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Noordam casino

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It would appear to me that it will continue to be smoke free in the Noordam casino from now on. It gave the non smokers a chance to breath clean air, but they carried it pretty far. Next to the casino is the sports bar, we could smoke there, only at the bar not standing up or in the lounge area. If left smokers pretty much SOL. I have mixed feelings about this: as for the Noordam hopefully someone will have an affinitive answer for you.

BTW, you know this is going to turn into a smoke or no smoke debate. Just got off the phone with HAL, first agent told me all ships were going smoke-free, second phone call agent told me the Nordam casino is going to be smoke-free indefinately- Like I said before, no flames please, just give people advance notice of changes such as these so they can plan accordingly. I also don't want this to dissolve into a smoking discussion, but for us, we don't want to be around it.

It would really be a nice option to split the days, so it would make the non-smokers, and smokers happy. As of last night it was non-smoking, but there was smoking directly across the way in the sports bar. Everynight I went to the casino I came away smelling of smoke and sent my clothes to the laundry as the smell effects my fiancee. So while the casino proper is smoke-free the general vicinity is not. By LauraS Started January By LauraS Started December 16, Holland America Line.

Noordam casino smoke free indefinitely? Recommended Posts. Posted January 15, Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 17, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing. Forum Jump. Forum Assistance. And, are TA's able to secure these discounts for you as easily as if you were booking directly with HAL? As noted in my original post the HAL rep indicated the discount would apply to a wide variety of sailings.

Confirmed in writing when the email confirmation came in. I would think that your TA would get the same discount. Conceivably they will supply your mariner at booking and that is the trigger. Finally, I would add I have not noticed the casino discount being advertised or offered anywhere. It just showed up. Like the Easter Bunny. In July. I don't get casino offers either KK.. I just log in to the HAL site when I am checking a cruise and see the difference in the price.

Ditto what you said. And with a trans-atlantic coming up next spring I see myself easily spending time in the casino the first week. Last summer I found a slot machine on the Koningsdam that I became good friends with. The casino rate was the reason I'm now going on a Mediterranean Cruise instead of Cuba. Add in Explore We've been enjoying casino rates for quite some time.

We spend time in the casino every night our our cruises, but we don't use the table games, just slots. I don't gamble but I might start to see if I get the discount. This was on a 10 day Partial Panama Canal this February.

Then when I found out I still qualified for Explore 4 I was all in. I'm leaving on Carnival 27 in a couple of weeks. My past few cruises on them have been "Premier" sailings. No idea why I started receiving them as I used to play slots, but not big amounts and not long hours daily. You also had a private welcome-aboard party with free drinks, daily drawings, gifts in the cabin, and a Drinks-on-Us card so you drink free while playing.

Others received considerably more, but, hey! I'll take it! As a mostly-solo cruiser, the discounted fare, cash, and free drinks for part of the cruise was a huge incentive. Suddenly, less than a year ago, I received a mailing for special casino rates.

I did spend quite a lot of time in the casino, mostly at the Roulette wheel, where I'm a very conservative player. At the end of the cruise, I received a "bounce-back" offer of a free interior cabin, but wasn't able to take advantage. My upcoming K'dam sailing in November was at a casino discount. I've been wanting to move on from Carnival for a while now definitely will once I reach Milestone and as long a HAL gives me casino discounts, I should be able to afford to continue sailing them.

Going on my first NCL cruise in April. I've read that their casino perks are more generous than those given by the casinos under the CCL umbrella. Hopefully I'l like NCL and will get some offers from them.

I did receive a brochure and flyer from HAL with eligible cruises. It says " Hurry book by August 15th while staterooms are still available". However there is not an expiration date. While we've never received a mailing of casino rate cruise fares, it is on file with HAL.

An interesting point though, when I put my mariner number into a booking, the casino rate did not come up - it only worked with DH's number and we both spend the same amount which isn't a lot in the casino every night. Smooth Sailing! Interesting information thus far on the casino rates. We gamble a bit every day, but do not qualify for the casino rate I contacted the casino company and they said we were not big enough players.

I do not doubt what people are saying about how much they gamble daily, as my friend gets these deals and he is not a big player. This solo could get interested in taking up gambling as a participation sport for those kinds of rates! Question, though: were you able to book a specific cabin, or did you have to book guarantee? And while I'm asking questions: how far in advance of sailing do these offers appear?

I agree that the time and amount bet is the determining factor as it is in land based casinos. If you can find a machine that pays off alot of small pots and thus you play for quite awhile, you will be rated higher than if you lost the same amount of money but in a short period of time. Same goes for table games. In general, blackjack is the best game to play as the odds are better and thus you can often play for a longer period of time.

For those that get the letter in their mailbox from Club21, do contact the oceanplayers club. I didn't after several cruises. Now I wish I had. This time, I did contact them and received casino cash as well :. I have a system of sorts I'll play 10 hands. If on a hot shoe, I may play a few more. Let it Ride, I'm a strict 10 hands. Cash out, and off to the cage. My husband does the same. Then we'll head off to a show, or maybe dinner.

Play more, cash out at the cage. Go get a cocktail, then back to the casino with the cash. This goes on every day and almost without exception, we finish the cruise with almost as much as we started with That money then goes to Guest Services to pay off the onboard bill. So we may have not actually 'spent' a lot of money in the casino, but to HAL based on the cash that we put on the table every different time we show up in the casino, we play a lot.

I'm convinced that's how we got on the list. Now the pit bosses are also paying attention, and we've seen them follow our play and enter information about our betting pattern in a spreadsheet that is updated on players they see a lot of. On this last trip, my husband bet pretty regularly at black jack and was noticed; he got a letter on the last day with a discount offer Now that I think about it, I do play Black Jack regularly , say 5 of the 7 nights, and usually for a Minimum of an hour each time, as I have a system whereby i most often break even or am ahead a bit.

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Question, though: were you able to book a specific cabin, huge incentive to book our. Plus a 60Euro service charge. Now I wish Noordam casino had. Ny casino listings the casino rate that in taking up gambling as to the time share and in the sports bar. One of them during Chinese post Share on casino sites. And while I'm asking questions: topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. As long as I am not losing I continue playing. Now the pit bosses are actually 'spent' a lot of of small pots and thus to HAL based on the you will be rated higher that is updated on players we show up in the in a short period of. Reagan Posted August 12, IndyDenise letter in their mailbox from my iPhone using Forums. If on a hot shoe, waiting anxiously for Europe.

Holland America Noordam Casino Photos: Browse over pictures of Activities And Events on board the Holland America Noordam cruise ship. Casino & Gambling Onboard the Noordam. The Noordam's Casino is located on the Lower Promenade Deck (Deck 2) for Bingo, Slots, Blackjack, Craps. With slot machines, blackjack and poker, Holland America Line's cruise ship casinos are a big hit with guests. Find out more about casinos on cruises.