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Evolution dreamcast game

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Archived from the original on February 22, Ziff Davis. Next Generation. These are above-average turn-based battles with a multitude of special attacks and spells, where extremely detailed and attractive characters and enemies fight it out in full polygon glory. In fact, the graphics in these battles quite effortlessly surpass those of Final Fantasy VIII, although they perhaps lack that game's artistic scope.

Not only do the battles look gorgeous, but they are also possessed of a real technical excellence. There is a feature unique to this game that really deserves to be adopted by developers everywhere: Down the right side of the screen is a meter with characters and enemies represented in order of battle priority, allowing you to engage in a level of tactical planning almost unknown in RPG turn-based battles of yore.

The enemies and players are each arranged in three lines; the farther a character has to run to attack, the less damage he or she is capable of doing. Some spells and special attacks only affect one line of enemies or characters, while other spells and attacks are all-encompassing. This adds another tactical element to the strategy of battle-planning in Evolution, and it can become a necessity to master, as the game becomes extremely difficult the further one proceeds through it.

The graphics are uneven in quality; while the battles are stunning, the dungeons are completely boring and utilitarian. Bare corridors stretch almost endlessly, and while the texture maps are certainly of extremely high quality, they can easily become quite uninteresting after a short while. The dungeons rotate freely using the L and R buttons on the underside of the Dreamcast controller, and there is an automapping feature to make the exploration as painless as possible.

But after four hours in one dungeon, the game does tend to become somewhat tedious. The option to save between floors will be most welcome to almost all who play this game. Ubi Soft's translation is faithful, if unambitious. While the dialogue is obviously a literal translation of the Original's, it's handled without flaws or grammatical oddities, and its charming nature will be enough to keep it interesting.

The characters may not be the best-realized around, but they do sometimes sparkle. Ubi has chosen to leave the original Japanese voice bits in the US version, and since they're mostly inconsequential it's not a big deal - there's no spoken dialogue, just exclamations during battle. It's a competently handled localization.

Really, when rating this game one has to question what the basis is for a truly enjoyable RPG experience. As stated, the plot is dull, hopelessly cliched, and almost completely missing for a great deal of the game. That said, there is still enjoyment and quality to be found in the exploration and conquering of the dungeons and bosses that await. While the game is above average, the weak plot does keep it from becoming a classic of the genre.

There is no real reason why RPG fans shouldn't go for this one; it's a genuinely satisfying experience, even if it is a bit textbook in execution and scope. Upvote 5 Leave Blank. About the Author. Christian Nutt. More GameSpot Reviews.