf, you progressed through the game in a similar fashion to 3D The Legend of Zelda games. While no game quite captures the magic of The Legend of Zelda , Okami came incredibly close. Thankfully, the game has since been remastered for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, breathing new life into this essential adventure.

In Ico , the eponymous boy is thrown inside an abandoned fortress because the people of the village believe his horns, which he was born with, would curse the village. Once inside the supposedly abandoned place, Ico finds Yorda, a princess whose mother wants to sacrifice to live forever. What ensues is an escape attempt in which Ico guides the princess through the fortress to safety. Filled with smart puzzles and shadow creatures that jump from the floor and walls to try and contain Yorda, Ico is engaging to play.

Like Shadow of the Colossus , though, Ico stood out for its atmosphere, which created feelings of melancholy, hope, and wonder all in the span of a few moments. Silent Hill 2 took players back to the eponymous town in the successor, but not a direct sequel, to the Konami game that helped define the horror genre. Silent Hill 2 masterfully injected its special brand of psychological horror into the town, making you wonder what was real and what was just a figment of your tortured mind.

SoulCalibur II , the first entry in the series to grace a Sony console, featured better graphics, gameplay, and more game modes than the original and rapidly became a bestseller following its launch. The SoulCalibur series has always felt a bit different than other major fighting game franchises due to its reliance on melee weapons in combat rather than fists.

SoulCalibur II added much-needed improvements to defense and counters, creating a balanced fighting experience that favored skill over button mashing. Do we need to back up its inclusion on this list? Seriously, though, if you wanted to play a fast-paced, zany FPS, TimeSplitters 2 was your best option. Featuring a dazzling set of fun guns, great mechanics, and cool maps, the multiplayer was good for long couch sessions with friends and family.

The single-player campaign was also over-the-top and delightful. Guitar Hero turned all of us into make-believe rock stars. Released in , the game came bundled with a plastic replica of a Gibson guitar with five face buttons. Little did we know that it would become one of the most popular franchises and party games of an era. As far as rhythm games go, Guitar Hero is arguably the best ever.

Honing your skills to be able to play hard and expert tracks, which utilized all five buttons was endlessly entertaining. Regardless of how silly it made you look while playing, mastering a song on expert felt like a true triumph. From the mind of Tim Schafer, Psychonauts starred Raz, a young boy with psychic abilities. While at a summer camp learning to become a psychic spy alongside other gifted children, Raz discovers everything is not as it seems.

Featuring a unique, cartoonish art style that only Double Fine Productions could come up with, Psychonauts oozed peculiar appeal. The writing was charming, the world design was varied and surprising, and the platforming sequences and powers were a joy. The long-awaited sequel, Psychonauts 2 , is expected to arrive sometime this year.

Following the interstellar adventures of the Lombax Ratchet and his pal robot Clank, the series was never short on great action, platforming, and humor. Ahem, Up Your Arsenal. Jak II was set in a fairly large open world, gave our hero guns, and let him commandeer any hover car he pleased.

Haven City, the main setting of the game, was a dystopia filled with interesting characters and activities. The solid platforming sections and humor from the original returned as well. The Jak series is universally great, but Jak II was by the best one. The quirkiest game on this list, Katamari Damacy followed a young celestial prince in his pursuit of rolling up all the contents of Earth to rebuild the moon and the stars.

His father, King of All Cosmos, accidentally destroyed these important things while drunk. The gameplay simply revolved around picking up progressively larger items, from shoes to pets to homes to clouds. With a catchy soundtrack and a premise so relaxing that it puts you in a calming trance, Katamari Damacy was more than just a strange Japanese game; it was one of the best platformer-puzzlers to roll onto PS2. While Ratchet and Jak were more similar to one another, Sly Cooper relied on stealth rather than going in guns blazing.

The main new addition to Band of thieves, the best PS2 entry, was the ability to play as Bentley and Murray in addition to Sly. Each character had their own unique skill set that changed the way you had to approach a level, all of which were more open than in the original.

The premier racing game for Sony consoles since the original PlayStation, Gran Turismo 4 was easily one of the most impressive games on PS2. Not only did it feature a dizzying number of tracks and cars, but it went as far as to care about the tiniest technical details such as the rubber on tires wearing out. The polar opposite of Gran Turismo, the Burnout series was all about high octane stunts, crashes, and over-the-top racing mechanics.

This is in large part due to its eponymous mode which let you play a sort of battle royale with cars. In Takedown matches, your goal was to ram other cars until they were heaps of metal, all the while flying at speeds of over mph. It was almost too fun, especially when you played with friends. Burnout 3 had a ton of different single-player challenges, from traditional races to stunt challenges and more, all of which kept us playing Takedown long after its launch.

The active time battle system was replaced with a more traditional turn-based system and the upgrade system was significantly overhauled with a skill tree. You played as Tidus, a Blitzball star who watches his hometown get destroyed by the evil entity known as Sin. Tidus then finds himself on a journey in Spira to take down Sin alongside Yuna, a summoner, and several other party members.

A massive game, Final Fantasy X featured great boss fights, a well-written story, and wonderful cutscenes. The Dragon Quest series has never fully caught on outside of Japan. As the first DQ game to be fully made in 3D, Journey of the Cursed King was rendered in gorgeous, cel-shaded graphics that still look good today.

You played as a nameless hero who joins up with others to defeat a terrible evil. None of the DQ games have especially awesome stories to tell, but Journey of the Cursed King had great environments to explore, a wide variety of enemies, and an addictive progression system. If you missed out, you can pick up the excellent 3DS port.

Persona 4 is the newest game on this list, as it actually launched on PS2 nearly two years after the PlayStation 3 launched. Persona 4 was part regular RPG, part teenage dating simulator. You played as a high school student in the Japanese countryside.

A portion of the game takes place in the real world, while the other part happens in the TV World, a strange place where you and your friends could harness the power of Persona. Like each Shin Megami Tensei game before it, Persona 4 took a few hours to really get going, but when it clicks, good luck pulling yourself away from your TV.

This gargantuan RPG can take more than hours to complete, but each minute spent in Persona 4 is time well spent. The story was deep and engaging, the characters came to life, and the highly varied gameplay always delighted. Persona 4 grew in popularity when it launched on Vita as Persona 4 Golden.

Kingdom Hearts was built off a truly bizarre premise: Disney mashed up with Final Fantasy. Strangely, though, Kingdom Hearts worked. You played as Sora, accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy, on a mission to rid a bevy of worlds from the Heartless. In previous entries, you had a set amount of time to complete objectives in a contained level. In THPS4 , you were unleashed into a much larger set of levels, free to roam as you please, picking up challenges from fellow skaters on the map at your convenience.

The change fundamentally altered how the experience played.

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